I Love the Help that Handy Gives for Spring Cleaning

When it comes to Spring Cleaning Handy is one of those companies that you have to enlist for help. I have done it time and time again. Every year, around this time in April, I pull out all the stops. I like to get the spring cleaning done with Handy because they do the dusting. There are also other contractors that do things like vacuuming and the dreaded cleaning of the bathrooms.

Cleaning isn’t something that I like to do. I don’t have any desire to clean on a regular basis. I like to schedule Handy because these are people that like to clean. They have the ability to do a great job because they take pride in their work. I wish that I had the love of cleaning the way that contractors from Handy do, but I don’t.

I also like the fact that this company has actual Handy men. That is awesome to me. I don’t have to worry one bit about how I would get plumbing issues fixed. Handy has someone for that. I don’t have to spend any time wrapped up in issues with electrical problems. Handy has something to handle that as well. I love the fact that this company offers so many solutions for homeowners.

Spring cleaning is such a funny thing. I look at this as a time of year to renew my spirit. I get my house in order and – for a certain time frame – I feel like I am in order.

Handy is affordable, but it would not matter what they charged. The service is priceless, and I jump at the opportunity to get their help. In the spring I have the desire to really go in and get rid of those things that I don’t use. I make it my business to get rid of old clothes that my husband will never wear again. I put lots of time into cleaning the blinds (something that I never do any other time) and rearranging the furniture. When it is all over I feel like I have a new home.

Talk Fusion Has Changed Email Forever

The normal course for emails is for people to send them after typing them for a long time, and then it takes just as long for people to read them. No one has time to read all that, and a lot of those emails go unnoticed. Emails are impersonal, and they make it hard for people to get the communication done that they need to do because it does not feel good to type long emails that just float out in space.

That means that people are going to have to start talking on videos, and Talk Fusion helps people talk on video in a really easy and simple way. They can make videos in Talk Fusion, and then they can send those emails to anyone they want. Receiving a video email in Talk Fusion is a lot easier than receiving a video in other places, but the videos can really go anywhere that people want.

The videos that people make are not the only way to talk when they are using this system. It is really easy for people to get this stuff done if they talk in real time in Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion lets people make sure that they are going to have a place to talk that is private, and it is going to keep the connection going so that all these people will be able to use their system to talk when they need to. It works great for families, and it works just as well for people who are trying to talk to businesses around the world. Talk Fusion opens up the world to people who could not talk before.

Talk Fusion is not at all about talking on the phone. It has taken the world to video emails and conferencing, and it makes it a lot easier for people to get the help that they need. It is a really simple way for someone to get the results that they want, and it is going to make it easy for people to talk when they want to. Talking with Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion is much more personal.

Source: https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/03/talk-fusion-video-chat-now-1-communication-program-in-global-market

Handy Contractors Deliver On-Demand Services

Supply and demand is big when it comes to on-demand services. The companies that have the greatest number of services will typically be the ones that customers will gravitate towards. It may have been a slow dawning, but the Handy founder recognized this, and he made an attempt to make sure that his business could compete successfully. More people are noticing Handy as the business that can do it all. Homeowners want that. They are going to jump at the chance to hiring a cleaning service with workers that can clean the home and fix the plumbing or hang some pictures. That is what makes this company stand out from the typical maid service business.

Traditionally, maid service companies were made up of women that cleaned the homes. With Handy there are men and women that are working in these various roles. That gives the business a chance to hire more people that with different skill sets. Women do get hired to clean for Handy, but they may also have other skills. Men that are Handy around their own homes can now get paid to be handy around the home of someone else. It is a great contracted relationship with Handy that gets the flow of the business going.

The business has been formed on the solid service of the many contractors that show their skills in on-demand services. The caliber of work that is done will keep the customers loyal. The bountiful number of competitors are sure to come, but Handy CEO Orisin Hanrahan is not worried. Instead of worrying about the competition he is putting more time into developing his own business as he searches diligently for the ways to make his own business grow. Hanrahan seeks more customers as the on-demand services improve.

Videos Are Efficient And Easy For Email Marketing Through Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has the future figured out. Attention spans are getting shorter and more companies are advertising online. How do you catch the eye of potential customers when email marketing? Simple. You do it with an embedded video.

Talk Fusion is the 8th largest online content company out there, but they specialize in video email marketing. The company gives you an easy-to-use interface in order to attach videos to emails in order to catch more customers.

Words are boring. Words won’t grab anyone’s attention in an email. Pictures? Well, they are alright. Everyone says they are worth 1,000 words. But, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, videos are actually worth 1,8 million words. Not only do you capture the attention of a potential customer, you communicate much more through a video.

