The Accomplishments of the Founder of Mullen Lowe, José Borghi

Mullen Lowe is an influential agency in Brazil, but its former name, the one that most people in the world are acquainted with, is “Borghi Lowe,” the biggest Brazilian agency in the international Market.

José Henrique Borghi is the creator and founder of Mullen Lowe, and he is an expert in publicity and a specialist in the department. The campaigns that he created are all very successful and made his company stand out from the other agencies in the country. He became a specialist in creating content for the public. One of the biggest examples of good repercussion that can be noticed in Mullen Lowe Brasil is his campaign “Parmalat Mammals,” where he dressed up Brazilian kids to look like stuffed animals that would sing along a jingle. The music produced by campaign became very catchy at the time, and it earned more than 300% the amount that was spent in the campaign as profit and revenue.

The success of business advertisement José Henrique Borghi can be traced back to his career path and the amount of time that he dedicated during his youth to study the many successful business owners of the industry. Before the foundation of Borghi Lowe, he was already studying presentations commercial shows by the time he was still in college. His sister was one of the first people to introduce the expert to the genre during his youth, where she took him to watch a show of Brazilian comedy personalities in the renowned theater of Castro Neves, in São Paulo to learn more: click here.

Since then, he knew that he wanted to follow this career path, which made him found one of the biggest agencies in the world. Nowadays, Mullen Lowe Brazil is everywhere, spread across countries like the United States, and it is present behind many campaigns as a third-party provider for some of the biggest companies in the world.

What I Learned about Securus Technology and How they Protect Us

Securus Technologies is an interesting company I read about that provides technology to inmates, correctional facilities and law enforcement entities throughout the United States and Canada. Securus works with over 3,000 over those entities and over 1 million inmates. I never gave much thought to cell phone usage inside of prisons and correctional facilities – I always pictured inmates talking on old fashioned payphones like in the movies. However, there are benefits to using more modern phones, including that calls can be monitored by companies like Securus Technologies that provide those services.


In addition Securus offers protective technology that can do things like seek out contraband cell phones that have been brought in illegally for inmates to use. Their technology can also stop these illegal phones from ever being able to access or pirate onto a wireless network, which could cause unknowable amounts of damage and cyber crime from people that are already behind bars.


Securus Technologies also offers technology that can provide emergency alerts in potentially harmful situation. The company calls Dallas Texas home and has created jobs for over 500 people.


I did a bit more research on Securus Technologies and found an article published on PR Newswire that featured real life quotes from Securus Technologies’ clients. These quotes were really interesting and I found especially interesting the specific instances where the technology came in useful and even prevented crime from occurring.


For instance, one of these quotes spoke to the fact that the technology allowed them to provide monitoring and collect data when there was a report of alleged abuse or misconduct. Another report talked about using the technology to investigate an employee of the prison that was actually a corrupt officer who was working with the inmates.


Overall, I found it extremely interesting that this company was providing such innovative technology in a sector I never knew existed.


Adam Goldenberg Brings Light to Name Change

Recently, Adam Goldenberg did an interview with CNBC where he talked about the changes that were coming to the JustFab brand. One of the biggest changes is that they are going to have a name change. While most people will not notice it because the actual companies that are under the brand will stay the same, the name change will mean a lot for the umbrella company and will make it easier for them to continue adding companies and being successful with the companies that they already have under the same brand on

Before, the company that JustFab, Fabletics, Intermix and Intelligent Beauty were under was called JustFab, Inc. This was reflective of the company when JustFab was the only business that was in the mix but now that there are many other companies along with it, the name just doesn’t suit it. The new name, TechStyle, will be more reflective of the company and the things that they are doing in the industries that they are a part of. Adam Goldenberg is hoping that this change will mean positive things for the company overall and for the people who are accustomed to using the company because nothing will really change.

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Also in the news was information about Fabletics. The brand is becoming more popular and is gaining traction in the fashion industry at While they have always been successful with the fashionable athleisurewear line that they offer, they are now growing to a point where they can compete with other companies. The company is getting close to passing Amazon as the number one online clothing retailer. They are hoping that this will come in the next year so that they can secure their spot and continue helping their customers get exactly what they need from the line of clothing.

