Thor Halvorssen Is Raising Eyebrows

When a liberal supporter criticizes a liberal candidate, it is certainly noteworthy. In a recent Fox News interview, Thor Halvorssen noted that socialism is ultimately responsible for severe human rights violations. He reasoned that this happens primarily through dictatorial politics that treat human beings like numbers and try to arbitrarily control the economy. Of Venezuelan heritage, Halvorssen lost his mother to the Hugo Chavez regime, his father was incarcerated, and he currently has a cousin that is in prison as well. So when he says that human rights violations occur because of socialism, he’s not speaking from a dearth of experience. What was more intriguing than even this was what he said next, though.


Documentary film producer Thor Halvorssen said that he had made the largest legal contribution possible to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He said he had done this because he believes the alternative leftist candidate as endorsed by the Democratic party is a much worse choice. According to Thor, Hillary Clinton has accepted money from dictatorships and regimes which regularly commit wanton acts of human rights abuse. So, in Halvorssen’s eyes, it is better to endorse Bernie Sanders even though socialism usually leads to human rights violations, because the Clinton campaign is so corrupt. He did caveat he believed there were instances where non-dictatorial socialism had had some positive effect.


While many conservatives likely will not agree that there’s any vindication for funding a socialist candidate, Thor’s reasoning is certainly understandable. And that is the key to the current election: it’s defined by party candidates who have been revealed for what they truly are; puppets on the strings of corrupt financiers. While it would be unthinkable for Thor to vote for Donald Trump, it’s easy to see why he’s choosing the non-party candidate. When one follows the trail of the money, where it leads isn’t always as grand as where it is found.
Whatever happens at the end of this year, there is likely going to be some exceptional political upheaval. As these April birth pangs are demonstrating, the final election of our country’s next president will be historic.

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I Love the Help that Handy Gives for Spring Cleaning

When it comes to Spring Cleaning Handy is one of those companies that you have to enlist for help. I have done it time and time again. Every year, around this time in April, I pull out all the stops. I like to get the spring cleaning done with Handy because they do the dusting. There are also other contractors that do things like vacuuming and the dreaded cleaning of the bathrooms.

Cleaning isn’t something that I like to do. I don’t have any desire to clean on a regular basis. I like to schedule Handy because these are people that like to clean. They have the ability to do a great job because they take pride in their work. I wish that I had the love of cleaning the way that contractors from Handy do, but I don’t.

I also like the fact that this company has actual Handy men. That is awesome to me. I don’t have to worry one bit about how I would get plumbing issues fixed. Handy has someone for that. I don’t have to spend any time wrapped up in issues with electrical problems. Handy has something to handle that as well. I love the fact that this company offers so many solutions for homeowners.

Spring cleaning is such a funny thing. I look at this as a time of year to renew my spirit. I get my house in order and – for a certain time frame – I feel like I am in order.

Handy is affordable, but it would not matter what they charged. The service is priceless, and I jump at the opportunity to get their help. In the spring I have the desire to really go in and get rid of those things that I don’t use. I make it my business to get rid of old clothes that my husband will never wear again. I put lots of time into cleaning the blinds (something that I never do any other time) and rearranging the furniture. When it is all over I feel like I have a new home.

The Workings of Autism Rocks

It was announced in February 2016, that Autism Rocks which has it’s headquarters in London, has added Will and Pete Best to their Board of Trustees. The head of Autism Rock Sanjay Shah feels this is is good fit for the foundation, he has known them since their University days. Shah feels very comfortable with his decision knowing that they will deliver. Autism Rocks helps raises money by inviting prominent artist to preform at their charity shows. Shah began the organization because he wanted to bring this condition in focus and, wanted people to know how important it’s to do research.

The research will hopefully identify who are at risk and to help those better their lives once afflicted. By adding Pete and Will Best, Shah is confident in knowing they will bring much understanding to this cause. Their responsibilities entail decision making, business affairs, getting funds, and arranging all the musical occurrence. This is just to name a few. The bothers will also have a role in plans and decision making, establishing what goals should be reach for the organization.

