Doug Levitt’s ‘Greyhound Diaries’ Hark Back To The Golden Age Of American Artistry

Across the majority of the world the decision to ride the bus is one that people make for ease of use and to make sure they are aiding the environment by only traveling via the use of public transport; in the U.S. the bus is often seen as a way for individuals to travel when they have no other economic choice, which is exactly what attracted artist Doug Levitt to create ‘The Greyhound Diaries‘. Levitt has embarked upon a bus riding odyssey that has seen him travel over 100,000 miles by bus as he sought to talk to everyday Americans about their struggles and how they feel they are being left behind.


At a time when the people of the U.S. are looking away from the political establishment the work of Doug Levitt as an artist seems to be more important than ever before. Doug Levitt has embarked upon a continuing journey by bus across the U.S. after becoming inspired to write songs, books, and capture photographic images that he states are inspired by the WPA federal arts programs of the 1930s that came out of The Great Depression. After two EP’s, a book, and live shows that merge spoken stories, songs, projected images, and many other media ‘The Gryehound Diaries’ do not seem to be coming to an end for Doug Levitt as he wishes to make sure the voice of a forgotten group in U.S. society have their voice heard.


Doug Levitt brings a number of his skills as a broadcaster and journalist to his role as the author and performer of ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ that came from his earlier career as a foreign correspondent with many of the world’s leading news media organizations. After attending Cornell University and the London School of Economics Doug Levitt felt he was missing out on a part of his life that was important when he returned to his first love of music while working as a journalist in London; Doug’s initial journey to create ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ was only supposed to last sex weeks, but the information he received on his first journey has inspired him to continue his American odyssey into areas of the nation largely ignored by the mainstream media.

An Overview of Oncotarget Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal

According to Impact Journals, Oncotarget refers to a multidisciplinary journal with free access; it publishes various papers on a weekly basis. The journal has a mission of ensuring that scientific results are available widely and rapidly. It also aims to ensure that exceptional discoveries are shared quickly. The journal aims at eliminating the borders that exist between specialties and provide links to the different biomedical science fields. It is under the leadership of prominent scientists who aim at helping various researchers to contribute to progress in science.

Impact Factor and Rank

Oncotarget ranks among the top medical journals in terms of the total documents published in Oncology. It is the highest ranking medical journal in the field of oncology. In the year 2015/2016, the journal had an impact factor (IF) of 5.008 and a total of 10452 cites. The medical journal was launched in 2010 and has managed to publish over 370 papers on topics related to oxygen.

Oncotarget Editors

Dove Press recalled that Oncotarget, there is an existing editorial board and two editors-in-chief. The two are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V, Blagosklonny. Andrei V. Gudkov, PhD., DSci, Professor is based at Roswell Park Cancer Institute as the senior vice president.

He has degrees in molecular biology and experimental oncology from Russia (Moscow State University and National Cancer Institute respectively). His areas of research interests include gene discovery, drug discovery and molecular targets necessary for cancer treatment.

Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, M.D., PhD., Professor, is also based at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY. He is an author of more than 200 articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. He is an associate editor of Cell Death Differ, Cancer Res, Autophagy, Cancer Biol Ther, Am J pathology, Int J Cancer, PLOS ONE and the Cell Cycle editor-in-chief.

His research interest areas include molecular and cellular biology, clinical investigations, cell cycle, signal transduction, anticancer therapeutics and cellular senescence.

He is emphasizing on translating basic science into new strategies to fight cancer. In the recent past, Dr. Blagosklonny has extended his studies to signal transduction pathways from cancer and turned his focus on aging. This has revealed some potential targets for slowing down age-related diseases and aging.

E-cigarettes causing damage to gum tissues

According to a study published on Oncotarget, there are suggestions that electronic cigarettes are causing damages to the gum tissues. The study was conducted at UR School of Medicine and Dentistry, led by a professor of Environmental Medicine, Irfan Rahmann, Ph.D. It is the first scientific study on e-cigarettes causing detrimental effects on oral health on molecular and cellular levels.

