Sleep Apnea Doctors: Avi Weisfogel

When it comes to sleeping problems, Dr.Avi Weisfogel is considered one of the leading experts in treating sleep apnea. This is an affliction shared by many Americans. Dr. Weisfogel has brought this affliction to the forefront and with his proven cure methods has enabled scores of patients to get back on track and enjoy a peaeful night of rest and a healthier life.

Sleep apnea is a potential death trap. It causes a person to gasp for air because of blocked air passages caused by any number of circumstances. I your neck size exceeds 16″ (woman) or 17″ for a man, your chances for developing sleep apnea are quite high. In fact, you may have startled yourself awake when your air waves suddenly feel blocked and you gasp deparately for a breath of air. It is a very scart proposition that can be trated in a safe and effective manner.

Dr. Weisfogel is an accomplished and highly regarded dentist, He has dovetailed his dental practice to include Dental Sleep Master, a practice devoted to the discovery and control of sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS) by the application of oral appliance therapy, as well as treatment for teeth grinding (bruxis) and occlusion.

In addition to managing his own New Jersey based dental and sleep apnea practice, Dr Avi Weisfogel and his team are currently offering doctors and dentists who are interested in extending and expanding their practices an opportunity to include sleep apnea treatment as part of their practice or to devote their interests completely into this fast growing meical field. He is offering two day full description course segments of his highly successful model to those who are serious about learning more about incorporating sleep clinics into their practice.

The time has come and the opportunity is presenting itself. See how you can grow your business with little financial risk.

US Money Reserve’s GoFundMe Benefits Austin’s Police Operation Blue Santa

This is the time of year when we all look to help spread good cheer. Officials at US Money Reserve share this feeling. They want to help people have a very merry Christmas. This is why they have started a GoFundMe campaign to help benefit the people of Austin, Texas. Partnering with the good folks at the Austin, Texas police department, they have helped raise funds to provide presents for kids and a merry holiday for area adults as well. The campaign aims to provide struggling area families with the opportunity to celebrate the holiday and style and provide their kids with a fun day and presents they can enjoy.

The Blue Santa project in Austin aims to collect donations from area residents and businesses to enable presents to be distributed to kids who have parents who may not otherwise have the means to provide such presents for them. Each year. officials here work with companies such as US Money Reserve to help local area families celebrate the holiday. Parents and kids in need are visited by local area volunteers who visit them on Christmas Eve and distribute presents. All those in need can sign up for the program and anyone who wants to help can do so.

US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s largest specialists in the area of gold coin collection. They have been helping thousands of people to expand into the area of gold coin collecting in order to help them have a portfolio that is likely to grow and increase in the future. Their staffing specialists know exactly how to provide for the needs of their clients and how to help them purchase gold and silver coins that might be right for them. The result of their efforts are many very highly satisfied clients.

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Igor Cornelsen Touts Opportunities in Brazil’s Emerging Markets

Looking for long term investments with immense profit potential? Bainbridge financial advisor, Igor Cornelsen says look towards emerging markets like Brazil. Equity investments in emerging markets offer great opportunities that are overlooked by the smaller investor.

In emerging markets, equities and bonds can still sometimes have considerable fluctuations, but these markets are attractive in the long term because the economic dynamism of the emerging economies is still considerable. The growth prospects for Brazil’s emerging companies are overwhelmingly positive. Igor Cornelsen on says, cautious investors can circumnavigate any pitfalls by investing in shares of leading, reasonably valued companies.

Brazil is certainly an attention-getter. In 2014, the held the South American country held the Soccer World Cup, and next year, Brazil will host the Olympic Games in Rio. With two major events, Brazil has planned for extensive building. Many investors are looking at Brazil’s infrastructure as the missing piece to their portfolio. Since the Brazilian government developed a billion dollar investment package in their infrastructure sector, foreigners have jumped at the opportunity to reap huge dividends and profits. President Dilma Rousseff has sought 62 billion dollars for the development of roads, ports, airports and rail links. Investment programs have undoubtedly propelled Brazil forward.

