Zika Virus News? Dr. Sergio Cortes Best Secrets To Building Immunity!

The gifted health professional, orthopedic surgeon and famed impersonator, Sergio Cortes formerly served as Rio de Janeiro secretariat. As Extra Globo online published some time ago, Dr. Sergio Cortés intervention at Xerem during the dengue crisis saved lives. With the Dengue Hydration Center organizing efforts to prevent the spread of dengue; Dr. Sergio Cortes educated citizens about mosquito proliferation to control transmission rates. A former Chilean athlete, he smashed the 31-Magnus Larson record when he competed in Florida at the 1993 Lipton Championships. The celebrated tennis player defeated Jacco Eltingh (Dutch) and Derrick Rostagno before getting eliminated by prolific German Olympian Boris Becker. His Wikipedia page reads that his performance at Lipton marked his best win in his sports career history.

In an effort to help society understand and become an advocate of disease prevention, Dr. Sergio Cortes enlighten them by sharing up-to-the-minute tips. He regularly talks about real-world health issues affecting Brazilians and everyone else on Sergio Cortes Official, a professional news blog. In 2002, the WHO (World Health Organization) recognized Dr. Sergio Cortes for his selfless contributions to the Brazilian health sector. The IFOC (International Federation and Olympic Committee) of Brazil appointed Dr. Sergio Cortes as the nation’s chief orthopedist. He’s a University Souza Marques graduate with specialization in orthopedics. Furthermore, he’s done US and Brazilian post-graduate courses.

Dr. Sergio Cortes blogs about different medical conditions and lately he shared some enlightening facts about Zik V. He explained that forty-something-year-old killer zika virus isn’t a relatively new. Yes, news of it didn’t reach public ears until recently as it invaded regions worldwide. Dr. Sergio Cortes blog revealed that Zik V first invaded African countries Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Later, Asian countries Thailand and India reported vastly progressing cases of Zik V. Some countries in Latin America, including Colombia, Mexico and Brazil reported a rapidly growing Zik V endemic in 2015. This resulted in the WHO (World Health Organization) alerting nations of Zik V implications.

In fact, it’s been linked of infantile birth deformities, particularly exhibiting patterns to that of Guillain-Barre syndrome and microcephaly. Dr. Sergio Cortes stressed that Zika virus is medically treatable. He further explained that Zik V isn’t contagious. As an autoimmune vector-borne disease, transmission to humans requires an infected mosquito, particularly of the Aedes aegypti species. This same mosquito transmits the culture that causes chikungunya and dengue fever. Endorse Dr. Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn and follow him Twitter for up-to-the-minute health news.

Dentists And Doctors From 80 Countries, Inlcuding Avi Weisfogel, Need Your Help

Back in 1982, a husband and wife by the name of Bill and Kathy McGee set their sights on eradicating a birth defect in the Philippines. Their target was cleft lip and cleft palate, a birth defect with an unknown cause that affects children worldwide. The only cure for this birth defect is surgery. The surgery fuses the chasm left in the mouth by birth defect. It also joins the lips if they are cleft for a medical and cosmetic fix.

Their meager startup eventually caught on worldwide and became known as Operation Smile. They have performed well over 200,000 free surgeries to impoverished children with cleft lip and cleft palate all over the planet. They also do outreach, educating local medical professionals on the malady which gives young people with cleft lip and cleft palate in the area a better chance of coping with a birth defect. But all of this philanthropic work is not free and must be funded somehow, usually by charitable donation.

That is why Avi Weisfogel has set out to raise at least $2000 with his recent GoFundMe Campaign. Avi Weisfogel is a successful dentist from New Jersey who owns his own practice. It’s difficult to understand where he finds the time, but he always seems to be busy. Weisfogel enjoys helping local patients, reaching out to other disciplines of medicine to do studies for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, or he’s helping children all over the world through his fundraising for cleft lip and cleft palate.

Avi is joining dentists and surgeons from over 80 countries all over the world who come together for Operation Smile. This massive network of charitable dentists and doctors are working to slowly stem the effects of cleft lip and cleft palate around the world. Their focus is in impoverished countries, places where they do not have the education, medical infrastructure or the funding to provide their citizens with the proper surgery. There’s also more on the line for people in Third World countries with cleft lip and cleft palate.

This birth defect can cause isolation at an early age. Bullying is common, which can lead to depression and eventually lead and difficulty finding employment. The economic impact on the individual and family is staggering. It turns out that cleft lip and cleft palate not just a medical tragedy, but a social one as well.