Relmada Therapeutics Files Another Complaint Against Laidlaw’s Irresponsible Practices

Recently, Relmada Therapeutics filed a motion to amend the initial complain against its former investment banking associate, Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. The request for amendment is particularly notable because Relmada Therapeutics has already filed a case against Laidlaw and its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The initial claim suggests that Laidlaw’s actions negatively impacted the company as it was involved in disclosing confidential matters to the public. However, the new claim includes an additional legal claim based on Laidlaw’s breach of the fiduciary duty that it owed to Relmada.


Actually, Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd acted as the primary investor banker for the company in important dealings in 2011 and 2014. It was also the financial advisor to Relmada when Relmada merged with Camp Nine Inc. Resulting in becoming a public company. In the Spring of 2015, the company discussed the option of attracting new investors. Therefore, the management of Relmada initiated very confidential meetings with the top executives of Laidlaw & Company regarding potential investors and other future prospects. However, Relmada Therapeutics was dissatisfied over the negotiations and performance of Laidlaw & Company regarding its handling of the affair.


Responding to the dissatisfaction shown by the management of Relmada, Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd filed a Schedule 13D with the Securities and Exchange Commission. As a result of the filing, important and confidential information about Relmada was revealed to the public. The information also leaked important fund raising efforts by Relmada. Due to the disclosure, the stock market price of the company declined from $4.03 per share to to its current price of $1.65 per share. Relmada believes that there the leak of important information had led to the decline despite very positive development news from the company.


It is also notable that this is not the first time that Laidlaw & Associates has acted against the ethical norms. In the past, Laidlaw has acted irresponsibly by failing to establish and implement adequate FINRA policies. Between 2007 and 2009, FINRA received almost 60 customer complaints against the company. Likewise, its managing partner, James Ahern, continues to lie about his education. In fact, there are several tax liens filed against him in the New York State.

The Success of James Dondero

Of the many financial experts within the world of finance, one individual sticks out for not only his ingenuity and his ability to come up with unique solutions for his clients, but also for his generosity and his desire to not only help his clients, but also his necessity to help those who have not been so fortunate in their lives. This individual is James Dondero, an individual who is known for his ability to come up with unique financial solutions for each of his clients that are tailored to their specific necessity and their desire for the end results of the investments. James Dondero is the President as well as the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, a financial firm that is not only sought out by the private sector, but is also highly sought after by the public sector. James Dondero guarantees a high yield of return upon investment as well as a low risk that is involved in his investments.


James Dondero is not only a successful and generous individual within the world of business, but is also a successful  generous individual who believes in giving back to his community of Dallas, a community that has been focused on one cause in particular. In recent news, James Dondero and his employees have pushed to give $1 million of a challenge grant that will officially end a campaign that has been created in order to put a stop to family violence. This campaign ended with over $16.5 million raised in capital campaign.


This campaign was initiated by The Family Place, an organization that is truly dedicated to making sure that violence ends among family members in the Dallas community. The donation from Highland Capital Management firm was not only much appreciated, but also encouraged many donation from other individuals within the community. James Dondero of his firm believes that his firm should not only be actively involved within the world of finance, but should also be actively involved in the community and should try their hardest to make the community a better and growing place to reside in .

The Lung Institute Provides Innovative Pulmonary Stem Cell Treatments

Essential for the human body to function properly, stem cells serve as the foundation for life. Self-replicating and renewable, stem cells are instrumental in tissue creation throughout the body.

The Lung Institute is an innovator in pulmonary stem cell therapy. Based in Tampa, Florida, the Lung Institute is the leading institution for stem cell research. Patients throughout the United States and around the world come to the Lung Institute for this miraculous therapy. Patient testimonials show stem cell therapy is effective in promoting healing.

For pulmonary diseases, the Lung Institute extracts autologous stem cells from a patient’s body. The autologous stem cells can come from either the patient’s own blood or bone marrow.Stem cell treatment involves three stages:

  • To harvest stem cells, removal of a minute bone marrow or blood specimen
  • Stem cell specimens separation from each other
  • Concentrated stem cells injected back into the bloodstream

The concentrated stems, once in the bloodstream, circulate throughout the body but tend to pool in the lungs. This collection of stem cells starts to rehabilitate and restore lung tissue.

