Whitney Wolfe Brings Equality to Social Media

Whitney Wolfe is doing some interesting things when it comes to the dating app world. She is breaking down the walls with the app that she created. People are unable to compartmentalize Bumble as a dating app alone. Whitney has added other components like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz that makes this an app that caters to three different types of social media app users.

People that are looking for friends, lovers and network partners are all going to benefit from what this app has to offer.

It is amazing that Whitney Wolfe has been able to do this with a single app, but many more people may find it is equally amazing that she was able to get this app to expand in this way as she was getting married.

Many people may not have known who Michael Herd was, but they know now that he is the oil tycoon that married Whitney Wolfe. This has become the thing that has made him a business man that is now a face that is recognized by many social media users that know Whitney Wolfe.

This is the type of popularity that Whitney Wolfe has when it comes to Bumble. It is a dating app company that has grown because it finally puts a woman in a place of leadership and this makes Whitney Wolfe newsworthy. She appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine, and she has been on the top 30 under 30 for several years. Wolfe has had a great run with her business savvy app development, and she is inspiring to many women that follow in her path.

It goes without saying that Wolfe is a champion of women that are looking for quality when it comes to dating apps. She is also holding down the fort when it comes to equality in the business world as well. Whitney Wolfe has truly become the entrepreneur that has started a feminist movement when it comes to social media.

She has been a big influence on women that may have thought that they did not really have a place in the social media world. This is evident when one looks at the strides that she has made to bring about equality with her dating app. Women get the chance to make the first move, and this is something that had not been done before Whitney entered the dating app scene.

Whitney Wolfe Herd info: www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

End Citizens United Uniting People Against the Corruption in the Country

The End Citizens United is a political action committee that has a long-term vision for the country and the interest of its people. In the United States, the elections these days have become more about money and less about the benefits of its people. It is for this very reason; Tiffany Mueller started the End Citizens United to ensure that the campaign finance rules are changed for the good of the country and its people. The change in the campaign finance rules is also needed because the Supreme Court of the country decided in 2010 that the companies have a free hand of spending as much money as they want on the election and in favoring the political candidate of their choice.

End Citizen United has been very vocal in its protest against the campaign finance rules and in a way has helped in creating a movement across the country against big money coming from huge corporations and affluent individuals. The companies and the wealthy individuals are literally rigging the elections with their fortune, and it is pretty evident as well, but the decision by the Supreme Court has blocked any legal means to stop that. It is why End Citizens United aim to create a greater awareness about it so that people can come together to fight for their rights. It is natural that people across the country need to unite to support what is right and in the interest of the country, which is why End Citizens United has been growing at staggering pace in the last couple of years.

Recently, End Citizens United declared that it aims to collect $35 million before the next election to help choose political candidates who are a reformer and have the same feeling about the change needed in the country’s campaign finance rules. As the End Citizens, United is completely supported by the grassroots donors; there are no vast corporations who are infusing their say into the movement started by End Citizens United. Tiffany Mueller, the President of the End Citizens United, who started the PAC in 2015, says that she aims to unite the country against the rule of the corporations and their interference in our country’s elections. The rule of money in the elections has made the polls vulnerable to manipulation external interference, which can put the interest and the security of the country and its people in danger as well.

Tiffany Mueller said that she is happy that the Johnson Amendment that has been placed for a long time continues to be the part of the constitution as the bill for its repeal wasn’t passed in the Senate. If the Johnson Amendment law is repealed, the corporations and individuals can channel their money into the elections through the church and charity organizations.

Read More: action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united

Felipe Montoro Jens’ Views on How the Child Education Network in Rio de Janeiro can be Expanded through Public-Private Partnerships

The city of Rio de Janeiro intends to develop 40,000 pre-schools and 20,000-day care centers by 2020. The city also expects to achieve this goal under the management of its current mayor, Marcello Crivella. With the help of public-private partnerships, the city will renovate and set up learning facilities for early childhood education. Felipe Montoro Jens reported that feasibility studies on the effectiveness of PPP are currently being conducted in Rio de Janeiro.

The PPP model that is expected to be adopted in Rio de Janeiro is similar to the one applied in constructing schools in Belo Horizonte. Felipe Montoro also believes that predecessors of Marcelo Crivella previously advocated for this PPP model. Part of Crivella’s manifesto when he was campaigning for the mayoral position was to foster change in the education sector. Felipe Montoro notes that Crivella is trying to fulfill the promises he made to the residents of Rio de Janeiro.

The Contracting PPP Model

The Brazilian government passed a law on public-private contracting back in 2004. PPP was embraced in the provision of public services because of the scarcity of resources in the government’s public funds. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the PPP contracting model is only effective when private companies and public administration agencies have signed an administrative concession contract.

In reference to the PPP model, City Hall will be in charge of school lunch fees for kids and the pedagogic part of the project. On the other hand, private partners will play the role of constructing, administering and maintaining the new Early Childhood Education units. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is among the private partners enlisted for the project.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes that IFC is the perfect pick for the project since it has gained a good reputation for facilitating developments in third-world countries. The IFC, which is a distinguished member of the World Bank Group, will be responsible for the provision of consulting services. These consulting services are expected to guide the project modeling process.

The Lime Crime Expansion

Lime Crime is a very innovative makeup company that changed the way that women or people in general view makeup. They specialize in bringing bold and bright colors to the makeup market that were certainly missing in some cosmetic brands. Lime Crime attracted thousands of fans that loved their makeup brand. Over the years, the company has grown and attracted worldwide fandom. Now, the innovative makeup company is expanding to China. However, the total expansion to new shores is delayed because of a few major roadblocks.

Expansion Plans Halted.

Kim Walls, is the Global General Manager for Lime Crime. She discussed plans for expansion to China at a recent conference that was held in Los Angeles. Walls related that the marketing techniques that worked in America would not work in China. This caused her a great deal of frustration. One issue that blocked their usual way of distributing Lime Crime products was that China insisted that wholesale products were animal tested, before distributing to the consumer market. This was a big concern because Lime Crime products are vegan and are not tested on animals. The only way to avoid this mandate was to ship the products directly from the United States. This would completely complicate exchanges, shipping, and handling.

Other Issues

Other issues facing Lime Crime’s expansion to China included the problem with counterfeit products that were sold in the China marketplace. Lime Crime decided to partner with Revolve, which is a company based in Los Angeles. Their partnership was a way to help resolve the expansion to China issue. Through various methods, the company let the China consumer know that the only way to get real Lime Crime products was through the Resolve e-Commerce platform.

Lime Crime Fan Base

Today, Lime Crime works with a devoted fan base that really believes in the product. It is their hope that this passionate fan base will spread the word about Lime Crime makeup products to others in China. Lime Crime feels that it is important to have those passionate fans help launch their product successfully to the new market in China.