Geoffrey Cone Offers Invaluable Support to Solve Challenges on Foreign Trusts


Over the past few weeks, there has been a burst in the media with news about the New Zealand trust and tax laws, specifically addressing foreign trusts and how the local market has not benefited from the laws put in place earlier. Professionals from all sectors have issued their opinions with others like Geoffrey Cone analyzing the situation to single out the problems that are barring many people from excelling in their cases.


Commercial litigation is a broad area that comes with complex laws that cannot be overlooked when reviewing the state of trust laws. There have been challenges among local firms getting certifications to operate internationally simply because New Zealand is not considered a tax haven.


Geoffrey Cone intervened with vital information that will shine some light and in some way send a message to the government to consider reviewing some laws to make it easier for individuals to have their cases resolved more easily. The most affected in the mix are the wealthy and influential individuals who want to transfer their ownership rights across jurisdictions.


OECD issued a list of countries that are considered tax havens and New Zealand has never made it to be one of them. There are reasons behind this and among the issues reviewed is the fact that counties that qualify to rank as tax havens are run on nominal taxes and there is transparency across all levels. Additionally, there is no seamless transfer of information between governments, which makes it difficult for the country to be ranked among thriving tax havens.


All these requirements are in line with the 2002 Model Agreement on Tax Matters that offers support to international exchange of information for the enforcement of domestic tax laws. New Zealand was among countries that were supposed to be placed in the list and the country over the past one decade has shown progress in handling foreign trusts despite lacking the full capacity to rank as a tax haven.


Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone is a New Zealand lawyer who has pursued tax and trust laws as well as LLB. He is an experienced professional in the field as he began working in 1980 and over the years has worked with clients from different countries. Having garnered a lot of experience along the way, Geoffrey Cone founded a law firm, Cone Marshall, which has dedicated its services to working on international trust and tax laws.

The Explosive Growth of Waiakea Volcanic Water

A Refreshing Taste

The bottled water industry has come under fire recently for a number of controversies. Many bottled water companies are simply taking treated city water and passing to their customers without much care. Customers looking for clean, pure water from natural sources are left without a brand catering to their tastes. This is why Ryans Emmons founded Waiakea.

His experience growing up in Hawaii gave him a taste of its smooth and silky water. Organic Authority says that Waiakea water took the bottled water market by storm but Emmons maintains a strong sense of philanthropy. Waiakea’s mission is to bring pure water to its customers and to those in need of clear water in developing world.

The Benefits Of Hawaiian Water

The islands of Hawaii are covered with volcanoes and the water Waiakea pumps from beneath Hawaiian soil is filtered through the dirt left over by volcanic eruptions. The filtration leaves Waiakea spring water rich in electrolytes and other vital nutrients such as calcium. Learn more about Waiakea spring:

Although there are many brands of bottled water that provide electrolytes Waiakea also provides its customers with silica as well. Research has shown that silica can provide protection against certain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Beyond its health benefits silica provides Waiakea bottled water with its unique texture and “feel”.

The Profits Speak For Themselves

The idea of a man in his 20s creating a bottled water company with relatively few funds is a miraculous story no matter the angle you take. Most venture capitalists would expect to spend millions of dollars on water treatment facilities and marketing to even scratch at their competition in the bottled water market.

According to Specialty Food, Emmons has made Waiakea water a household name in a matter of 4 years. Over 900 stores across 14 states carry Waiakea products on their shelves with even more stores to accept Waiakea in the coming years.

Everyone Deserves Clean Water

Philanthropy is an important aspect of the vision Emmons holds for Waiakea water. The company has a program aimed at funding the construction of wells in developing nations across the world. This year the Waiakea gave 6 communities in Malawi the funds to build wells providing clean water for their memberships.

This charity ties back to the original purpose of water Waiakea. Ryan Emmons wanted to give the world a naturally pure source of water and the health benefits not available from any other means.

Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Works To Change Lives


Bob Reina is not only the founder of Talk Fusion, but he has a personal mission to change lives. He has wound that mission into every fold of his personal life as well as into the very fabric of Talk Fusion. Reina created his company when he saw the need to send videos via email, but could not find a way to make it happen. Instead of giving up, he worked with a colleague and built a company that can do just that and so much more. Read this article at about Bob Reina.

Reina himself not only focuses on business but his giving nature to help change the world. He has been a vital part of the Tampa Bay Humane Society’s success with his time and record-breaking $1 million donation. Reina has also given many generous monetary donations to an Indonesian orphanage where he is helping to change lives. He chooses to not only help change the world through any way he can find, but to lead by example through within his very company.

Reina recently launched a program within his company to help inspire his Associates to give back to the world by allowing each one of them to donate a free Talk Fusion Custom Monthly Plan to the charity of their choice. This action will allow charities to spread their message easier and to a wider audience and in turn help them grow and help more in their communities.

Reina considers the company itself a way to help people, instead of just hiring employees he hires associates and gives them a chance to live their dreams by sharing his video marketing products and building a business. There are currently an overwhelming number of associates who have amazing success stories to tell and have had their lives changed by Talk Fusion.