Now, you can look at the stats — revenue up 40%, email open rates up 20% and click-through rates up 2 to 3 times — but the real reason you should check out video email marketing is the ease. Sitting down to type out an article is time consuming. You need to worry about grammar and structure. Some companies even hire writers just to tackle the monumental task of communicating with people through writing. But making a video is easy.

You could set up a simple little studio in you office or home. A simple setup attached to a computer will allow you to record videos with ease and upload them in seconds through Talk Fusion’s software. You could even step outside to record a video using your smart phone. It is that simple. The world is your studio. And there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to making videos.

There are only so many ways you can express yourself with the written word, but there are millions of way sot communicate with a video. You can take the serious route or the funny route, and everything in between. Well made videos can even go viral, giving you free advertising for a long period of time. Start now. Use the templates and then ease into becoming the best email marketing director.

Handy and the Flexible Employees

Handy Cleaning Services has become one of those companies that people have started to gain a lot of respect for. This company has done something big with a concept that was very simple. Most people would not believe that a business that relied on cleaning services as the main form of revenue should become a multimillion dollar company, but this is exactly what this business entity has become.

There are a large number of contractors that provide services for Handy, and this is been a great relationship that has given this business a presence in the United States, Canada and The United Kingdom.

There are a lot of people that are signing up for the services and becoming regular customers of Handy. It is a business that has contractors that are on the same page. They are following the same rules all over America and the other countries where Handy is providing services. This has become a hot company to watch because it is growing at a rate that most people would have never guessed.

Handy has become the go-to company that people are looking for when they need services done in a timely manner. It is a company that has built a reputation on providing quality service, and the people that work for this organization like what they do. That is something that appears to be very important to the structure of the company. The workers may not have full time schedules. They have flexible schedules, and that is what allows Handy to grow in such a large way. People can set their own schedules and take on as many jobs as they are capable of. This is good for the company, and it is good for the customers. Flexible Handy employees are a win-win for everyone.

The Top Video Communication Program is Now Talk Fusion

If you are looking to communicate via video, then Talk Fusion is the go-to company. Talk Fusion allows you to do a variety of things. You can video chat, hold live video calls, send email newsletters, embed videos into emails, and even create video lead captures.

Variety is one advantage of Talk Fusion. Another advantage is the cost. Talk Fusion can let you engage your audience without too much expense. Whether you are trying to communicate with friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else, you can get the results you want without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

A problem with traditional video services is that they are hard to use. They have complicated navigation and just aren’t user-friendly. When Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007, he knew we wanted to create a technology that was fun and easy to use. He teamed up with his IT friend to innovate. The end result is a suite of video services that impress users, which is why Talk Fusion has become the #1 communication service in the world.

For example, imagine that you want to send a video message to your customer list to increase engagement and sales. This might sound complicated, but it is not if you use Talk Fusion. You can simply log in to their web portal and upload any videos you want to use. From the same web portal, you can embed the video into an email and send it. This convenience and ease is what makes Talk Fusion so special. As an added bonus, you don’t need to download big software files or install plugins at all. It is all done in the cloud, securely.

Talk Fusion’s innovation is possible because of its unique business model. Independent associates use direct selling to offer it to users. They are then compensated instantly to motivate them to provide rapid service and allow them to support their families. Talk Fusion also believes in doing the right thing, and they give to charities and community organizations around the globe. Talk Fusion follows all ethical guidelines of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).

Handy’s Triumphant Achievements in Delivering Household Professionals Services

Since it was started three years ago, Handy has been taking over the repair and cleaning services. The company’s success can evidently be seen from its current net worth, which is estimated to be $500 million. In addition, the Handy recently announced that it raised more than $50 million from investors.

In an interview with TNW (The Next Web) at the Web Summit, Handy’s Founder Oisin Hanrahan talked of the impact New York had on the success of Handy. He went further to give details on Handy’s progress and future goals or objectives.

Hanrahan spoke about how he started Handy by recapping his three years in college while still working as a real estate developer. He discovered that most people found it hard to undertake minor errands in their apartments. Upon moving to London from Hungary, Excel Ventures employed him. This triggered many thoughts on how to apply Excel’s on-demand taxi service to other fields.

Later on, Hanrahan and his co-founder achieved their goal after quitting from Harvard where they were taking their MBA. They opted to base their company in New York rather than Boston since New York provided the perfect platform for an on-demand company. New York also gave them an opportunity to reach and serve a vibrant and dense market.

Oisin went ahead to address how Handy deals with competitors in its line of work. He stated that his company does not emphasis on competitors rather it is geared towards boosting its lead. Handy has also been making major hires from large corporate companies such as Amazon to boost its operations and growth.

