Billionaire Philanthropists Charles Koch Take On Bernie Sanders Policy

Billionaire Charles Koch, in an opinion editorial, supported presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and stated that he agreed with him on two points; corporate welfare and criminal justice reform. He wrote that political and economic disparity did not auger well with Sanders. Charles Koch who has been a target of Sanders’ criticism praised the senator for speaking against the oppressive system and speaking for the disadvantaged Americans.

Charles Koch is one of the brothers linked to Koch industries. He disapproves of government intervention in market forces. Bernie is a seasoned criticizer of the Koch brothers associating them regularly with corporate greed and income inequality during his speeches. Charles stated in his op-ed that it felt as if he was running against Sanders. In regard to criminal justice, Koch has applauded Bernie Sanders and supported the presidential aspirant in his call for pegged reforms. The Koch brothers have been associated with a number of rightwing and libertarian think tanks. Last year they entered into an agreement with the Centre for American Progress to create the coalition for public safety that has made reforming US criminal justice its aim. This article can be linked back to the guardian editorial “Charles Koch agrees with some Sanders’ policy but is ‘hardly’ endorsing him”.

Charles Koch is an entrepreneur, the co-owner, chairman of the board and the CEO of Koch industries. He can be described as pace setter in the US politics and is not afraid to speak out his mind against the government. He can be said to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the US being the co-founder of the second largest industry in the United States. He completed his bachelor’s degree and masters in science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He furthered his education and attained a second master’s degree in chemical engineering. Apart from his duties at Koch industries he is the director of Entrust Financial Corp, Resin and Fiber Company (Invista) and Georgia-Pacific LLC, paper and pulp products. Charles is a seasoned philanthropist establishing the Koch fund which has been advocating for libertarian and free-enterprise policy. His philanthropy has not gone unnoticed as he has been recognized by the Business week as a top contributor and also awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the George Mason University. He is an avid supporter of research and academic projects.

Charles Koch has authored two books The Science of Success in 2007 and Good profit in 2015. He is a hard liberal and does not believe in separation of class and lobbies for open markets.

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