PR Web explains stem cell therapy treats many pulmonary conditions such as; emphysema, asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease and bronchiolitis. For individuals interested in stem cell therapy at the Lung Institute, contact information of prior stem cell therapy patients is provided. Prospective patients can call these individuals to discuss their experience at the Lung Institute and its effectiveness. Posted online reviews indicate a positive experience with stem cell treatments. More information on COPD and other lung diseases available at

As an alternative treatment, stem cell treatments do not fall under the coverage provided by traditional medical insurance companies. Stem cell therapy runs in the neighborhood of $7000 to $10,000 per treatment.

More information about the innovative, pulmonary stem cell treatments at the Lung is available at their website, or on Facebook.

Will George Soros’ contribution to Hillary Clinton’s campaign boost her candidacy?

Soros got off the limelight after 2004, after his rebellion against Bush’s reelection to White House failed. Everyone thought that his unprecedented spending on Bush’s opponent on Biography would ever be matched, having spent just over $27 million.

Many have been caught by surprise by the sudden reemergence of the profound investor. The elections are still far from near, yet the billionaire has already donated and pledged over $25 million towards the Democratic Party on Time, and most importantly, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. This report has been confirmed by the Federal Election Commission, and sources close to the Hungarian.

George Soros made his immense fortune by participating in some risky traders, risks that paid off. The billionaire’s wealth is estimated to amount to $24.9 billion. He teamed up with other billionaires to form the Open Society Foundation, a group dedicated to donating money to courses they believe in. To fund the Democratic Party, the philanthropist has teamed up with other wealthy personalities, including Tom Stayer, Haim Saban, and Don Sussman.

Soros’ decision to back Clinton doesn’t come as a surprise. After the 2008 Democratic Party nominations, in which Barack Obama had beaten Clinton, Soros expressed his regret to have supported Obama. This gave a hint that given the opportunity to rights his wrongs, he would do so. Secondly, Clinton has had a strong relationship with Soros for close to 25 years. Furthermore, Soros has been known to be against the policies of the Republican’s leader, Donald Trump. This is partly due to the different in ideologies that the two share. Soros has been known to campaign for immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms, which Trump is against. The investor, at some point, compared how Trump managed his businesses to how ISIS runs its activities.

To show his solemn support for Clinton’s candidacy, George Soros had promised to attend the Democratic Party Convention, an event which was to see Clinton accept her nomination to be the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. He, however, failed to attend the convention since he opted to stay in Europe and handle his trading activities that had been affected by the financial situation in Europe. Michael Vachon, the political advisor of Soros, however reassures that Soros is in full support of Clinton.

About George Soros
Soros’ philanthropic work is unmatched. Over the years he has been in business, he has donated a sum total of $7 billion through the Open Society Foundations, a group he founded for charitable reasons. This foundation on works to improve education, justice, businesses, and to promote the rights of independent media. His philanthropic work started in 1979, with him making donations towards helping black students, helping them to join Cape Town University.

Soros has made it clear that he feels obligated to contribute towards matters of national politics due to his superior financial status. This, according to him, puts him in a position that others can’t reach. It makes him a bit more independent than other people. With this much influence, Soros is in a place to tackle issues that are considered controversial by most people.

Covers.Com Covers All The Bases

One must really stop and think about a bet before they actually put their money on the table. It is not the sort of thing that someone can do without really thinking about it and really putting on their thinking caps. The more they think about it and the more they do their homework, the better chances they have at winning. Yes, it can be quite enjoyable to a great number of people, but no one likes to lose money. One of the best sports to bet on is college football. When it comes to NCAAF odds, I challenge you to find a website that is more in-depth, more detailed, and more researched than

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I suppose the best way to put it into words is to describe it like you have studied for a test for hours upon end and you have ended up with an A+. Unlike other betting websites out there, cares about what they do and it shows in the work. With football odds, it can be tough to predict the winner, no question. However, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it and it would not be as much fun or as enjoyable to win. NCAAF odds are when people really stand up and pay attention as an upset or a surprise team is more likely to occur.

