Comparative Constitutional Law in Democratic Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of comparative constitutional law and former Dean of Berkeley Law. He holds law degrees from Harvard, Toronto, Oxford, and was a Rhodes Scholar. His research on comparative constitutional development addresses fundamental methodology questions. The questions are about constitutional design and comparative constitutional law as a tool in transition management from violent conflicts to peaceful democratic politics. The research covers ethnically divided societies, secession, federalism, constitutional courts, and constitutional design based on transitions from authoritarian rule to democratic.


The professor has published at least 90 articles, reports, working papers and book chapters. Some of the edited collections include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, the Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law and Constitution Making. Sujit is a member of the international society of public law executive committee.  See and read related articles here


Professor Sujit Choudhry founded the center of constitution transitions, which mobilizes and generates knowledge for structure building. He worked as an expert in constitutional transitions in Jordan, Egypt, Nepal, Tunisia, Libya, Canada, and Sri Lanka.

He is a leading expert in thematic research projects offering practitioners’ evidence-based policy options. The research collaborates with think tanks, universities, multilateral organizations, and NGOs. Currently, he is co-leading three global collaborative research projects in partnership with the international institute for democracy and electoral assistance.


The research deals with security sector reforms, security sector oversight, and territorial cleavages in constitutional transitions. Sujit Choudhry is a consultant to the World Bank and a member of the United Nations Mediation Roaster. He is a member of Toronto advisory panel, which proposes major reforms to municipal government structures. He has been counsel on the record before the Canadian Supreme Court.


Comparative law

This is the study of relationships between legal systems. It considers the differences and similarities between the system rules. Also, it compares legal systems to understand different legal cultures. The comparative law helps in understanding foreign legal systems.

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In the globalization age, it plays a great role in international unification and harmonization of laws leading to better international cooperation. The Foreign law helps in the drafting of new legislation. Professor Sujit Choudhry focuses more on methodology, which provides the legal materials for peace building.

Meet Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, one of Brazil’s most successful Entrepreneurs

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer comes from a prominent member of a great family in Brazil. His grandfather is the founder of the Grupo RBS Company based in Brazil. Or this reason, he was made to become the chair and president of the company. He also comes from a long line of investors and entrepreneurs. These are people who determine a market gap and fill it with their entrepreneurship skills in this position. For this reason, no one achieves much from the company that acts as a better agent in this position. In the business world, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has become one of the most important figures.

Grupo RBS is considered as one of the largest companies in Brazil. Because it held privately, it has generated numerous working capabilities in the country. For this reason, no one becomes better in management that anyone who has developed strategic needs in this entity. Grupo RBS is also voted as the only company that determines its achievement through the scale of duty. Or this reason, it has worked to fulfill people’s career in advancement and achievement. While it has more than 6,000 employees, it is also recognized as the largest employer in the country. For this reason, everyone must work to get better results through attainment and strategy.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer started his career when he was in the United States. He went for further studies at the University of Harvard. When he graduated with the highest honors in MBA, he was given a job at a local company to work with a professional advisor in areas concerning finance and strategy. Because he had extensive education and knowhow in this field, his position maintained as a developer in this strategy. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also one of the most proficient entities in this business. For this reason, everyone knows his abilities in the company.

Betsy Devos Continues To Play An Active Role In Improving The Society’s Welfare

Elisabeth “Betsy” Prince was in born in 1958. She is an American politician, businesswoman, and a philanthropist. She is an alumnus of Holland Christina High School. Later, she attended Calvin College where she obtained a degree in Political Science and Business Administration. While in college, she was actively involved in campus politics. DeVos grew up being a member of the North America Reformed Christian Church. Richard Mouw, a former president of Fuller Seminary, has described DeVos as having been influenced by Abraham Kuyper, who was the founder of political ideology in Christian Democracy.

Involvement in politics

Betsy DeVos has actively participated in Michigan Republican Party since 1982, and has served as a precinct delegate. Between 1992 and 1997, she represented Michigan as a Republican National Committee person, while also assuming the position of a Chairperson of the party from 1996 to 2000. Bill Ballenger, a former senator, has described her as an honest believer in fundamental Republican issues, and that no one can doubt her stand. In 2000, she resigned from her position and claimed that she had indeed fought for the grassroots and never at any time had she accepted to be used as a rubber stamp. She ran again for the party’s chairman position in 2003, and was elected without opposition.

