Securus Technologies

On June 7th, 2016 Securus Technologies – an A+ accredited company by the BBB and leading service provider for criminal and civil justice solutions officially announced that their release of facts, findings and report will help to reveal the integrity breaches that were perpetrated by Global Tel Link (GTL). The press release that were published on PR Newswire was the first of a set of articles that they plan to publish which will highlight the wrongdoings as well as the integrity breaches that were done by GTL.
The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies – Richard A. Smith, proclaimed that he loved his company’s industry which entails serving corrections, inmates, law enforcement and all of society. As such, he proclaimed that it offended him personally as well as the entire industry that a communications provider would fall below the level of integrity that is typical with most carriers. He also proclaimed that the business sector as a whole has a mission that surpasses the whole concept of just making money. He proclaimed that it’s also to ensure that they serve their customer and that they keep their best interest at heart. As such, his company plans to release multiple issues of wrongdoings through a series of press releases. The first of which was a 17 page order which was procured when the Louisiana PSC investigated GTL. During their report, they found certain wrong doings such as the fact that, Global Tel Link:

  • Programmed their telephone’s internalized locks to add 15 or 36 seconds to the total duration of each call.
  • Programmed their phones to rates which were higher than those allowed under it’s rate caps.
  • Billed single calls more than once.
  • Artificially increased charges upon it’s customers.

They also found that as a result of their malpractice, Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged an excess of $1,243,000 by the company. Read more at Wikipedia about Securus.

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ClassDojo Helps Teachers And Parents Properly Engage Students

ClassDojo is an educational platform designed for improving communication between students, teachers, and parents by taking advantage of this generations advancements in technology to create powerful learning tools. The days of teacher conferences and taking a note home from school are nearing an end, with the upgrade to digital tools.

ClassDojo first launched in 2011 as a way of improving students behave and encouraging them to become engaged in the classroom. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are the founders for ClassDojo, and they noticed that the majority of other learning apps already around were working on a reward based system, so they decided to make a platform that better connected parents and teachers together.

Just this year, ClassDojo has stated that there is a zero-point system in place that teacher can now give to their students for feedback. For some students, especially young children, negative feedback can end up hurting their overall learning abilities and confidence in the classroom. Without a working reward and point system like most other similar apps, students started improving more and feeling more valued in class.

ClassDojo helps students gain a sense of independence by being able to check their own progress. Today, the program is being used by every 2 out of 3 schools in the US, and within more than 180 other countries. Since launching, the app has been helping parents see exactly what is happening in their child’s classroom.

One of the biggest goals for the app is to create positive environments around school and the classroom as well as allowing teachers, parents, and students to stay better connected with each other even while they are not in school. ClassDojo wan’ts to encourage all students with positive feedback to build their confidence in their abilities and take the edge of the pressures of school.

With ClassDojo, parents, instructors, and students can all stay connected to build a stronger school community. Students are able to reap the most rewards from this program, with all the learning benefits and opportunities for encouraging their overall learning.
More than anything, ClassDojo is not just a simple learning app, it is a communication platform for education that brings all parties together to help students form a better mindset for growth and learning.


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Wengie’s Ten Steps For Flawless Skin

Few people have naturally flawless skin–especially on their face. As a result, a solid beauty routine is necessary to keep your skin healthy and as radiant as it can be. Unfortunately, these routines are often costly, time-consuming, and slightly confusing. Australian beauty blogger, Wengie, ensures that her users understand the importance of having a daily skin care routine in a way that is easy to understand, so she developed a video highlighting the ten essential steps on the route to beautiful, healthy skin. Of course, her light pink locks framed her perfect complexion, and further validated why anyone would want to have Wengie-like skin!