Pete Best comes to Autism Rocks with experience in the financial sector for more that twenty one years. He held the title of Chief Operation Office for ICAP-a brokerage firm. His vast knowledge in finance will definitely benefit this organization. Will Best began his music career at the University. He has worked in the advertising industry, then as a presenter on television, doing music shows. Read more on this article.

Sanjay Shah gives generous amount of money to good causes. He began Autism Rocks because his youngest son was afflicted with Autism. This is a condition that inhibits the developmental of social relationship and interaction with other in children, which carries over to adulthood. Although some children can live life independently, other may require a lifetime of dedicated on going care. Shah promoted concerts around the world and invited only top entertainers such as, Snoop Dogg, Prince, Michael Buble to preform

The funds that are raised through this is event are used for research at Cambridge University. Shah says that they may never find the cause of Autism, he just wants them to find a way so that he and others can understand their children. There is also a “go fund” page set up for anyone who wants to donate to Autism Rocks.

How Helane Morrison is Setting the Pace for Female Corporate Executives

An insignificant number of women working in the corporate world ever make it to the top. This is a male dominated world and many people have held onto the stereotype that only men have the capability to handle executive roles. Helane Morrison has defied expectations by rising to the top of the corporate ladder. She has done this with all odds placed against her including biasness and gender disparity.

Since her early days, she has been devoted to the fight against corruption and all other ills that happen in business organizations. Of particular interest to her has been the protection of those who are most likely to be sleaze victims. This has mostly been done through the public disclosure of unethical brokers in the stock market. She has also greatly helped to clean up workstations by carrying out independent investigations aimed at pinpointing those who are involved in any kind of underhand deals.

For over 30 years, Helane has made a name for herself owing to her determination and impeccability, which has seen her refrain from participating an all the murk that exists in the financial services sector. After the Great Recession in 2008, she was called upon to carry out investigations. She came up with a damning report, which was an eye opener on the prevalent rot in the stock markets. This helped bring to book those involved in scams. Those found culpable ranged from prominent executives to some of the largest corporations in America.

Helane Morrison’s Résumé

The New York native was a go-getter from an early age. It is in this light that she chose to move to Chicago, where she undertook an undergraduate degree in Journalism at Northwestern University. She later moved to California, where she enrolled at the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law. At some point, she was the editor in charge of the institution’s law review magazine, a role that she performed with great ease and gusto.

Helane’s first employment after admittance to the bar was as a legal official at the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit where he worked for one year. She also served under Harry A. Blauckman, a jurist renowned for advocating women’s rights. Later on, she got into private practice at a law firm, where she rose to become a partner. Currently, Ms. Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. Prior to this appointment, she was the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s office in San Francisco.

Lime Crime’s New Lipsticks

Lime Crime is known for being quite a successful brand that can help any woman achieve beautiful thick lips. Kylie Jenner has created quite the fuss over the past two years because of her work as a professional lip professional. She knows all about the world of makeup and crafting top of the line makeup at the best prices. Tumblr users make it clear Lime Crime is unique because of the fact that they have been able to create products that can help fill your face up with top of the line quality and great material.

In the world of Kylie Jenner’s lips being the focal point of what everybody wants to become, you will come to find that Kylie Jenner is known for mainly just her lips and the product she came out with to help women with getting bigger lips. The kit is filled with different shapes and sizes to give women that extra pump in their lips. It’s a unique little approach that works like a charm luckily, and it definitely is what you just might need. Instagram users follow Lime Crime because it is very unique in the sense that it can help give you the same results with their new makeup in their product line. Their coolest new lipsticks can help give you that huge pump without having to hurt your lips.

Lime Crime made a new set of lipsticks to help give women that extra fluff naturally and without doing anything specific. Lime Crime is immensely talented with what they do and can offer, and you are going to just love the beauty of their powerful lipsticks and products that you are just going to love.

