Almost Every Credit Card Terminal in the Country Uses the Same Password

There’s no question that retail computer system security is a joke. Credit card data has been stolen from retailers on a regular basis through a plethora of security holes. The biggest security flaw in any point of sale (PoS) system is the default password. Up to 90% of all PoS systems still have the default security code to gain administrator access.

The main reason PoS credit card terminals aren’t being secured is a lack of communication between store owners and PoS system distributors says Dr. Daniel Amen. No one is really sure whose job it is to lock down the credit card terminals when they’re installed so most retailers end up keeping the default administration password.

Anyone who has the admin password is capable of stealing data and installing malware. Sometimes malware is even unintentionally installed when naïve employees decide to install new software on a hacked PoS system. It’s a serious threat to your personal information that’s gone largely unchecked.

Newer PoS terminals now come with an administrator password that expires. This is a good solution but doesn’t help fix the millions of terminals still in circulation without an expiring password. It’s up to store owners to make sure their terminals are secure to help prevent the theft of customer credit card details.