Four Things to Consider When Selecting a Dog Food

Pet ownership has a long list of positive benefits that owners across the globe enjoy on a daily basis. Since dogs can not let their owners know about their dietary needs, they trust their owners to make informed decisions on their food. Not all dog foods are created equal, and the selection of the right food has a lot of impact on the health of the pet. Therefore, owners need to consider a few factors when shopping for dog food in order to make sure everyone’s favorite friend is well taken care for.


Many dog food brands are age appropriate. Brands on geared toward puppies or older dogs contain the right mix of nutrients to satisfy the specific needs of the pet. Luckily, many brands offer different products enabling owners and their pets to stay loyal as the dog matures. Owners need to simply monitor the age of their dog to make sure the dietary needs are being met.


Dogs have specific tastes. Some dogs are picky eaters, which makes them more similar to humans than many pet owners realize. Brands like Purina Beneful offer a number of flavor and taste options to provide subtle changes without changing things up too much. Plus, brands, like Beneful, offer a mix of ingredients that are friendly to the digestive system of a dog, which help enhance the well-being of the pet.

Activity Level

Every dog also has a different level of activity. While specific breeds are simply more active than others, each and every family places different levels of play on the pet as well. For this reason, owners with more active pets need to be certain that more the dog is getting the right mix of ingredients to maintain the lifestyle. Consequently, less active dogs need to receive a healthy mix to keep off those unwanted pounds.


Dogs vary in size as much as they vary in breeds. Therefore, owners need to be conscious that smaller dogs are not receiving a food designed for a larger pet. Since different sized dogs expend different amounts of energy for similar tasks, those specific formulations of food can go a long way in maintain the overall health of the dog.

In the end, pet owners need to find a food that takes the size of the dog, the activity level, and the age of the pet into consideration while still respecting the taste the dog enjoys. Finding a brand that supports the four-legged family members through their lives with specific formulas and creative tastes can be a huge win for any household. Dogs have a way of letting their owners know how they feel about a particular brand of food. When the tail is wagging and the bowl is empty, owners can relax a little bit knowing they have found that happy place. Dogs might not be able to talk, but most owners can communicate with their dogs efficiently. Taking into account the needs of the dog in reference to diet is a great way to keep a happy and healthy pet.

Tall Cow

It was a sad moment for cow lovers all across the world. Blossom the cow passed away. Now, for those who don’t follow cow news, a little background on who Blossom was is needed. Blossom made it into the Guiness Book of World Records, and from one look at her picture you’ll be able to see why!

The cow looks almost completely normal. She’s got typical cow features, and is white with black spots according to the pictures seen by Dr. Jennifer Walden on Wikipedia. There is something, however, that sets her apart from the rest. She’s really really tall!

According to Reddit, she was the tallest cow ever at an impressive 190 centimeters tall. To compare that to people, she was over 6 feet tall!

Sadly, she passed away recently after suffering a leg injury that was irreparable. Her owner Patty will miss her, but she’s glad that people got to learn about just who Blossom was and her impressive accomplishments through the Guinness Book of World Records. Although Blossom is now gone, her memory will live on. Her owner also wanted people to know more about her than just her height. She wants people to know that Blossom was friendly as well.

Even though Blossom is gone, it’s comforting to her owner to know that her memory will live on forever in the pages of the Guiness Book of world record. It’s not too often that a cow is known for something other than food, so this is a great way to honor her memory.