Videos Are Efficient And Easy For Email Marketing Through Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has the future figured out. Attention spans are getting shorter and more companies are advertising online. How do you catch the eye of potential customers when email marketing? Simple. You do it with an embedded video.

Talk Fusion is the 8th largest online content company out there, but they specialize in video email marketing. The company gives you an easy-to-use interface in order to attach videos to emails in order to catch more customers.

Words are boring. Words won’t grab anyone’s attention in an email. Pictures? Well, they are alright. Everyone says they are worth 1,000 words. But, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, videos are actually worth 1,8 million words. Not only do you capture the attention of a potential customer, you communicate much more through a video.

Now, you can look at the stats — revenue up 40%, email open rates up 20% and click-through rates up 2 to 3 times — but the real reason you should check out video email marketing is the ease. Sitting down to type out an article is time consuming. You need to worry about grammar and structure. Some companies even hire writers just to tackle the monumental task of communicating with people through writing. But making a video is easy.

You could set up a simple little studio in you office or home. A simple setup attached to a computer will allow you to record videos with ease and upload them in seconds through Talk Fusion’s software. You could even step outside to record a video using your smart phone. It is that simple. The world is your studio. And there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to making videos.

There are only so many ways you can express yourself with the written word, but there are millions of way sot communicate with a video. You can take the serious route or the funny route, and everything in between. Well made videos can even go viral, giving you free advertising for a long period of time. Start now. Use the templates and then ease into becoming the best email marketing director.

Handy and the Flexible Employees

Handy Cleaning Services has become one of those companies that people have started to gain a lot of respect for. This company has done something big with a concept that was very simple. Most people would not believe that a business that relied on cleaning services as the main form of revenue should become a multimillion dollar company, but this is exactly what this business entity has become.

There are a large number of contractors that provide services for Handy, and this is been a great relationship that has given this business a presence in the United States, Canada and The United Kingdom.

There are a lot of people that are signing up for the services and becoming regular customers of Handy. It is a business that has contractors that are on the same page. They are following the same rules all over America and the other countries where Handy is providing services. This has become a hot company to watch because it is growing at a rate that most people would have never guessed.

Handy has become the go-to company that people are looking for when they need services done in a timely manner. It is a company that has built a reputation on providing quality service, and the people that work for this organization like what they do. That is something that appears to be very important to the structure of the company. The workers may not have full time schedules. They have flexible schedules, and that is what allows Handy to grow in such a large way. People can set their own schedules and take on as many jobs as they are capable of. This is good for the company, and it is good for the customers. Flexible Handy employees are a win-win for everyone.

Philanthropist and Businessman Keith Mann Offering Scholarship for Uncommon Charter High School Students

Smart business leaders understand that the next generation will take their place and a good education is essential for the youth poised to become the next business professionals. A man who knows this better than anyone is director of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann. His job is to find the best professionals the business world can offer. Dynamics search partners is a premier executive search firm that works mainly in the alternative investment industry. As a man constantly looking for talent, Keith wants to make sure the next generation of business professionals gets the training and education they need to succeed; therefore, with the blessing of his wife, Keely, he instituted a scholarship fund for Uncommon Charter High School.

A graduating senior from the school can apply by writing an essay on what college would do to help them achieve their career goals. The deadline has passed for this year and a winner will be announced by the end of March. The winner will receive $5,000 to go toward furthering their education. Uncommon Charter High School is located in Brooklyn, New York and is managed by uncommon schools, a non-profit dedicated to building and managing schools in low income urban areas. The non-profit currently manages 44 schools in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. Uncommon Schools’ main objective is to help prepare students for college enabling them to pursue worthwhile careers.
Keith Mann started out his career in an executive search firm, Dynamics Executive Search. Realizing there was a need for their services in the alternative investment field, Keith launched the alternative investment practice within the company. Branching out on his own, Keith then started Dynamics Search Partners. Keith and his company have helped uncommon charter schools before and hopes to continue in the future.

Highland capital Investments on the Argentina Bonds

Argentina is set to return to the international bond markets next month in a bid to raise $12 billion, with potential buyers weary of the participation of Argentina in the bond trade, Highland Capital Management has placed itself strategically to benefit from Argentina.

