Canning Around With Wengie


If you have any kind of can, like a soda can, Wengie has a few hacks that you can use to transform that item into something else useful. Instead of a boring toothbrush holder, you can wrap paper around a can for one that is colorful and that shows a bit more personality. Washi tape is fun to use when wrapping the can. You do need to cut off the top of the can so that there is an opening for the toothbrushes.


You can use flavored sodas to make lip balms. Pour the soda from the can into a pot, adding a small amount of petroleum jelly and a bit of water. You want to boil the soda so that it turns into a thick syrup. When you reach this consistency, pour the liquid into a small plastic container, such as an empty lip gloss container. You’ll have gloss that smells and tastes like your favorite soda.


If your hair is flat in the morning, wrap your locks around a soda can while blow drying your hair. This will give your hair a bit of volume and curl without using a curling iron. It’s a simple hack that doesn’t take long to do in the morning. Set the dryer on a lower heat setting so that you don’t get burnt.


Use the tabs on soda cans for more wardrobe space. Thread a tab over the top of a hangar to add another hangar on the tab. You can do this about four or five times to have more hangars in the closet that utilize vertical space instead of horizontal space.