From Banking to Unrivaled Investment Adviser

With decades of experience in private banking and investment, Igor Cornelsen has become a recognized expert in the industry. His open, communicative and dynamic nature allows him to quickly evaluate the market and pair customers with the right investment strategy. Innovation and development has been the hallmark of the Brazilian market and Igor Cornelsen is known for anticipating and adapting to the changing trends. His forethought and vision of Brazil’s emerging industries became a key piece to his success. Cornelsen has become one of the most dynamic finance players in Brazil.

The Brazilian native on has brought focus to the wide range of investment opportunities. “There is no other country in the world where the privatization process provides overwhelming opportunities as in Brazil,” says Cornelsen. Of course this has magnetized the country for foreign investments, and the market is still in its infancy. Cornelsen’s investment moves have been so precise that his expertise is unequivocal. Over the years he became a complex combination of vision, ambitious goals, and confidence that delivered welcomed profits.

To differentiate his services from the competition, Igor Cornelsen has stuck to his core principles, and long-term focus on client services is under-pinned by the highest standards of ethical, responsible business.

Venture Capital Now Finding a Home in Europe

For years now, the U.S and Asia have enjoyed the lion’s share of venture capital. All this is beginning to change. Investors have started turning to the European market with the aim of striking big money there.

Tech giants are looking for promising tech outfits dealing with data mapping, game development, cloud software creation and mobile payments. This search is happening in Western Europe. But what is attracting investors to this market?

It is a known fact that Europe does not particularly have game-changing innovation. Investors are however taking advantage of the cheaper cost of startups in Europe. Large companies are moving there with the aim of capitalizing on the available pool of well-educated and talented individuals, all at a lower cost than in the U.S.

Realizing the need for scaling up and growing their startups to a global status, European startups are in search of American funding to facilitate this. The investment the region is receiving is a large boost to the startups. More and more American investors are expressing interest in the European market.

Among them is John Somorjai, the man in charge of running Salesforce Ventures. In October, John made the announcement of a $100 million commitment to the European region. He expressed optimism as more innovation is coming out of Europe. He also pointed out the much interest from various companies in the region.

Over the years, European startups have been focusing on local and regional markets. This has made scaling up a very slow process. It also takes the startups many years to hit 100 million euros in sales. This is a process that venture capitalists say should take only five years.

However, despite all the optimism, some firms are still finding it challenging to survive in the current conditions. This is evidenced by firms like Deezers, which had to postpone its IPO, owing to market volatility.

Highland Capital Management is a world-class venture capital firm, delivering excellence in the products it offers. Since being founded in 1993, the firm has enjoyed unrivaled success in the management of funds, most of which have won awards.

James Dondero is the man who leads Highland Capital Management. Jim serves as the company president and is also among the co-founders of the firm. Jim has over 30 years in credit and equity markets under his belt.

Jim undertook graduated from the University of Virginia, going on to graduate with the highest honors. His career has been and continues to be a successful one.

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Marcio Alour Rebuffs Claims Of A Takeover of Banco BMG

According to, Marcio Alour has come out fighting on rumors that BMG is being bought. The rumors seem to suggest that other banks were acquiring the consigned credit lender.Mr Marcio instead surprised everyone when he announced they are partnering with Banco Itau to create another bank called Itau BMG Payroll. The new bank is expected to fill a huge gap left in Brazil after the collapse of private credit. Most major banks are wary of lending regular citizen’s money in lien with the current economic crisis.BMG has thrived in lending money to poor Brazilians and has thrived. It is this background that encouraged Itau to seek the partnership that will be 30/70 partnership in favor of Banco Itau.
The new bank will be valued at $ 1 billion and will have a war chest up to 11 times its capital. It will initially have 8 million customers with Banco BMG contributing five million and Itau 3 million. In the arrangement, BMG will be paid $ 300 million monthly for five years because it will have given more customers. It is also expected they will use the tried and tested BMG business model.
BanCO Itau is Brazils fifth largest bank. It this year posted 36% more profit than last year and had seen its share price surge by 28%.It will partner with Banco BMG which also has a remarkable performance the past ten years. It has grown fivefold guided by its specialization in the personal lending space. It today is the market leader in consigned credit department and expects to extend its winning formula with Itau BMG payroll. It has achieved this by having an extremely experienced team who work very hard.
It is a bank led by Ricardo Guimares who is assisted by Marcio Alour. Marcio has been with the bank for a long time and has come a long way. If you see him in his chair, it would be hard to believe he was a street urchin on the streets of Sante Antonio not long ago.Marcio is a calm and confident individual who has mastered the art of giving back to his community. He has helped built schools and hospitals in Minas where he comes. His community was so impressed they even built a food court and named it after him.
The new partnership will undoubtedly revolutionize the personal credit market in Brazil.