DeVos’ family has been active in politics for decades, particularly in donating to political committees and candidates. She declared that her family’s involvement in political funding is not because of personal gains, but the expectation for results; a government that is good and honest, and able to serve the American people diligently.

Career in business and philanthropic work

DeVos and her husband, founded the Windquest Group in 1989. The firm, which DeVos Chairs, invests in manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. She is also a chief investor and a member of the board of Neurocore, a collection of centers dealing in brain performance offering biofeedback therapies for disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorder, depression, and anxiety. Her husband was also a former chairman of Amway and President of Orlando Magic NBA. Betsy pursues reforms in various nonprofit positions. She is the chairman of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, and her interests in charity are far reaching. She takes active membership in various local and national boards, including Kids Hope USA, DeVos Institute for Arts Management, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and Mars Hill Bible Church.

In the education realm, one of DeVos early experiences in philanthropy was at the Potter’s House Christian School. During an interview with Philanthropy Table, she claimed that she understood the sacrifice the parents were going through in trying to pay the tuition fee for their kids. DeVos claims that she started giving support to individual students in the school, and before long it had grown into a larger commitment.

Things to Consider When Choosing Hair Products

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About shampoos and conditioners

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Clay Siegall And Seattle Genetics Seek To Develop Innovative Cancer Treatments


Clay Siegall is the C.E.O and Chairman of Seattle Genetics. He also serves on the boards of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx and Mirna Therapeutics.Clay Siegall holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Mary, and a doctorate from George Washington University. He is currently 55 years old. Dr. Siegall worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute from 1991 to 97. Before that, he had worked with National Institutes of Health from 1988 to 1991. Dr. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics Inc. in 1998. It is a biotechnology company. He serves both as the C.E.O and the Chairman of the Board.Seattle Genetics is a famous biotechnology company which is focused on the development and distribution of innovative therapies based on monoclonal antibody-based for cancer treatment.

The company is based in Bothell – a suburb of Seattle.Seattle Genetics is currently the industry leader in ADCs or antibody-drug conjugates, which is a new technology developed for the purpose of harnessing abilities of the antibody to target and deliver killing agents to the cancer cells directly.

ADCs seek not to harm the non-targeted cells, reducing the harmful toxic effects of the traditional chemotherapy. It also simultaneously enhances the antitumor activity.The Corporate Governance Committee of Seattle Genetics has showed full faith in the abilities of Clay Siegall. Moreover, the Nominating Committee has also stated that his qualification and experience render him as the best candidate to run the company, which he also helped to co-found.

Dr. Seigall has dedicated two decades of his life for the cause of creating novel solutions for the problem of cancer. His work is a source of optimism for all those patients who are fighting with this scourge every day. Dr. Siegall is responsible for changing the very concept of treating cancer. His company is currently engaged in carrying out research for treating patients. However, Dr. Seigall’s business acumen is also responsible for enabling these technologies to be made available to needy patients. His most important accomplishment is that he and his company have developed a way of fighting cancer without having to deal with the harsh and harmful side effects of other, more common treatments. With Dr. Clay Seigall at the helm, Seattle Genetics is on its way to change the entire perception of how critical illnesses, like cancer, should be treated.


WIT Conferences serving many locations and topics

Each year the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) holds 20-25 conferences annually in a variety of locations with different organizations and universities. The focus of the conference is to achieve trans-disciplinary research to bridge professional and academics alike.  See this. The reputation for these top-notch educational conferences is known throughout different parts of the world and is serving as an ideal source for the transfer of knowledge to individuals. In the past year conferences ranged from Big Date, Heritage, Architecture, Environment, and Fluid Mechanics to name a few. In the upcoming year, conferences are set to be held at sites such has Seville Spain, Bristol UK, Talinn Estonia, and Rome Italy. Click this related link


Troy McQuagge’s Excellent Service at the USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge has been working as an expert in the insurance sector for more than three decades. He has been working for the USHEALTH Group since 2010 and currently serves it as the chief executive officer and president. The progress of the firm has been outstanding during his time in office, and he was appreciated through the CEO of the Year Award, which is sponsored by the One Planet. The organization has been acknowledging the efforts top professionals and companies across several industries. The One Planet Award offers an equal chance for enterprises to present their nominations regardless of the solution that they offer, their location, or their size. The award recognizes a broad array of categories, and they can be classified into corporate communication, executives, public relations, emerging products and services, marketing, and teams.