Since JustFab and Fabletics launched, Adam Goldenberg has been very involved with the companies. Unlike many other CEOs, he has had a chance to be an active part of the company and has made sure that he is always doing what he can to help people get what they need. It is not unheard of for Adam Goldenberg to start working on different areas of the company even if he is not in an active position there according to By doing this, he is helping them grow as much as possible and is providing a great deal of support to the company that he runs.

ClassDojo: Transforming Education


Communication is one of the key elements when it comes to educating children. Teachers, parents, and students all play key roles in the education process but oftentimes there is a disconnect. This is where ClassDojo steps in to help. ClassDojo is a communication app that was made specifically for the classroom. A simple search in the app store of any smart phone will find thousands upon thousands of educational apps focusing on math, science, history, etc. That is why ClassDojo is different.

When the topic of education is discussed, the conversation can take a variety of shapes. One of the key elements of education that is usually missing, however, is the correlation between effective communication in the classroom and the quality of education. Teachers must be able to effectively communicate with both students and parents or the process stalls. With ClassDojo, photos, videos, and messages can be sent and received throughout the day to create the ideal learning environment in any classroom.

Maybe the most overlooked relationship in the educational process is the relationship between a teacher and his/her students’ parents. A teacher is with a child for a few hours per day for 180 days per year while a parent is with their child for life. Too often in schools, parents and teachers do not work together. Teachers lack the time and medium to effectively communicate with parents while parents are only privy to their own children’s point of view. This can lead to misunderstandings and poor relationships if the two parties do not work together. This is the main strength of the ClassDojo app. ClassDojo provides an easy, quick, and constant medium for communication that the parent, teacher, and student can all utilize together. This increase in communication leads to the best environment for learning to take place.

Jose Borghi Overtaking The Media Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi is the CEO of Mullen Lowe, a prominent Brazilian advertising agency. Born in Presidente Prudente, Jose Henrique was initially undecided on which career to take on. He graduated in Advertising Propaganda from PUC-Campinas and began his journey to become one of the most successful advertisers in Brazil. Jose has always been innovative and thrives on meeting all goals his mindsets. Working as an editor for Standart Ogilvy he made visible progress. He opted to start his company despite having no capital and potential investors, with his wild creativity Jose managed to amaze the world with the ideas he innovated.

Jose Henrique created a market for himself both regionally and internationally. He has worked with the Down Syndrome Association and Honda Company in Brazil. Globally he has worked with Unilever, Delta Lines, American Express and Folha Group. Jose has received credit for creating meaningful campaigns that have a significant impact, for instance, the Mammals of Parmalat. Mullen Lowe also uploaded fun videos of Folha Top of Mind on Instagram that targeted the global audience.

To acknowledge his work the prominent Brazilian advertising agency has received several awards including Advertising Awards, London Festival Awards, Cannes Lions, New York Festival and the Big Brand Love Award. At the annual Crafting Brand for live awards, the Big Brand Love Award was received by Mullen Lowe Brasil for its film Cif-Cristo Redentor. The co-president of the agency, Jose Henrique acknowledged the collaboration for incorporating the necessary hard work required to bring an outcome that pleased both the client and the agency. The Brazilian advertising agency has rebranded itself after partnering with the Partners to form the Mullen Lowe Group and has already incorporated the name in its New York and London offices. Partnering with Partners will enable José to focus on writing and inventing significant work while his co-president Andre Gomes focuses on management.

Lori Senecal Proves Introverts Can Make It to the Top!

Lori Senecal certain embodies the role of successful businesswoman. Her resume entails the role of CEO, director, and international businesswoman. However, Lori Senecal is more than just a businesswoman; she is a role model for women and introverts throughout the world.