Step One: Remove Makeup. Wengie emphasized the importance of executing this step before bed.
Step Two: Cleanse. Using a foaming soap is crucial here, and using hot water for rinsing could actually make your skin worse; tepid water is best for this step.
Step Three: Exfoliate. The blogger warned against doing this daily if you have sensitive skin, and recommends only doing this two times a week.
Step Four: Use a toner. This balances the pH level of skin.
Step Five: Apply an essence. These highly concentrated serums contain high amounts of nutrients– let them soak into your skin.
Step Six: Apply a face mask. Wengie’s favorite step because, as she described, they are fun!
Step Seven: Apply Serums. These formulas often serve one, intended purpose. For example, they whiten the skin or improve its elasticity.
Step Eight: Apply an eye cream. This step reduces eye puffiness and discoloration.
Step Nine: Use a moisturizer. Dryness differs between winter and summer, so Wengie urged to switch up this portion of the routine.
Step Ten: Use a sleeping mask. Though this is optional, the blogger described that this will provide additional nutrients throughout the night.

If you ever needed more of a reason to swoon over Wengie, this flawless routine is it!


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How Does Slyce Offer Better Shopping Experiences?

Slyce is the best place for people to go when they are looking for a better visual search option, and it is important for people to make sure that they are going to use the Pounce app that Slyce bought just for this purpose. They want to be sure that everyone who is using their technology is able to use it instantly, and the Slyce visual search AI has been put into the Pounce app for shoppers. Someone who is shopping for a certain item will be able to take a picture of that item to use in the app. The app will start to give results, and then the shopper will be able to choose the way that they want to get that kind of search done.

There are a lot of people who are trying to think about things that they can do to get their shopping done faster. They usually have to sit around wondering how they will get any shopping done, but now they will be able to get instant results when they take a picture and use the app. The app will let people link to the item they have found in their web browser, and then they will be able to make purchases right there in the browser. This is the fastest way for people to shop, and it is the only way for people to save time. came up with their visual search technology to help shoppers and businesses. People could take a picture of something in a shop window, and they will have results in seconds. Every new item they find can be bought on their phone or tablet, and then they will be able to get the help they need without wasting time. Shoppers get their items faster, save money and can literally shop for anything they see.

Talk Fusion Allows 30-Day Free Trial to Users


Talk Fusion recently announced the launch of their 30-day free trial in over 140 countries and 9 different languages. Talk Fusion is the world’s first video marketing solution that offers video products for businesses, charities, and individuals. With this free trial, prospective users will be able to try out all the products completely risk-free and no credit card required. All you would need to sign up is your name and email address. Talk Fusion is proud to offer these video products to potential customers in order to give them the opportunity to see how effective these products really are towards their business.

Once users are signed up, they can begin testing these video marketing products for themselves. Talk Fusion offers products such as Video Chat, Video Email, Live Meetings, and Video Newsletters. Their newest product, WebRTC, allows users to have high-quality flawless synchronization in their videos. With these products, you will quickly see how effective they can be for your business. Talk Fusion’s products are user friendly, affordable, and are compatible with all mobile devices. When you sign up for the free trial, you will have full access to all of these great products as well as video product tutorials and step-by-step guides to help you on your way to success.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, wanted to create products that will help people get real results. He wants to see your business succeed and have an increase in sales. With Talk Fusion’s products, Bob guarantees you will see your sales skyrocket in no time and have many repeat customers. Bob wanted to create these products with the customer in mind, which is why they are so easy to use. He does not want to see you struggle, but instead to move forward in your business adventures.

Bob also believes in the power of giving back, whether that is to friends and family, communities, or animal shelters. He hopes that this message of giving back reflects in Talk Fusion’s products. By providing these products to users, Bob believes you will be able to better communicate with your customers and allow for more business relationships to help your company blossom.



Securus Technologies Seeks to Shame Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of inmate telecommunications. They also offer technology solutions to serve law enforcement and to increase public safety and security.
Securus recently announced on PR Newswire they will be releasing many reports and articles describing ethical breaches of conduct by Global Tel Link or GTL, which is also in the business of providing telecommunications for inmates of correctional facilities.