James Dondero the President and cofounder of Highland Capital Management has made significant plans in a bid to snap up a significant amount of the securities which are deemed to be very profitable. This new bonds acquisition will be an addition to the already acquired bonds of $4 billion of notes in 2033. Previously, Highland held the highest number of Argentinean bonds.
The choice to participate in this bond by Argentina is as a result of the country’s effort to sell an unforeseen debt with the aim of paying for holdout creditors. In a desperate move to salvage the country’s economy it remains to be seen if the distressed debtors will buy their way back into the bonds despite the country escaping the debt.
Highland Capital Management according to their James plan to hold onto what they have, however, according to the president the company intends to buy the new issuance bonds to add onto what they already have.
Highland Capital Management enjoys the benefit of having a James Dondero who has over 30 years experience in credit and equity markets. With James Dondero at the top Highland Capital Investments has placed itself in a prime position to be the very best and compete in the big leagues. Highland Capital Investment was founded in 1993 and has received numerous accreditations from the creation of separate accounts, CLOs, Hedge Funds to name but a few.
With Argentina set to issue a $11.68 billion of bonds to yield 7.5 to 8 percent in Mid-April, Highland Capital Investments is set to benefit in a major way from the acquisition of the new bonds that are yet to be bought. These new bonds combined with the previous bonds that were bought will place Highland Capital Investment at a prime position to make much more profits. It is because of this expected profits that Dendero feels an urge to push Highland Capital Investments to look beyond sovereign debt and look to increase their profit margins by setting up an Argentina fund
Rumors have emerged that distressed investors will not engage in the acquisition of the Argentine bonds. However, it remains to be seen if this withdrawal will take effect with many companies setting aside funds to invest in the much coveted Argentine Bonds.

Kate Hudson Interviewed on Fitness by Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine had the chance to sit down with Kate Hudson and pick her brain on fitness, fashion and the inspiration for her athletic wear company, Fabletics. Hudson is widely recognized for her enviable physique, recently featured in her guest starring role as a dance instructor on the hit television series, Glee. Her new line of athletic clothing features sports bras, tanks, tops, sweatshirts, leggings and joggers, all designed to give women an extra boost of confidence while working out and not break their bank accounts in the process.

Hudson dishes on how she maintains her perfect form and admits that fitness is not always on the top of her priority list for the day. Hudson must balance being a busty working mother of two with making time to work out on a daily basis. She says that she balances this out with a healthy diet regimen, which includes juicing or cleansing. While Hudson admits that she does believe in cleansing as a useful way to keep her healthy eating in check, she advises that it should be done in moderation, and never for more than ten days at a time. Hudson’s advice for embracing a healthy lifestyle is that activity choices should be something enjoyable so that you are more likely to tackle it on a daily basis. Although there is plenty of advice and information available from the fitness industry on the best way to get in shape, Hudson contends that it does not really matter what activity you choose, as long as you incorporate it as part of your lifestyle and not just a short term trend. She also reminds us that while getting on the treadmill might not seem like the most important thing to fit in at the end of the day, it is a guaranteed mood boost once you complete your workout.

Fabletics offers a monthly subscription for only $49.95, which gives members access to specially curated outfits, free of any shipping charges. Fabletics allows members to cancel the monthly service at any time by calling the customer service number or choosing to skip a month for as long as the member chooses. The outfits offered by Fabletics are top quality but have the benefit of coming at deeply discounted prices for monthly members. Hudson is featured modeling many of the designs herself and is intimately involved in choosing the monthly offerings.

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An In-Depth Look At Solo Capital And Sanjay Shay

Much expertise is required in the determination of which investment sectors one can safely put their money on. This is the advice I gave to one of my friends who wanted to invest. In my answer, I was quick to point out one of the most promising and satisfactory companies in London that if he approached, his investments would at least earn him something to be proud of. I suggested Solo Capital which I strongly have the opinion that it will not let you down.

Solo Capital LLC is registered and based in London, England. The company has been in existence since 2011 after it was formed by internationally known philanthropist Sanjay Shah. Additionally, it has permits to conduct business in the entire UK. This corporation deals majorly in the investment industry with its main tasks being investments, proprietary trading and consultancy services. Professional sports investments is also an important sphere of operation for this company.

The company has had an impressive performance over the last few years since its inception. First, it acquired majority of the assets of poorly performing Old Park Lane Capital in 2013 and converted it into a booming investment business. Secondly, the company has a responsive client policy that concentrates on the needs of the client as the most important element. Customer satisfaction, according to its policy, is one of its objectives and which has made the company become one of the most customer friendly companies in London. Thirdly, its human investment is worth appreciating. Solo Capital has over 100 staff, thirty five of whom have the hands on experience in investment since they are traders. Their experience is very crucial to assist in scrutinizing different investment opportunities so as to come up with the best option.

