Charles Koch Shares His Political Insights

Yahoo! Finance reporter Andy Serwer recently sat down and interviewed Charles Koch, the current chief executive officer of Koch Industries, one of America’s largest and most profitable companies. During the interview Mr. Koch responded to questions about current presidential nominees in both parties, and described would he would like to see the White House and the federal government do in the future.

Here are some key points that Charles Koch made during his Yahoo! Finance interview at the EY Strategic Growth Forum that took place in Palm, Desert, California this November. Mr. Koch mentioned four things that he considers high priority this election season that will see two term president Barack Obama leave office. The first thing Charles Koch said is that he wants the government to stop its irresponsible spending. He believes that the current spending done by Washington will lead to a financial crisis and disaster in the future. Mr. Koch highlighted the 100 trillion dollar and growing by the day debt the the United States government has and numerous unfunded liabilities that are a financial disaster waiting to happen.

The second thing that Charles Koch stated as a top priority was the elimination of a two tiered society. He is referring to the growing economic gap between the haves and the have nots. You have people at one end of the extreme who are fabulously wealthy, and than you have people who are poor and destitute and are dependent on government welfare. Mr. Koch believes the growing economic gap must be eliminated for the good of nation.

The third priority of Charles Koch should be the elimination of corporate welfare, which is directly tied to the two tiered society that Koch believes America currently has. Companies need to be responsible, held accountable for their actions and pay their employees fair wages. The low wages paid by companies to workers and their lack of responsibility results in corporate welfare that promotes a two tiered society and dependence on the government for survival.

The fourth priority laid out by Mr. Koch was a change in foreign policy. The Obama administration has done a poor job in foreign policy. Mr. Koch believes that the United State’s foreign policy should be changed so that it makes Americans safer. The current policies just don’t do that.

Mr. Koch also stated that he has not officially endorsed any candidates yet that are running for office, although he considers himself a “classical liberal“. He stands by the principle that the government should not run people’s lives, but just lay out the rules and enforce them when necessary. The full interview with Charles Koch, head of Koch Industries can be read at Yahoo! Finance.

My Healthy Pup!

A few months ago, I was clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper. I came across a coupon for Beneful Dog Food, I am always looking to save some money and I was not really happy with the dog food I was currently feeding my black lab. I went to my local store and found Beneful Dog Food with Beef and used my coupon for $2 off, which certainly was cost efficient! I read the ingredients and I was pleasantly surprised that I could get all this nutrition in this dog food and an affordable price. Just about a week after feeding my dog Beneful Dog Food with Beef, I noticed a difference in my dogs coat, it was so shiny and soft! I also realized he did not seem to be having upset stomach episodes. I was a very pleased dog owner and so thankful I found Beneful as my dog is much happier and I feel good feeding him something so healthy that he just gobbles down! Then next time I went to purchase dog food, you bet I went straight for the brand Beneful! This time I noticed that there were so many flavors to chose from for my dog! I selected Beneful Dog Food with Salmon! I thought he would love that and how awesome that I can feed him some fish in his diet! Once again he gobbled it right up, I read the ingredients again and was pleased to find that Beneful did not contain a bunch of fillers like other brands! I really felt like a better pet owner and that I was truly giving him the nutrition he deserves. Next, I decided to try Beneful Wet Dog Food with Chopped Blends. How yummy does that sound! I went with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. Wow! The price was amazing, I can’t believe they can pack all of this into a container of wet food for such a low price compared to other brands of dog food that carry similar nutrition content. I felt like I did not have to find a second job in order to feed my dog what he deserves. He certainly loved the wet food and I feel good adding this in as well! Last, I bought the Beneful Wet food Beef Stew flavor. My happy pooch enjoyed that very much! Also, the wet food comes in such earth friendly packaging! Such little waste afterwards and these can even be reused! Amazing! I certainly am a happy dog owner who feels like I am feeding my dog food that should cost a ton of money, yet is easily purchased on my one salary income!

Who Is The Newark CEDC?

The Newark CEDC (Community Economic Development Corporation) is the agitator of Newark’s economic development. The corporation helps entice companies and real estate to the city. This process in turn helps build jobs, and bring in money to the city’s residents.The Newark CEDC used to be named Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC). The corporation was established 2007. It has 11 to 50 workers. They are located in Newark, New Jersey. Besides bringing in companies, the Newark CEDC also helps make the city suitable for visitors to come see the culture side of Newark, New Jersey.