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus, Richard A. Smith, explained that he loved the inmate communications industry and serving the law enforcement community. The business was not about just making money, but also serving customers with their best interests at heart. Therefore, the actions of GTL offended him.

Over the next six months Securus will release details of GTL’s actions with the hope of shaming them into behaving more ethically.

Watch more on

The first document, an order from the Louisiana Public Service Commission and BBB, is from 1998. Smith said he wouldn’t bring it up now, except that GTL still continued its unethical business conduct.

According to the Louisiana Public Service Commission document, GTL committed a number of violations.

They programmed their clocks to add either 15 or 36 seconds to the duration of the call.

They programmed their telephones to charges rates higher than those permitted by the Public Service Commission rate cap or tariffs.

They artificially inflated the customers’ charges.

They deliberately billed for a single call more than once.

These engaged in these practiced deliberately, with the conscious intent to overcharge customers.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission calculated that GTL’s actions costs the Louisiana public $1,243,000.

“We cannot allow such actions to tarnish our industry,” Smith added. Scamming customers is B.S. and a cancer. “Time does not take the sin away.”

Secarus Technologies is based in Dallas, and serves over 3,450 correctional facilities and over 1,200,000 prison inmates.

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Eric Pulier: A Giant among Men

Mr. Eric Pulier is one of the most successful technology entrepreneurs of all time. He helped co-found ServiceMesh, Inc where he currently serves as the Chairman and the CEO.

Eric Pulier started computer programming at a tender age while still in the fourth grade. By the time he was in high school, the entrepreneur had already established a database computer company.

The Harvard alumni majored in English and American literature beginning in 1984. While at Harvard he served as the editor of the Harvard Crimson. He was also a columnist for the paper. Four years later, he graduated magna cum laude. It was during the same period that he took IT classes at the nearby MIT.

Soon after in 1991, Eric founded a company named People Doing Things (PDT). It predominantly dealt with finding technological-based solutions to health care and education concerns and issues.

A Visionary with A Big Heart

In 1994, the Los Angeles-based investor started Digital Evolution. The interactive agency company would later merge with US Interactive LLC in 1998.

The chairperson of U.S Interactive, Inc. and the Executive Chairman of SOA software is also credited with the launch of Starbright World. Starbright is a social media platform where chronically ill kids get a chance to share their experiences via chats, blogs and posted content. The private social network also allows for the children to meet up.

Pulier is a philanthropist who continues to work with kids suffering from chronic illnesses. He is a regular donor to various non-profit organizations most notable of them being the Painted Turtle Camp and the X-Prize Foundation.

Milestone Achievements By Eric Pulier

In 1997, he was hand-picked to be in charge of the Presidential Technology Exhibition venture dubbed as the bridge to the 21st century. He was tasked with advising on health care and technological initiatives for the forum founded by the then Vice President Al Gore. He also works with Bill Clinton.

Other notable accomplishments bearing the mark of Pulier are Desktone, Media Platform and Akana, Appsense and the Santa Monica Media Corporation. VAR business named him as one of the top 30 e-visionaries of all-time. He also writes books.

The successes of Mr. Eric has attracted investors by the droves. Today, numerous leading venture capitalist firms continue to express an interest in buying shares and stakes in the works inspired by the visionary.

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The Man Behind The Keith And Keely Mann Scholarship Fund

Keith Mann officially launched the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement targeting high school kids from underprivileged backgrounds. The fund will be available for kids from the Uncommon Schools in New York City. The schools are run by a non-profit charter organization and one graduating senior annually will be able to benefit from the funds. The lucky student will have to have written a 1000-word essay detailing how attending college will help them achieve their life career goals.

The partnership between Mann and the Uncommon Schools will further the institution’s agenda on assisting students from low-income families to not just attend a four-year college but to also head on towards a thriving, fulfilling career. The application was opened on February 29 and the winner is to be awarded $5000 towards their tuition fees. The funds for the scholarship were raised by Mann and his organization Dynamic Search Partners through a fundraising event that was hosted at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden; $22,000 was raised.

