The Growth of a Reputation Management Firm

For individuals or for businesses that wish to expand or to gain more and more revenue, it has become a requirement for these businesses to digitize and to now have an online presence to assert themselves and their product within competitive industries. As a result of the requirement to digitize companies, it is now a requirement to also move forward by using the services of online reputation management firms. These reputation management firms are great ways to negate any negative content that brings a business down and to have a back up plan for any issue that arises within the business. For businesses that rely heavily on the customer reviews and the customer input, it is now important to create a positive online presence to not only provide relevant information, but to show the high quality product that is being sold to the customers. As a reputation management service becomes required, one of the best services to use comes from a company that is known as Status Labs.

Status Labs is a reputation management firm that was founded in 2012 by Darius Fisher, an expert in reputation management due to his extensive experience in the world of politics. Status Labs has demonstrated their excellent services and partnerships from the 1,000 businesses that have exponentially improved. Status Labs provides businesses with a second chance to be successful and provides customers with an up to date review as well as information for any product or service that they seek. Status Labs is the leader within the PR world with their expert use of SEO.

Status Labs is a company that has built itself up from the ground for not only offering excellent services, but for also being a loyal company that wants to give businesses and individuals a second chance as they are for the most part misunderstood. As a company, Darius Fisher has emphasized the importance of being involved in the local community to demonstrate how much this company cares about each individual. This company is a company that truly takes care of the employees and that helps businesses grow even more.

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Wealth Management Advice From The Midas Legacy

The accumulation of wealth is an important life goal. People today need to be able to save money and then leverage it to help create a nest egg. Those who can meet this goal will be those who can avoid poverty and have a safe and secure future. One company that is aiming to help provide people with the means to reach this goal is The Midas Legacy. Those at this company are fully aware of the need to provide help for their clients. They know that the with the proper advice, just about anyone can turn pennies into a huge fortune.

Individual Investors

Anyone who is looking for help with managing wealth can turn to those at The Midas Legacy. Their experts here can offer specific advice designed to focus on the needs of any personal individual. Such services can provide help for those who have earned money but are not entirely sure what to do with it. They can work with those at here in order to develop a specific plan that is based around their own goals and plans. With help, many clients have realized how easy it is to create a goal that they have in mind.

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Help For Entrepreneurs

Another service that The Midas Legacy offers is that of help for those who want to start a business of some kind. Starting a business can be complicated. Many people have an idea but are not sure where to begin to locate financing to get that idea from concept to a going concern. They can work with people here who know how to find such financing and show them how to find it. Their concern at every turn is the need of the person and their overall vision in life. They are in the business of helping people make their dreams come true.

Finding Inner Peace

Above all, those at The Midas Legacy are about helping their clients find a sense of inner peace. When people are at peace, they are happy with their lives and able to focus better on their own needs. They are also to consider various ways scenarios that can help them feel more relaxed. When people are relaxed, they are able to see their potential life and monetary choices clearly in front of them. With help from The Midas Legacy, anyone’s life choices can be the right ones for their needs.

Stephan Murray always maintained a Balance between Business and Philanthropy

Stephen Murray, a philanthropist and investor in private equity, was a man on a mission and that mission was to help others. He owed his success to hard work, determination and a little bit of luck. He made a decision early on in his life to help others achieve a small measure of success and make a better life for themselves and their families.

He supported several organizations whose goal was to make a difference in community and society. He supported the Make – A – Wish Foundation of Metro New York where he served on the chairman’s council and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. He supported programs at the Stamford Museum and was involved with both his alma maters Columbia Business School and Boston College. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

His post graduation service to Boston College was as vice chairman of the Board of Trustees. He led by example and colleagues and family members often followed that example into community service. His advocacy for helping others made an impact on the lives touched by his spirit of giving.

In addition to his philanthropic mission Murray was the co-founder of CCMP Capital, in 2006. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a spinoff of the Chase division of JP Morgan and eventually became the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in 2007.

His career began in 1984, after graduating from Boston College with a degree in economics. He was accepted to the training program in credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. In 1989, he earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Columbia Business School. That same year he joined MH Equity Corporation, which was the Manufacturers Hanover’s equity group along with their unit in leveraged finance.

In 1991, Chemical Bank secured the purchase of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation and MH Equity finalized a merger with Chemical Venture Partners. In 1996, Chemical Bank successfully merged with Manhattan Corporation and Chemical Venture Partners morphed into Chase Capital Partners. In 2005, Murray was appointed to head up the buyout division of JP Morgan Partners, which eventually led to the JP Morgan spin-off.

In addition to being a private equity investor, Mr. Murray also served on the boards of several major corporations including AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, Legacy Hospital Partners and Aramark. He also served on the boards of Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors and Crestcom International. He utilized his investing knowledge and expertise to enhance the financial standings of these companies.

Mr. Stephen Murray sadly passed away at the young age of 52 in March of 2015. His passing left a void in the world of private equity investing, as well as philanthropy