This lovely blue-eyed Canadian has overcome the debilitating effects introversion can have on socialization. Although this soft-spoken leader still considers her a shy introvert she has shown much growth through her business success which requires ample social involvement. Lori attributes her success to her first entry level job at Vickers and Benson which required talking in front of large crowds. Even though she felt uncomfortable at first, the practice helped Senecal have a higher comfort level in social settings. This is comforting advice for individuals who tend to be shyer in social settings. Ms. Senecal alleviates stress resulting from introversion by being prepared. Lori Senecal is proof introverts can make it to the top. You can visit Adweek to know more.

Lori was born a daughter of four to a schoolteacher and retail- worker-turned-shop owner. She participated in gymnastics as a child and eventually became a gymnastics coach. Ms. Senecal received her business major from Montreal’s McGill University and started her professional degree working on a Ford account at Vickers and Benson. This was the beginning of a prominent business career.

Lori Senecal is a down to earth manager that has held quite a few well-esteem roles in the business world. She has worked on accounts for Coca-Cola, Nestle, and BMW. She was global head of kbs+ and grew the company from a 250 person agency to a 900+ agency. She was President of McCann Erikson Worldwide’s New York office. She is pillar for female empowerment holding the position as a Woman to be Watched by Advertising Age in 2014. She has also been honored with the Quantum Leap Year award for leadership success. Lori has also been a Jury Chair for the Issac Awards. Currently, she is CEO of MDC. Her most recent accomplishment is the elevation to Global CEO at Crispin Porter and Bugusky. More details can be found on Adweek.

Crispin Porter and Bugusky is a member of the MDC partners that employs over 700 people. It has been labelled “Agency of the Year”. Furthermore, it boasts successful clientele having involvements with the following companies: Kraft, Domino’s Pizza, Applebee’s, Fruit of the Loom, Best Buy, and many more. Under the supervision of Lori Senecal, Crispin Porter and Bugusky will certainly flourish.

Goettl Cool Since 1926

Yes, Goettl has meant cool since 1926. The Goettl family has been an international pioneer in manufacturing evaporative coolers plus other technology in the heating and cooling industry. The Goettl brothers from Mansfield, Ohio settled in Phoenix, Arizona during the Great Depression. At one time they had more than 100 patents.

Two of their grandsons, Adam and Ted, founded Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical to serve central and northern Arizona. Keeping the family mission of “… do the right thing the first time and provide unmatched quality service”, they are well known for serving people in thousands of homes and businesses in the Verde Valley, Brookfield and Tempe areas.

They offer guidance for keeping cool in the hot summer months. Experts in the HVAC industry, they maintain a record of quality and experience along with their suggestions for keeping cool in this century. Some of the simple things you can do are to

  • make good use of ceiling fans
  • keep your HVAC system in good condition with a maintenance plan
  • upgrade to a programmable thermostat
  • keep the HVAC unit shaded

Since a typical fan requires less energy than a typical 100-watt light bulb,this makes sense economically and electrically. The programmable thermostat will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Plant shrubs or trees nearby to keep your cooling system in the shade and it serves you better for a longer time. Goettl maintenance plans keep your HVAC unit operating at its best to keep you cool through the guaranteed hot days of summer.

In 2008, Goettl was purchased by a Memphis, Tennessee firm, ARS/Rescue Rooter. The original local staff and services are kept in place at all of their 25 locations. Call Goettl for quality service.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta Sheds Light on the Use of New Technology in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers have been working round the clock to get a breakthrough in the treatment of various health conditions. If the results from a recently concluded study are anything to go by, then patients who have multiple sclerosis could get relief in the coming few days. The new NIH study indicates that stem-cell transplants could be the way to go in the fight against multiple sclerosis. According to the findings from the study, stem cell transplants have been shown to yield long-term remission of multiple sclerosis symptoms.


The treatment, which is now known as high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation (HDIT/HCT), has yielded significant results in containing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Results from the NIH study indicates that 69% of the MS patients who participated in the study have experienced no progression of symptoms, new brain lesions or even relapse. It was a one-time treatment where patients were observed over a period of five years.