The college football season might have ended, but it is still going strong on in terms of coverage and getting people ready for next season. They don’t take a day off and they don’t take this sort of thing lightly. It is a way of life for them. It is their business and their name. That means something to them. When people think of, they want people to think of positive things. That is why I recommend

Can Your Shampoo Be Putting Your Health At Risk?

The hair care industry is worth an estimated $750 million annually, and a seemingly endless list of brands put new hair care products out on the market each year. These hair care products promise to deliver soft and luscious hair and they arrive in a wide variety of enticing fragrances.

The problem is that the fragrances found in most shampoos can actually be doing harm not just to your hair but to your body as well. Many hair care consumers assume that these intoxicating fragrances come from natural floral extracts, but in reality most shampoo brands use synthetic chemicals to create these fragrances, and these synthetic chemicals have been linked to an array of health problems.

About 95% of fragrances used in hair care products come from crude oil and are considered to be carcinogens. Carcinogens, when absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, have been linked to hormonal imbalance, central nervous disorders and birth defects. In some cases, the carcinogens found in common shampoo fragrances have contributed to cancer.

In addition to the serious health risks that can be caused by these ingredients, many people are unaware that they are allergic to certain fragrance chemicals commonly found in popular shampoos. These ingredients can cause allergic reactions that irritate the scalp and leave hair follicles damaged and therefore dry and dull in appearance.

Switching to a shampoo that is free of synthetic fragrances is the only way to avoid absorbing these dangerous chemicals. A product on the market that has been proven to be safe is WEN By Chaz’s 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. This product cleans and conditions hair using only natural ingredients and botanical extracts. In other words, this product smells great without the use of synthetic fragrances.

This cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean ( has been shown to restore dry and dull hair back to its natural glory, undoing years of the damage caused by dangerous chemical exposure after just a few weeks of use. As the ingredients are carcinogen-free, you can rest assured that you are not putting your health at risk by using this product long-term.

Visit or the brand’s Facebook page for more information.

Billy McFarland and Magnises

Billy McFarland has probably started and sold more successful business startups at a younger age than anyone else in recent history. He started at age 13, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Starting at age 13 with a neighborhood business that found customers for a local business, to his latest venture at age 23 in 3013, Magnises, McFarland is making big waves.

Magnises is a platform built for millennials so they can meet and socialize at a very attractive discount at many of their favorite restaurants, clubs, nightspots, meeting areas, bars. trips, events, concerts and other special occasions. Membership requires a $250 annual fee, and people gladly pay for access to what is deemed to be the place to be and the thing to do among the millennial crowd.

From people who are getting their first jobs, to seasoned young entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, and other upwardly mobile millennials between the ages of 21 and 35, Magnises offers a totally naturally way for meetings, socializing, sharing ideas and getting business contacts. Presently located in New York City and Washington D.C. there were already over 10,000 members in both locations.

The gem of the operation is the Magnises Care, also known as the “Black Card.” With this card, the information on the credit debit card of the member is copied onto the magnetic strip of the Black Card. The Black Card is used to pay the bill at the appropriate member business and to apply the discount as well at that time.

Membership is not necessarily automatic, as there is an online application form that must be completed by the management team. Billy McFarland is looking for young up and comers in the 21 through 35 age group, and they are looking for him. In addition to discounts, there are always exciting perks for which the millennials are looking.

Recently, members enjoyed a “Booze Cruise” on the Hudson, where the chartered boat offered samples of different alcoholic beverages along with finger food. Another event featured a trip to a local racetrack where Telsa offered a test-drive in some of its newer models.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland is seriously looking at expansion too, as he wants to populate the United States and other cities abroad. It looks like he’ll do it too, based on his past record and the popularity of Magnises.