Kevin Seawright is the CFO of the Newark CEDC. He became CFO in 2014. Before he came to the Newark CEDC, Kevin was the Executive Director of Operations at Collington Episcopal Life Care Community in 2012. He was the Vice President of Operations and Human Capital at Tito Contractors in 2011. He helped the company by putting in a effective tracking method for the company’s contracts. Kevin was also the Vice President of Operations for the Baltimore City Public Schools in 2005 according to Xing.

Kevin started his career as a managing fiscal officer for the City of Baltimore back in 2001. He provided the city a new system for the accounting department. This new method saved the city a lot of money. Kevin went to Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business in 2015. He acquired an Executive Leadership Certificate. He also went to Almeda University in 2004. He acquired a master’s degree in Accounting.

Computer Sciences Corporation And Eric Pulier: Innovations For The Future

The Computer Sciences Corporation entered the field of IT technology early. Originally founded in April of 1959, the firm first provided programming tools to groups in need of them. By the 60’s they were providing writing services to some of ITs first major manufacturers such as IBM and Honeywell. Through the years, the company would do well for itself.

Today it’s an American Multinational Corporation. It provides IT services and professional services to those requiring them. The firm is currently headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. It’s thought to have over 73,000 employees working in over 70 countries. In September 2009, CSC would become the major hardware vendor independent IT service provider with an operation still in the US.

Today CSC works closely with the government in the US. Some of its clients include various departments of the US Federal government as well as the government found at the state and local levels. They also work with non-government agencies. They have been on the Fortune 500 list since 1995. CSC ranked 185 in 2014.

They have three main service lines. The first is in the North America Public Sector (NPS). CSC remains one of the major IT suppliers for the US Federal Government since 1961. Some of these departments include US Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, Homeland Security, NASA and law enforcement. Their second line of service is in the area of managed services. Finally, it also provides for business solutions and services.

To remain at the top firms such as CSC must stay inventive, always searching for the next big step in the area of IT. In order to do so they must also use only the most innovative staff that they can. That indeed happened when Eric Pulier was made CEO.

Eric Pulier is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist based in LA. Mr. Pulier was raised in Teaneck New Jersey and by fourth grade he had begun to write his first code. By high school, he had created a database service. From there he began to study at Harvard.

He would soon begin to create software that would benefit others. In 1991, he had founded People Doing Things. A company dedicated to health care, and education as well as other issues through the use of technology.It is hoped that Mr. Pulier will bring even more innovations to a field that is rapidly expanding and changing.

The Successful Investor Mr. James Dondero


James Dondero began his career as an analyst in 1984. He worked at a guaranty training program by then. Jim Dondero graduated with highest honors from the University of Virginia. He graduated with two majors in Finance and Accounting. Mr. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant.

James Dondero is the Co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management. Being an experienced investor, Jim focuses mostly on credit and equity markets. Mr. Dondero resides in Dallas, United States. Jim also presides as the Chairman of Cornerstone HealthCare and Nexbank. He is also a very active investor who supports education policies and veteran’s affairs.

The Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund, which is an affiliate of Highland Capital Management, won the 2015 HFM Awards. The Awards were termed as the US Hedge Fund Performance Awards.

Gregory manages the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund. Gregory also acts as the Head of HealthCare Credit and Equity at Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management invests mostly on Healthcare with over 3 Billion U.S Dollars in assets under management. The firm owns a committed team of 11 health care sectors that are well experienced. Mr. Gregory is also the Head of Highland different investors.

Gregory stated that they remained focused on delivering repeatable and strong performance to their investors. The award indicated the success of the investment process and risk management infrastructure. The award also meant hard work and dedication of the team.

Highland Capital management owns an approximate amount of 20 Billion U.S Dollars of assets under management together with its affiliates.

Recently, James Dondero appointed Terry Jones as the new president of Institutional Products for Highland Capital Management. Mr. Jones possesses 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Mr. Jones was employed to align risk management across the Highland company platforms. Mr. Terry also presides as the Lead Director of the Highland Funds.

In conclusion, James Dondero has successfully led the company to the better due to his hard work and dedication. Highland Capital Management has acquired many customers who trust the company.

For more information about Highland Capital Management, open the following link:

Coriant and Their Plans For The Future

Coriant decided they needed someone who could help their company grow and make their company stronger so the chose Shaygan Kheradpir. He was hand picked to be the Chief Executive Officer as well as to Chairman of the Board at Coriant. He was chosen for this position because of his vast experience-almost thirty years-in the business world in Operations, his Strategy and Business Planning, as well as his technology experience. He was in an executive position at Marlin Equity Partners, which is connected to Coriant, before joining Coriant. The company hopes to take full advantage of his talents to expand their market into the transportation industry using apps involved in local and long haul transporting, large weight measuring of transportation vehicles, optical, and building cloud storage and use as well as GB speed. They are doing business with some of the largest corporations in the business world who have offices all over the world. We will be able to grow our customer base exponentially as we offer newer and better applications, technology, and programming.