Although the results from the NIH study have brought a new dawn in the treatment of MS, researchers say that there is the need for further research. However, it appears that this one-time treatment may be more efficient in the treatment of multiple sclerosis than the current multiple sclerosis drugs that prescribed to the patients. EMG test is a type of electrodiagnostic test used to analyze nerve and muscle function. The EMG test is usually carried out by a physiatrist or a neurologist. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a New Jersey based neurologist and psychiatrist who have been helping patients to deal with such health conditions.


In a case of injuries, Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta performs an EMG test to determine the extent of muscle or nerve damage. The test can also determine the exact location of the injury and also give some clue whether the damage is reversible. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta advises patients to seek an EMG test when they experience numbness, tingling, and decreased sensation, radiating pain or burning. Other symptoms that may necessitate an EMG test include general muscle weakness, spasms, difficulty in handling objects and walking.


Yanni Hufnagel Shares His Experience as a Basketball Coach

One thing is being a great professional, another thing, which is quite hard to master, is to be able to teach others the skills needed to be a great expert in that area. Teaching is a whole new activity that requires a lot of practice to be a great coach.


Yanni Hufnagel (born August 26, 1982) is a professional that achieved both sides of the spectrum. He is a college basketball coach in the U.S. and has already helped quite some college teams. Nowadays, Yanni Hufnagel is the assistant coach of the masculine basketball team of Nevada Wolf Pack. He is achieving great success with the Nevada Wolf team and is training them for the biggest college competitions in the U.S.


Before he ever entered the Nevada team, Yanni Hufnagel was the assistant coach in some other college basketball groups, more notably the California Golden Bears and Vanderbilt Commodores. The professor also made a vital appearance as the secondary trainer of the Harvard Crimson team, one of the most successful ones in the country.


According to the coach, he really enjoys his profession among the teams that he was able to help achieve their best potential in the sport during their days in college, and, if they want, even after that. He sees many young students have a good time and learn a lot about teamwork in the field, lessons that they will use for the rest of their lives.


Most people don’t know the story of the basketball coach. Yanni Hufnagel wasn’t always just prominent in the sport that he teaches today, but he was actually the defenseman of the Pennsylvania State University’s Lacrosse team. He was one of the best members of the group, and they made a lot of achievements for the college during their years playing, but the young student would soon be transferred to another school, where later he would realize his love for basketball.


John Goullet – Renowned Personality in the IT Industry of the United States

The world of information technology is complex and continually evolving, and all due credit goes to people like John Goullet, who continues to bring innovation to the IT sector through their foresightedness and vision for future. John Goullet is a leading IT executive, who has worked as an IT consultant for some of the most famous IT companies in the United States, such as Piscataway, TSR Technology, Cap Gemini, and more.

As a qualified IT professional, having studied computer science at Ursinus College, he was well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to make it big in the IT sector. However, during his time working for the big IT companies, he noticed that most of these companies were struggling to source IT talent. Even though there were vacant positions ready to be taken, the seats remained empty for months with no suitable candidates available to take the position. Even though considerable supply was there, and many recruitment firms did help to fill the void, it was not enough to meet the rising demand of the fast growing IT sector.

It is where he saw a business opportunity as well, and without wasting much time, he jumped in and took the opportunity that was right in front of him. John Goullet started a specialized IT recruitment firm named Info Technologies that sourced IT talents and professionals nationally and internationally and provided recruitment and staffing solutions to the leading IT companies. The company was amongst the fastest growing in the sector, and in the short duration of five years, the company managed to push its net worth at $30 million.

However, John Goullet understood that the IT sector is fast developing and to maintain the growth momentum of Info Technologies, major decisions needs to be made. It is for this reason, John Goullet decided to merge Info Technologies with other leading IT firm named Diversant LLC. Presently, John Goullet holds the position of CEO and Principal Executive at Diversant LLC. He helps the firm to manage large accounts, and oversees various projects that the company manages for the clients. John Goullet also helps Diversant LLC with implementing various business development initiatives.

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