Keith Mann is an executive with 15 years experience in the hedge fund industry. He founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2009 and specifically focuses on alternative investment. Mann has grown his organization into a leading recruitment firm which hires professionals and executives for major firms in the hedge fund and private equity world. Dynamic Search Partners is renowned as one of the largest and most respectable staffing agencies in the industry and has handled close to 2000 client requests since its inception as of February 2015. Its clientele span the United States, Asia and Europe and it handles close to 200 requests for executive staffing annually.

Mann is a philanthropist who has been involved with raising money for children with cancer and now education in this new partnership with Uncommon Schools, which has a network of 42 schools across New York Massachusetts and New Jersey. He is invested in ensuring that the children supported through this fund gain practical and tactical skills to take them beyond college. He even intends to work with the students in the years to come as he supports their innovation and academic competence.


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Staffing Firm Diversant and Principal John Goullet

Diversant is a large staffing firm that specializes in helping information technology professionals and companies come together. With the services of Diversant, technology professionals of all experience levels can more easily and efficiently find the ideal career opportunity. At the same time, companies that are looking for technology professionals will have the ability to find the ideal person for their job openings. What makes Diversant a leading firm in staffing is its commitment to its core values of diversity, teamwork and leadership. It also takes pride in helping everyone get what they are looking for in terms of making the perfect business arrangement for technology workers.

When it comes to Diversant it has core values that set it apart from other staffing firms. One of the core values of Diversant is its commitment to diversity. What this means is that the firm strives to help a number of professionals and companies get what they are looking for. In terms of technology professionals, Diversant helps a number of technology professionals in a variety of experience levels and skillsets find the ideal career opportunity. Whether you are an entry level worker looking to get your first job or an experience professional looking to advance to an executive level position, Diversant will help you achieve this goal.

This staffing firm also helps companies in a number of industries find the ideal information technology professional. Companies that are looking for professionals such as web developers, programmers and software engineers will have a staffing firm that will recommend these professionals to them on a regular basis. With this assistance, companies in numerous industries will have a viable resource to help get the talent they need to run their information technology department.

Like a number of organizations, Diversant has leadership that helps it operate at its best as well as provide direction. The person who currently leads Diversant is its Principal John Goullet. John has been in the technology industry for over two decades and has brought a lot of experience to Diversant. During his career he has worked at a number of technology companies to give him experience in the field as well as an in depth understanding of what companies and professionals need. After finding out that there was a demand for technology workers and companies in need of hiring them, Goullet decided to start his own staffing firm. He would eventually sell it and take on the position of Principal at Diversant through a merger.

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James Dondero Investing in Argentina

Many countries around the world are struggling with the low price of oil. Argentina had a strong economy when the price of oil was high. However, over the past two years, Argentina has had to deal with falling oil prices. The government of the country is running massive deficits, and many companies are struggling to survive. It will be interesting to see how the nation comes out of this economic crisis. Highland Capital sees opportunity to invest in Argentina. Government bonds pay a high yield right now, and James Dondero wants his company to get a piece of the action. Investing in Argentina’s bonds is risky, but the potential returns are high.

Over the past few years, James Dondero has done a great job of leading Highland Capital. The company has more sales and profits than ever before. Dondero knows that the company must get creative in order to continue growing. The stock market has been rising for almost seven years now, and he feels like it is important to branch out to other investment vehicles. Investing in government bonds is generally a safe investment. However, when you are investing in bonds of a country in financial trouble, the investment is no longer safe. The bonds must pay out a high yield to entice investors to buy them.

The entire economy of Argentina revolves around the price of oil. Unlike many other nations, Argentina has little economic diversity. In addition, the government is running high deficits in order to keep things going in the country. The current path is simply not sustainable, and many credit agencies have downgraded the country’s credit rating. There are some economists who predict that Argentina will be unable to survive the low price of oil for much longer.


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