How Does Scott Lumley Plan To Develop Nashville, Tennessee?

Scott Lumley is a Tennessee developer who has been working in the Nashville area for many years. His company is Resolve Financials, and his team has started some of the most profitable developments in the city. Nashville may be known as the home of the country and Christian music industries, but the city is much more than that. Nashville is a thriving metropolis with two professional sports team, and it is a city that has many blighted neighborhoods. This article explains how Scott Lumley has turned blighted areas into bastions of middle class suburbia.

#1: A Single Blighted Area Can Be Turned Around Easily

Scott Lumley’s personal website shows he believes that any blighted area in the Nashville community can be turned around with new development. Scott wants the people in these areas to have new places to live, new places to work and new places to play. Scott has worked on multi-use properties before, and he often turns old buildings into something new. Converting buildings is a wise decision in many cases, and it shows the vision Scott has for the city.

#2: Old Nashville Industry

The old Nashville industrial buildings that are still standing may be turned into industrial, commercial or residential properties. A residential property is much easier to complete when a large building is already standing, and large factories may become shopping malls or office buildings. There is more than enough space in these buildings for substantial development, and Scott has chosen many of these buildings to grow around.

#3: Growing Around Old Structures

Old structures that were once thriving may become the centerpieces of new developments. It is Scott’s belief that these buildings can create new neighborhoods with new names. The new neighborhoods will become areas of Nashville that people will want to move to, and these same neighborhoods will help people find a new lifestyle and livelihood. Someone who is interested in moving to Nashville will come to these new areas looking for a place to live, work and shop. Business owners will open their offices in areas with many people, their businesses will have an instant flock of customers and employees.

Scott Lumley’s vision for Nashville includes turning around old buildings that once meant so much to the city. His developments through Resolve Financials have helped give people a new lease on life, and the businesses he attracts are making the Nashville area into a much stronger community.

The Amazing new Services Handy Has to Offer

Apps are something that have really brought our world a modern convenience on a daily basis. The smartphone has become a platform for apps that have helped to streamline so much of our lives into a small device right in our pocket. From Instagram to Snapchat and Angry Birds, it is easy to see how integral these apps have become in our daily lives. Handy is an app that has really started to clean up all around the world. This service by demand apps is ready for those who are wanting house chores done at the drop of a hat.

If you look at the numbers you can see just how big Handy is growing in a short period of time. Over 1 million bookings have been made with Handy cleaners and this is just the start. The creator of this app says that he wants handy to be the Uber of home services. Something that sets Handy apart from other cleaning services is the intense background and reference check that it takes in order to become a cleaner with Handy. This gives app users the confidence that cleaners who are entering their home are trustworthy individuals.

Over 110 million dollars has been raised so far to help this app grow into a worldwide cleaning giant. The business model of this app has been time tested by showing the growing need for these services. The future of Handy seems very bright when it comes to the extremely fast expansion of this company.

Jumping on Urbana’s Bandwagon

Jon Urbana is one of those rare people who just seems to be good at everything he does. He has many accolades for his work in videos, he is adept at making music and marketing his unique sounds, he has a broad list of achievements in aviation, he has found nothing but success in his business ventures, he has a natural athletic ability he applied specifically to the sport of lacrosse and his social media presence is vast and active. Let’s take a look at a few of Jon Urbana’s specific achievements to better illustrate what a rare talent he is.

Lacrosse Career

In his banner year in 2004, he received honorable mention All-America honors, and he was Colonial Athletic Association defensive player of the year. He was also a first team all-conference selection at Villanova, and he led the conference and was ranked seventh nationwide in defense against scoring. Needless to say, it was tough trying to get one over on Jon Urbana in lacrosse.

