Arthur Becker on Real Estate and Investing

Arthur Becker came upon his first fortune by working as a stockbroker back in the early ’00s. He bought and traded tech companies and ended up hitting big, landing what would become his seed money for future investments. Becker is now under the spotlight thanks to his great work on the development project located at 465 Washington Street in New York. This development project will be Becker’s first big development project in the real estate world and it is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

For the past several years Arthur Becker has been a sort of silent partner in the real estate world. He’s put his money behind buildings developed through Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Partners Equities. Becker knows what is at stake when it comes to putting your name at the front of the headline and he is ready to take on that burden. Becker is setting up 465 Washington Street as a luxury condo building with eight different units. According to NY Daily News, Becker had to put in some work in order to get the development project underway but he has proven his ability step in and step out. Becker ended up purchasing two adjacent buildings in order to shore up the deal, offering the owners a stake in the condo.

Outside of his real estate work Becker has made a name for himself by following his passions into the investing world. Becker is an avowed lover of artwork and he’s converted half of his real estate office into an art studio. Now Becker makes origami sculptures out of currency which he sells to buyers around the world, including some Wall Street execs who find the blend of currency and artwork to be particularly appealing. In an article on Huffingtonpost, Becker has also invested heavily in ancient currencies from countries like Nigeria and Cameroon. This is a throwback to when Becker worked in the banking field and we feel like it definitely has more meaning as a result.

What makes Arthur Becker’s career so interesting is that he’s never been afraid to fail. Becker continues to push the level and we are excited to see where it all goes in the future.

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