Lime Crime was created by the talented makeup artist, Doe Deere who has created some very powerful things in this industry and provided women with colors that genuinely can deliver beautiful results.  Many Pinterest users have gotten involved with this process, posting their own creations.

It’s amazing to witness the change in women’s smiles and looks for the long run. The best thing to do is to be patient and to make sure that you strive to use their best lip-liners and lipsticks that can help give you the full on lips like Kylie.  Lime Crime can be bought online at Dolls Kill.

Keith Mann Forms a $5,000 Scholarship

With the cost of tuition rising at Universities across the nation, many graduating high school seniors are left with the decision on how they will pay to even attend college. While a vast few that do go on to attend college, have parents who started a college fund long before college became a regular discussion at the dinner table, many kids come from a low income family, and are therefore not able to adequately pay for college. Although a particular student may be a great student, who makes excellent grades, has a high GPA, and participates in extracurricular activities, they are simply not able to afford college.

The Uncommon School Program which is located throughout Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, caters to over 14,000 who come from low income families. The kids in the program range from grades kindergarten all the way up to the twelfth grade. The program is designed to help prepare kids for college and form them into young adults that are ready to take on the rigors of college and graduate, excel, and contribute to society as citizens.

The Uncommon School Program has recently got good news that Keith Mann would be partnering up with the program to award a $5,000 scholarship in 2016, and every year to come, to a hardworking and deserving individual high school student looking to attend college after graduating. Mann is a wealthy investor who has a numerous amount of experience in the hedge fund industry and private equity industry. He is the owner of a research firm called Alternative Investing Practice which helps other firms make wise investment. His firm does business with clients located throughout the United States, and also in countries in Europe and Asia.

It is because of the generous efforts of people like Keith, and a program like the Uncommon School Program, that kids from low income families have the opportunity to attend college. The deadline to apply for the application is Feb. 29,2016, along with a 1,000 essay. The winner will be announced at the end of March.

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Talk Fusion Has Changed Email Forever

The normal course for emails is for people to send them after typing them for a long time, and then it takes just as long for people to read them. No one has time to read all that, and a lot of those emails go unnoticed. Emails are impersonal, and they make it hard for people to get the communication done that they need to do because it does not feel good to type long emails that just float out in space.

That means that people are going to have to start talking on videos, and Talk Fusion helps people talk on video in a really easy and simple way. They can make videos in Talk Fusion, and then they can send those emails to anyone they want. Receiving a video email in Talk Fusion is a lot easier than receiving a video in other places, but the videos can really go anywhere that people want.

The videos that people make are not the only way to talk when they are using this system. It is really easy for people to get this stuff done if they talk in real time in Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion lets people make sure that they are going to have a place to talk that is private, and it is going to keep the connection going so that all these people will be able to use their system to talk when they need to. It works great for families, and it works just as well for people who are trying to talk to businesses around the world. Talk Fusion opens up the world to people who could not talk before.

Talk Fusion is not at all about talking on the phone. It has taken the world to video emails and conferencing, and it makes it a lot easier for people to get the help that they need. It is a really simple way for someone to get the results that they want, and it is going to make it easy for people to talk when they want to. Talking with Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion is much more personal.


Handy Contractors Deliver On-Demand Services

Supply and demand is big when it comes to on-demand services. The companies that have the greatest number of services will typically be the ones that customers will gravitate towards. It may have been a slow dawning, but the Handy founder recognized this, and he made an attempt to make sure that his business could compete successfully. More people are noticing Handy as the business that can do it all. Homeowners want that. They are going to jump at the chance to hiring a cleaning service with workers that can clean the home and fix the plumbing or hang some pictures. That is what makes this company stand out from the typical maid service business.

