Securus comes out to defend allegations from GTL

For a long time now, Securus has been providing the civil and justice system with solutions that included investigating, correcting and monitoring situations for public safety. Recently however, there is a company that took them to court over breach of contract when they were using a technology they had offered Securus on a contract basis. The company, GTL, made several claims in the local newspapers, and Securus has an issue with some of them. Below are some of the corrections that the company has made from GTL’s claims.

The company GTL claimed that they were in a position to move forward with their case and seek injunctions and damages against Securus for the infringement of their copyright when using their patented technology. However, Securus states that the case that was brought before the Texas federal court is stayed. This means that GTL is currently not able to seek any further relief or move forward with this case.

GTL claim that the PTAB determined all their innovations were patentable. This according to GTL; gave them the leeway to move back to court and protect its technology because it enables law enforcement to closely watch video visits. However, Securus would like to rectify this statement and assert that the PTAB has not expressly stated that the technology was patentable and that a simple conclusion that the claims would not be reviewed was made. Besides, the current request on re-hearing shows that GTL might not be able to move back to court as soon as they want to.

GTL also claims that Securus has established a pattern of using legal contests to keep the tenders that they want. However, Securus has evidence to show that they have tried their best to reach an out of court and intelligent settlement with GTL over the case, but GTL has chosen to use millions of their money to contest patents.


All You Need To Know About Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is known to many as a successful businessman. Goldenberg is the co- founder and CEO of a fashion company known as JustFab. His partner is Don Ressler, and they have both worked hard to transform the fashion industry. Adam Goldenberg can spot the upcoming trends, develop them to become the leading brands and he is also very experienced in business. He is passionate about his work, and this is why his company has done very well in the recent past.

Adam Goldenberg ventured in the business world when he was very young. When he was only fifteen years, he already had a company, known as Gamers Alliance. The company was a great success, and he sold it to Intermix Media when he was nineteen years old. He decided to stop studying to concentrate on business. He was employed by Intermix to work as the Vice President in the Strategic Planning department at Before he could even turn twenty years, Adam Goldenberg was already the Chief Operating Officer at Intermix Media. Up to date, he remains to be one of the youngest COOs of the institution. Despite his young age, Goldenberg performed very well, and the company increased its revenue thanks to his efforts.

When Adam Goldenberg was working at Intermix Media, he met Don Ressler. Ressler was a businessman and a successful brand building specialist in the country. He was running a company known as He decided to sell the company to Intermix Media in 2001. Adam Goldenberg excellent skills in business enabled him to get more than one billion dollars in the sale. Ressler had saved a lot of money in the past, enough to start several companies online.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler become very close, and later on, they become business partners. A news corporation bought Intermix Media in 2005. The news company failed to manage the successful company, and the two businessmen watched as it slowly collapsed. This made them start other ventures online. Intelligent Beauty is one of their brands, and it has enabled them to start several other brands on the internet.

JustFab is one of the online brands from the company. The fashionable clothes from this brand are affordable to most of the consumers. The activities in the company are fun, social and engaging. The customers on Forbes receive a selection of shoes, handbags, and any other accessories that are designed according to their tastes at a certain fee paid every month.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Launches New Eyeshadows and Lipsticks


The Lime Crime cosmetics company’s tagline says it all: “Makeup for Unicorns.” A vegan, cruelty-free makeup company, it prides itself on creating unique makeup products for individuals who like to “express themselves unapologetically.”


Founder Doe Deere started the company in 2008, “after she was unable to find makeup bright enough to match the clothes that she was sewing and selling on EBay at the time.” Since that time, Lime Crime has become a true industry leader in setting and expanding trends, reaching an active user community of over 2.5 million free spirits who see the brand’s unique products as a means of expression as much as a way to enhance beauty. Makeup is art.

Some of the most popular products Lime Crime makes are its Superfoils, a water-activated (but also can be worn dry) long wear foil eyeshadow line, and its Velvetines metallic, transfer-proof lipstick formula. These products became an instant mega-sensation, and remain wildly popular on UrbanOutfitters.


Now Lime Crime has doubled its foil/metallic lines with its own unique take on fall “natural” shades, including four new Superfoil eyeshadow duos that include Crystal/Halo, a pale silver and pale gold, Lucid/Dream, a deep pink-gold and brown, Miami/Gator, a shimmering army green and rose gold, and Squad/Goals, a pastel shimmer violet and mauve-ish pink. For lipsticks, there are Metallic Matte Velvetines in Happi, a rosy-bronze, Vibe, a pink-mauve, and Posh, a shimmering plum.


Anybody can achieve a stunning, attention-grabbing look with a few simple techniques using these products. Lining lips with a pencil a shade darker, then filling with the Metallic Matte Velvetine of your choice gives the long-lasting metallic look you’re looking for. With the Superfoil eyeshadows, simply place color on finger or eyeshadow brush, then spritz with water and apply for a bold look.


Known for highly pigmented, ultra long wearing, moisturizing lipsticks and sparkling eyeshadows, Lime Crime’s new editions to this collection have caused another sensation in the makeup world. Providing a line of unique, highly effective line of products like no other company around, these new shades mean there is something for every bold individual by this socially conscious company.