Yeonmi Park Speaks Out About Conditions In North Korea

In today’s world, certain places are well governed and certain places are not well governed. It is widely admitted that one of the worst’s worst governed places is that of North Korea. North Korea is a small country sandwiched between China and South Korea. The entire nation of Korea was once a single country. However, war tore apart the nation into two. The southern part has been doing well and allowed many residents to make the leap from a place that was once relatively underdeveloped to one that is considered one of the modern world’s most successful of all societies.

However, North Korea has not been as lucky. Those living in contemporary North Korea live in a nation that is governed by a small group of people who are dedicated to both communism and a cult of personality that is centered around a single family. People who are living here are forced to respect him and his family as they and their cabal govern the nation. In doing so, this small group of people have shown little inclination to help most of the people living here have a good life. Someone who has helped shed light on just how bad conditions are for the average North Korean is Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park has been outspoken about the kind of terrible conditions that one can find for most people in this part of the world. She knows full well how awful it can be to grow up here and live here. Park is a native of this nation who was one of the very few people ever lucky enough to escape successfully.

She and her mother were able to leave this part of the world after a carefully thought out plan that required them to dodge the many spies that are known to be everywhere in Korean society. North Korean society requires those who live here to report on the moves of their fellow North Koreans to the authorities at all times during the day and the evening. Every single North Korean knows that they are being watched each day as they go about their life activities. A simple walk in the countryside can be an action indicating that one is seeking out solitude and does not want to participate in the activities of the nation. Those who live in this nation must also constantly contend with authorities that watch them very closely and have the ability to punish them for disobeying any rule that the authorities have set up for people here to follow.

It took a great deal of courage and sheer nerve for Yeonmi Park shared on the Independent, her mother to leave this nation. However, her mom realized that the only way that her adored and beloved daughter could have a future was to leave this place. Staying here would have meant facing a nation that is governed by a cabal of selfish people who largely care nothing about the lives of the people they happen to entrusted to govern closely.