Traditionally, maid service companies were made up of women that cleaned the homes. With Handy there are men and women that are working in these various roles. That gives the business a chance to hire more people that with different skill sets. Women do get hired to clean for Handy, but they may also have other skills. Men that are Handy around their own homes can now get paid to be handy around the home of someone else. It is a great contracted relationship with Handy that gets the flow of the business going.

The business has been formed on the solid service of the many contractors that show their skills in on-demand services. The caliber of work that is done will keep the customers loyal. The bountiful number of competitors are sure to come, but Handy CEO Orisin Hanrahan is not worried. Instead of worrying about the competition he is putting more time into developing his own business as he searches diligently for the ways to make his own business grow. Hanrahan seeks more customers as the on-demand services improve.

Why Devco’s New Brunswick Project Has Been Struggling In The Market Since Its Inception

Devco, also known as the New Brunswick Development Corporation has recently been the center of business and investment discussions both on the media and business sector. The main reason for Devco’s popularity is its debt default last month.

Devco is a very famous real estate firm that has specialized in urban developments. This company started its operations sometime in the mid-1970’s. This American urban real estate firm has been undertaking redevelopment projects through out the market since then. Among its main agendas has been the facilitation of public and private investments on in the real estate sector of New Brunswick City.

Devco has so far participated in investing over $1.6 billion in the economic revitalization agenda of New Brunswick City. This money has gone to the redevelopment of over 2.5 million square feet of projects. Of late Devco has input over $450 million to various new investments in this city.

According to the latest revelations, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority has again defaulted a $1 million debt installment payment on behalf of Devco on northjersey. This sum was the monthly principal and interest charged on the $20 million 2005 loan Devco had received from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This makes the accumulative defaults for the last five years amount to over $7 million.

Devco invested this money on The Heldrich hotel and conference center construction in New Brunswick City. This firm says that its investment in this five-star hotel has not been doing so well in the market. This urban real estate developer adds that this is the main reason it has been struggling to pay its principles and interests.

This Devco blames the 2008 global crisis for the challenges facing its investment in New Brunswick. According to this firm, this crisis denied The Heldrich hotel a chance to grow in the market as it hit soon after it had launched its operations. Devco says since 2008, it has been trying to hold up The Heldrich Hotel and prevent its collapse and so far their efforts have started giving positive results. This urban real estate developer adds that 2015 was the best year for the investment and with this success persisting it would be able to clear its debts in no time.

Press of Atlanta City.

New Hiring by James Dondero

Highland Capital is one of the largest and most respected investment firms in the country. James Dondero has done a great job helping this company reach its current level of success. Over the past couple of years, James Dondero has looked for ways to expand the reach of Highland Capital. There are a lot of people who think that the company should just continue to do what it has been doing. However, James Dondero wants to continue to see innovation in many forms. Terry Jones was recently hired at Highland Capital. Many people believe that this is a great hiring for a variety of reasons. Not only does Jones have a wide variety of experiences in the industry, but he will also be able to reach the goals set by James Dondero.

The Life of James Dondero

There are few people who are able to achieve success like James Dondero. While running Highland Capital, he has been able to positively affect the lives of millions of people around the world. There are a lot of people looking for ways to help others in the world of finance. Dondero does that every day through his work with Highland Capital. Investing in the stock market can be scary for a lot of people. However, to help people achieve their investing goals and dreams. Anyone who wants to eventually work in this field should work to help others like James Dondero has.

Highland Capital

There are a lot of companies that claim to care about customers. However, few companies work as much as Highland Capital to help customers in all economic environments. Anyone who wants to invest a lot of time and money into helping others should look at the business model of Highland Capital. Even in a business that is difficult for many people to break into, there are a lot of ways to help others. People tend to get scared when it comes to investing in the stock market. This is one of the most important aspects of building wealth, and learning how to invest is something that Highland Capital helps with.

Future Plans

The hiring of Terry Jones is just one of the many ways in which Highland Capital plans to expand in the future. Under the leadership of James, there are few people who do not think that this will happen. He has been great for the company and its customers.

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