What is Online Reputation Management and why is it Important?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) refers to the control of the company’s reputation and influence on the internet. In the past, the role was known as Reputation Management, and it was dealt with by public relationship department in the company. Today, the role is played by digital companies. These companies help other companies to optimize search engines and have their products and services on appearing on the first page of the search engine. The Online Reputation Management companies also ensure that all the information appearing on the first page of the search results is positive.

Online Reputation Management is important to a company because it helps them market their brands and reach more customers across the globe. Hiring a company that deals with Reputation Management for the web is highly recommended. This is because they have a specialist who understands all the tricks of the trade. Most companies today are hiring ORM companies and professionals. This has made it hard for businesses that don’t seek ORM services to market their products offline.

Sometimes a name of a particular company can be ruined, getting over a bad reputation can be quite hard because no information cannot be fully erased from the internet. Online Reputation Management companies and specialist help the companies to rebuild their name and reputation. This is made possible by reviewing their products and doing Search Engine Optimization to ensure that no negative information of the company appears on the first page of the search results. This is an efficient way to destroying bad reputation; most people rely on the results appearing on the first page.

Today Online Reputation Management is crucial to companies, this because more and more companies are selling their products on the internet. If a company’s reputation is spoiled on the web i.e. in the social media and product review forums, it can greatly hurt a company. The information on the internet spreads so fast across the globe. To prevent this, hiring an ORM specialist or a company will help you slow down or eliminate the bad reputation by ensuring no negative information that can hurt your company’s reputation available on the first page of search engine results.







When Should the Modern Parent Stop Supporting Their Children?


Every parent wants the best for their child in life. Parents will do anything just to make sure that their children live a happy and comfortable life, even when they are already grown up. When a child grows up and completes their education, they go out to look for work so that they can support themselves and live an independent life away from their parents. However, most parents in the modern times will help their grown children financially for a longer time, even after they are already living on their own.


According to a recent study, a large group of parents feels the need to support Millennials in paying for their rent, because they believe that living in a safe neighborhood is the best thing for them. The study also revealed that parents cater for household expenses for their grown children because they feel that these kids cannot buy the commodities on their own.


Most of the individuals who are being supported by parents are aged twenty-five to thirty-five, and most of them are already done with education. The study indicated that parents would mostly pay for groceries, rent, mortgage expenses, telephone bills, entertainment expenses and many other crucial facilities.


These parents, however, do not manage to save enough money for their retirement because they have to look after the grown up children. Financial experts like Tabar say that most of the senior citizens in the United States save just four hundred dollars in a year, compared to the Millennials who are making huge savings and safeguarding their futures. Sam Tabar believes that these parents should invest more money and make more savings instead of supporting the Millennials who are already doing well.


Sam Tabar is a respected lawyer and financial expert who is currently based in the United States. Sam Tabar is also a philanthropist who has done a lot to help communities living in America and other parts of the globe. Tabar has worked with some of the major companies in the world such as Merrill Lynch, and several law firms in New York City. The successful financial expert has also had an opportunity to work for companies outside his homeland.  Sam has provided free investment tips through PRNewswire, and continues to be a positive force for the environment with his appointment at Full Cycle Energy Fund.

Jim Hunt Gives An Overview Of His Professional And Social Life

Through an interview with Ideamensch, Jim Hunt shed light on his life and experiences. He is a proficient financial adviser and the chief executive officer of VTA Publications. Jim has extensive experience in the stock markets. He is highly knowledgeable in analyzing market trends. To this end, he is able to trade safely and smartly. His popular YouTube channel has become an educational platform. He shares significant information regarding his investments. The YouTube account has numerous subscribers who are attracted to the site by his outstanding ability to read and predict trade accurately.

Jim Hunt has also echoed on his Twitter that after an exposure on how big financial institutions operate, he felt the need to share the information. He wanted to ensure that the ordinary person learns how to manage his/her own finances. This situation motivated Jim to establish VTA Publications. Talking about what makes him successful in entrepreneurship; Jim said that he is highly disciplined. He sets goals and ensures that he accomplishes them within the stipulated time. His desire to satisfy the needs of his clients has seen him generate innovative ideas. He said that listening to people’s complaints helps one to deliver products that satisfy the specific needs of his or her clients.

On a typical day, Jim Hunt starts by working out. Later, he embarks on the marketing ideas for the publishing firm. In addition, Jim formulates new stock trading strategies for his subscribers since he believes that people are more productive in the morning. He eats light lunch to avoid sleeping in the afternoon. Jim prefers having dinner with his family. He loves reading Jesse Livermore’s books and urges people to read an inspiring book known as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Jim posited that he is complacent with what he has achieved and given another chance, he would change nothing. T

About VTA Publications

VTA Publications prepares distance-learning programs. In addition, the institution organizes events. The non-fiction publisher was established in 2012. Its headquarters are located in Norfolk. The firm specializes in publishing literature materials on finance and economics. It serves thousands of clients worldwide. The company offers cutting-edge information, products and services physically and through digital mediums. With highly qualified personnel, the entity’s clients experience unrivaled services.   See Jim’s YouTube videos about what these programs can do for you, or just read more about the man on CrunchBase.