Urbana’s Impressive Business And Career Profile

Jon Urbana is a business pro based in the Denver area, and he currently serves as Business Development Manager for Ellipse USA, which is a supplier of laser and IPL systems. Because he was a former lacrosse player for Villanova Wildcats, Jon Urbana co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which is one of the largest training programs for young lacrosse enthusiasts.

Jon Urbana’s Expertise In Aviation And His Recognition From The FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration gave recognition to Jon Urban for the important FAA Airmen Certification Database. The database, which appears on the website, named Jon Urbana as an excellent, certified pilot because he achieved licensing, higher education, and met medical requirements set by the FAA.

Shaygan Kheradpir Named New Coriant CEO

Coriant has recently named Shaygan Kheradpir as its new chief executive officer. Shaygan has had a long career as an executive as well as a technology expert. Therefore he is the perfect fit for taking on the role as top manager of the company. As well as being experienced as a manager and technology expert, Shaygan was also a financier and so he is experienced in managing the financial aspects of the company. With this well rounded professional experience, he looks to be the ideal executive to help Coriant get to the next level as a company. Under Kheradpir’s leadership, Coriant looks to become one of the top companies around.

Shaygan has a very interesting background. He is originally from the United Kingdom and then moved to Iran where he grew up and lived a good portion of his life. Kheradpir then moved to the United States to pursue his education. During his first years in the United States he attended Cornell University and earned three degrees. This made him very knowledgeable and enabled him to attain quality credentials. After completing his education at Cornell he would then begin his career in the workplace. His first job after college was at GTE Labs where he gained valuable experience. The company later merged with Verizon Communications and he was able to excel. As a result he quickly established himself as among the top executives in the technology sector.

By being appointed as chief executive officer of Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir looks to help the company reach its full potential in terms of providing better service as well as further establishing itself as a leading company in the world. Coriant is very confident that Shaygan will be the ideal leader of the company and help it become an even better company than ever before. With his technological expertise and extensive experience as an executive, Shaygan looks to excel as the top manager of Coriant. Since technology is always evolving, companies are often looking for leaders such as Kheradpir to help it keep up with competition as well as the most recent trends in order to remain as a top organization throughout the world.

Benefits Of Beneful Are Seen In Every Product

Beneful is a brand of dog food that has long been known for being beneficial. That’s because they sell a variety of food products that do great at targeting the specific needs of individual dogs. There are products that help out old dogs, young dogs, and every age in between. Beneful has been so successful because not only do they offer variety, they offer products that are full of wholesome ingredients and nutrients. The products are hearty and offer a variety of benefits. There are a lot of different flavors and so it is up to the owners discrepancy as to which product they want to choose. Puppies are playful creatures that are always on the go. Therefore, they need food that’s going to keep up with their active lifestyle. Beneful sells a dry dog food brand called Healthy Puppy. It’s packed full of calcium and nutrients that give the puppy just what he or she needs to start off on the right foot. Being a pet owner to a young dog is stressful but at least with Beneful, owners know their pups nutrition is in good hands. Sometimes dogs can gain weight for a variety of reasons. Beneful Healthy Weight helps with weight management. That’s because the product is calorie-smart. The food is still delicious to dogs taste buds. That’s because it’s made with the flavors that dogs love. It’s a combination of chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans. The dry food is also accentuated with moist morsels. This makes the food exciting to a dog’s taste buds. Beneful Incredibites is a mixture of tender and dry bites that are sure to delight a small dogs tastebuds. This product gives a dog 100% of the nutrients that it needs. The product itself has real beef carrots and peas. There’s a second Incredibites brand that is made with real chicken. Again, this product is filled with all of the protein and nutrients that a dog needs to remain healthy, happy, and active. Overall, Beneful provides a large variety of positive benefits. The wholesome ingredients in every product help a dog to stay healthy overall. This means that dogs will have strong bones, high energy, shiny coat, and great teeth. Beneful provides health benefits that no other brands on Youtube can compare too. The best part is that Beneful sells a large variety of products. This means that an owner will always find a product that satisfies their dog.