Handy came into operation in 2012 under the name Handybook. It has helped to provide solutions to homeowners in finding trusted professionals to undertake various household services. Both Oisin and Umang Dua developed Handy in a bid to ease and improve the convenience of individuals in accessing household services.

Handy offers pre-screened independent and top-notch experts to solve various household issues. Its services include both handy work and home cleaning services. The company matches its clients with certified experts in major cities upon booking. In addition, Handy’s services include a 100% money-back guarantee, secure payment, and a sixty-second booking process.

Why Every Client is in Good Hands with Handy

There are lots of home cleaning companies in the area. Only one though comes close to getting the job done right. This trophy belongs to the company “Handy.”

Why hire Handy?

I will answer this question through the illustrations of certain benefits.

1) You will always come home to a clean place. This makes it easier for you when you come home from a long day. When you have a long day, the last thing you want is a messy home to be living in. This is what makes Handy so great. They will take care of it all for you. They are so good you will hardly know they have been there. The only thing you will notice is how clean and wonderful your home smells.

2)Ever wake up in the morning wondering how you will keep your home clean, in spite of your busy schedule? With Handy you can forget about all those worries. Our lives are busy enough. Put those worries into the hands of Handy. Handy works for you and your schedule, not the other way around.

3)Handy offers the option of having a contract. A contract is actually a very good thing to have around. With the contract, you are guaranteed certain visits. You will have the guarantee for certain things.

Plus, a contract reduces the risks of certain issues. When you do not have a contract, the cleaning staff is less responsible for certain things. They are also less responsible for issues that might come up. If you sign the contract, this hold Handy totally accountable. This is a good thing. The company goes out of its way to enforce the option of the contract. This means that both sides are completely binding.

4)The staff at Handy has the necessary experience. Some companies just come in and do a little bit here and there. This is not what you should be looking for in a cleaning company. This is why you need Handy. All of the staff are highly trained. In fact, most of them have been taught how to clean any kind of home properly. This means you can feel safer about your choice.


The equipment is guaranteed to be top quality. In fact, most of it is Grade A. When you have the best, you don’t have to worry as much. Go online to the site today. Take a look at the company’s site. Give them a call and ask questions. If you are going to be booking your next appointment with anybody, Handy should be your number one choice.

Great Home Cleaning Services From Handy

A clean house can be the idea way to greet the day. A house that is organized and welcoming is one where people feel at home the second they step through the door. Many busy professionals find it very hard to get the kind of look they want from their home. In that case, it can be extremely useful to have someone on their side who can help them get the kind of look they want without a problem. A cleaning service is a service that allows anyone to have a house that is sparkling clean and looks good at all times.

Finding a cleaning service is not always all that easy. A person may find that it takes them multiple tries to locate a cleaning service that is right for their needs and allows them to be able to enjoy the kind of clean they feel is necessary. It is not easy to locate a company that can follow precise directions and offer a client the exact kind of cleaning they want. In that case, there are ways to have shortcuts that make this process easier and enable any homeowner to find the right kind of company for their needs and plans.

This is why some many turn to Handy. Handy is a specially designed app that allows people to be able to find the right kind of cleaning company for their needs. Handy is an app that many people all over the nation and all across the globe have used highly successfully in order to get a cleaning service that has been vetted and can show up in their homes exactly when they want at a time that is ideal for their needs. The companies that anyone can find here are companies that are known to offer very high quality services to their customers.

Many users are happy with Handy’s services as they can easily scroll through the app to help locate a cleaning service that does business in their part of the world and also offers them pricing options that are totally right for their specific requirements. This service allows users to profit as they can avoid the difficult search for a company that might be otherwise not up to their exacting standards in some way. They know all the companies listed here are going to be companies that will always do a great job for them. Check out Handy on Facebook and Twitter today.

The Amazing new Services Handy Has to Offer

Apps are something that have really brought our world a modern convenience on a daily basis. The smartphone has become a platform for apps that have helped to streamline so much of our lives into a small device right in our pocket. From Instagram to Snapchat and Angry Birds, it is easy to see how integral these apps have become in our daily lives. Handy is an app that has really started to clean up all around the world. This service by demand apps is ready for those who are wanting house chores done at the drop of a hat.

If you look at the numbers you can see just how big Handy is growing in a short period of time. Over 1 million bookings have been made with Handy cleaners and this is just the start. The creator of this app says that he wants handy to be the Uber of home services. Something that sets Handy apart from other cleaning services is the intense background and reference check that it takes in order to become a cleaner with Handy. This gives app users the confidence that cleaners who are entering their home are trustworthy individuals.

Over 110 million dollars has been raised so far to help this app grow into a worldwide cleaning giant. The business model of this app has been time tested by showing the growing need for these services. The future of Handy seems very bright when it comes to the extremely fast expansion of this company.