McQuagge’s first role at the USHEALTH Group was to work as the head of the USHEALTH Advisor, which serves as the supply channel of the enterprise. He strived to better the performance of the agency. His performance at the distribution unit was unparalleled, and the firm made him president and CEO in 2010. Troy has had a successful tenure as the head of the company and has managed to evade the stiff competition in the sector to ensure that it makes millions of dollars as profits. He was gratified for being appreciated by the One Planet Award, and he said that efforts of the USHEALTH Group’s staff were the highly helpful. Troy believes that winning the award shows the outstanding dedication of the firm to offering it solutions.


The USHEALTH Group is one of the top providers of health insurance solutions in the United States. The company manages its activities from its head office in Ft. Worth, Texas. The primary markets that it targets are self-employed persons and proprietors of small enterprises. Its representatives and employees are well trained and have adequate knowledge to offer the best products and services to the clients.


Troy A. McQuagge also works as a board member of the USHEALTH Group. As the chief executive office of the company, he will also be managing subsidiaries such as the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Troy’s career as an insurance professional started in 1983, and the first enterprise that hired him was the Allstate Insurance Company. His next job was with the United Insurance Companies Inc. where he was employed to serve its Student Insurance Division. He later got a promotion at the firm to act as its president and supported it to make huge profits. In 2006, the business’s ownership was changed, and it was renamed HealthMarkets. McQuagge headed the marketing activities of the firm, and he became CEO in 2007. His outstanding work assisted the company’s Agency Marketing Group in earning profits that are worth more than $1 billion.

Fabletics Flow like Hudson

The internet has been a huge positive for the world economy, but more locally, In the United states, it is estimated that approximately 20 percent of American business is done online. This means that America has benefited greatly from the digital revolution and at a much higher rate than most of the world. However, it is called a revolution because of its irreversible impact on much of society, and because much of the impact is still being created and is largely unknown. Because the impact so far has been mostly positive, it is easy to dismiss and minimize the amount of damage that the transition has caused in any segment of society but especially business. Unless of course, the business being negatively impacted is one’s own business.


One of the most adversely affected business sectors is the fashion business. Although much of this carnage is attributable to the digital revolution that has changed shoppers attitudes and how they spend money, some of the carnage caused by this transition is due to old modes of doing business that do not allow for innovation either through recalcitrance or the inability to operate in the new space. As in most cases, the answer is a little bit of everything. The main contributor to this change in consumer attitudes and shopping behavior are online aggregate shopping sites like Amazon. The old sector‘s modus operandi is to name an enemy in order to fight a complicated ideal or trend, they blame Amazon.


They do this mainly because Amazon has the greatest name recognition due to their dominance in the online shopping space, so companies operating on the old model have began to dub their efforts to combat the showrooming trend, the war on Amazon. Showrooming is the name given to a change in shoppers attitudes. Shoppers that shop online tend to come into stores only to see products in person, or to test and try products in physical stores. These showrooming shoppers then return to their online sources to purchase the items for the cheaper prices online and because online stores have garnered these shopper’s loyalty. This is shift from when most shoppers that entered stores were always potential customers. The affected business owners feel their businesses have effectively become showrooms for online stores.


However, some innovative new companies are utilizing this showrooming trend to their benefit. One of the most forward of these reverse showroomers is a new fashion forward athletic and lifestyle brand called Fabletics. Headed by actress Kate Hudson, this brands converts customers online and in stores for the same price utilizing a subscription structure. Because of this, they do not mind where the shopper purchases the product. In fact, because they understand that a positive customer experience is what shoppers want now, they want customers to come into their stores and showroom. They actually gear their store’s activities toward providing this sought after positive customer experience with their product. Because of this structure, they convert 50 percent of their customers online and an additional twenty five percent in store.