One of the most important traders within the company’s disposal is its founder, Sanjay Shah. Though Shah has a medical background, he is vastly knowledgeable in trading and investment business. After he quit medical practice, Shah started accounting classes and joined highly regarded companies such as KPMG, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Dutch Bank and Morgan Stanley as an accountant. In his practice as an accountant, he acquired the necessary experience required to engage in investment, proprietary trading and professional sports investments and counseling. These skills have helped him set up his business empire that consists of over thirty five successful companies based in Dubai, London, British Virgin Islands among others.

Sanjay, as noted earlier, is philanthropist. After the demise of his son at an early age of 4, he began his vibrant campaign against autism. It is through this campaign that he has organized the famous Autism Rocks Concerts since 2011 which have been graced by celebrities such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble and other well known Disk Jockeys.

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Be Careful With What You Post

The Internet is a truly great place. It is possible to track down any kind of information while sharing information to others anywhere in the world. Of course, there are also some major draw backs. As it is possible to post anything, it also means it is possible for these posts to lead to negative implications for the poster. As just about any moment of a person’s life may be recorded, especially when in a public place, it is vital for public figures to be mindful of what they say and what they do. That is exactly what one Missouri professor wants people to realize.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company. It specializes in not only helping individuals learn about what they should or shouldn’t do, but it also does everything in its power to make sure to correct public relations issues people create for themselves. With this kind of practice, the company tries its best to illustrate what companies need to avoid and what sort of problems they can find themselves in when not practicing caution with the Internet.

As Status Labs points out, a professor at the University of Missouri was at a student protest. During the protest, the professor is heart saying she hopes security comes in and strong arms everyone. There are a few negative implications with what she says as she directs it towards the student body. Eventually, this one thing she said ended up on the Internet, which in turn the president of the university heard. As the top brass at the university did not want a teacher calling for violence against students (regardless of the nature of the request) working for the university, so they dismissed her. Now, the teacher is claiming she should not be fired for one incident, but as of right now, she does not have her job back.

It is an illustration that the growing company of Status Labs hopes its clients take to heart. It shows just how one little situation can cause an entire career to come crashing down. When out around the public, a person just never knows who is recording.

The Association of George Soros Political Views to World Economies


Governments have an important role in world economies by its activities and decision making policies. The United States economy, for an example is affected by government activities. The Federal Government is responsible for providing the guidance through those activities to maintain growth steadiness, stabilize prices, and to increase employment levels. If the government decides to increase or decrease spending and tax rates, it will either speed up the rate of growth in the economy or slow it down. George Soros, Founder of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations understands how political decisions have an influence in World Economies.


George Soros understanding of global economics comes from his educational background, hedge fund investment career, political involvement, and philanthropist works. He considers the present markets, past market trends, political policies, and world economies to make strategic investments and financial crisis assumptions. Soros knows policymakers have an important role in economic stability and governing. After Soros became a billionaire, politicians were attracted to him because of his hedge fund investment success and contributions made to over 150 organizations around the world. He faithfully contributes to organizations for different causes, including political, education, social justice, immigration, women rights & freedom, human rights, healthcare, equal justice, democracy, and economic & policy research.


Presently, Soros is a great supporter of the 2016 Hillary Presidential Campaign. According to the Federal Election Commission, George Soros contributed $1 million to Priorities USA Action, which was reported on June 25, 2015. He donated an additional $6 million to the same political organization, which was reported on December 17, 2015. Priorities USA Action is an organization founded in 2011 to support Hillary Clinton for the United States next president. In May 2015, the Federal Election Commission reported Soros contributed $1 million to American Bridge 21st Century, a research and communications organization.

The beginning of 2016, Soros revealed to investors and spectators that the global markets are headed for a financial crisis like the 2008 crisis. He compared the financial crisis to the 1929 Great Depression, which lasted through the 1930s in one of his books. World Economy, China was his primary focus to base his facts that supports the possible 2016 financial crunch. The stock markets in China and the United States caused an uproar among international investors. China’s yuan currency was devalued and crude oil prices in the U.S. decreased dramatically the first week in January.

George Soros and Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton share similar political views when it comes the government and its responsibilities of providing a stable environment for economic growth. Soros has supported democratic causes and views for approximately 35 years. He has shared his insight of global economics in Washington, D.C. and to governments over the world. His billion dollar contributions to organizations helps students, women, immigrants, families, and reputable politicians.