Since being made aware of the company’s top-notch, high-tech data networking, their cloud driving projects and their growing advances in customer service and the people who hold those positions, he decided he wanted to come on board. His immediate goal is to bring the company to an all-time high level of offering the newest and best advances in technology, the workings of networks and technology, as well as how they treat their customers. He also wants to bring their customers cost-effective networking and still offer the best in service with answers to their technological needs. Mr. Shaygan rose to the top of the company when he first started his career at GTE then later became Verizon. He was an intricate part of developing Fios which cost over twenty billion to make and implement. He has his Doctorate in Engineering from Cornell University. He was a part of their council on engineering.

Corinth is a company that offers high-end network applications to networking companies all over the world. These companies are the top in the world of communication providers, iCloud space providers, and work with most all the government departments and make billions of dollars a year from their services. They were created from their parent company Marlin Equity Partners by bringing together Nokia Siemens, Sycamore Network, Optical Network and Tellabs. They have won awards for the services they provide and hold the rights for close to 2000 patents, and hold the record for sending the most information through fiber optic transmission and other records in their industry.

U.S Money Reserve Extends A Hand To Fight Hunger In Central Texus

Founded by the gold market veterans, the U.S Money Reserve has gathered many experienced personnel over the years. The gold market veterans have really put their skills into practice after realization of what need lies in the combination of the vast market knowledge, customer service and the guidance necessary to customers from all over that come in to purchase precious metals such as gold and silver. The U.S Money Reserve today stands out as the major and largest distributer of gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the United States Government. Over the years, the U.S Money Reserve has worked with very many clients who take pride in working with the reserve. This is due to the great advantages that come along with owning precious metals.
In a broad view of our market today, the U.S. Money Reserve has really put their effort in providing gold, silver and platinum coins. These coins are exceptionally issued by the government of the United States. Most of the individuals on profit positions today in the line of dealing with precious metals can’t fail to show their appreciation to the United States reserve. Following their good work, many clients placed their trust in their ability to offer guidance and help in pinpointing coins that would go for higher value in the market and this greatly assisted in making wise purchases. Clients hosted are served well by professionals who hold high levels of experience and are highly knowledgeable.
Recently, the United States Reserve will be holding a CrowdRise campaign. This is a community that stands out as the largest in the world and it mainly focuses on raising funds to support various situations. This mainly works online and greatly encourages those already familiar with the campaign to pass the knowledge on to others. The community, following its great achievements over the years, it was named top twenty five best philanthropist in the globe.
The United States Money Reserve’s campaign mainly targets in getting friends, family and clients to assist the needy in central Texas area. With many partner agencies across Central Texas, the capital area food bank has strongly showed up to curb hunger where they managed to offer thirty one million pounds of food to needy families. Therefore, the U.S. Money Reserve has come in with the campaign to help bit the record by helping many more families.

Bruce Levenson- Co-Owner of the Atlanta Hawks and Avid Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson, born in Washington D.C. to a Jewish family, he grew up in a nearby suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland. He also attended school at the Washington University in St. Louis and then decided to finish out school at the American University for his law degree on When attending school at night, Bruce opted to start working for the Washington Star in order to start his career in journalism.

Ed Peskowitz along with Bruce Levenson on ucg went on in 1977 to form the UCG, United Communications Group. The two of them would meet together in Bruce’s apartment and started the Oil Express, a newsletter that would inform its readers about the current surroundings of the oil industry. Once they had readers and knew what they were doing, they would start a number of other newsletters along with an online database. This database would keep the readers informed of current happenings surrounding healthcare, banking and even energy resources. The group would move on to bigger and better things with the creation of the Gas Buddy app which showed users what gas stations in nearby vicinities offered the best price available. The app has been downloaded by millions and used as a means to help people save money with each gallon of gas purchased.

In 2004, Bruce and his friend Ed joined together to purchase the Atlanta Hawks. In addition to purchasing the Hawks, they acquired ownership of the Thrashers alongside of the Phillips Arena. In 2011 however they decided they no longer needed the Thrashers and sold them. Once the Thrashers were sold, they worked together to bring in Danny Ferry in 2012. Danny once was a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and once dropped as a player he worked as their general manager. After Danny left the Cavaliers, he went on to join the San Antonio Spurs as their Vice President of Operations before finally joining the team at the Hawks as their general manager.

Bruce Levenson and his family once traveled with the team members to Washington D.C. for a game. While in D.C., Bruce and his family met with the players to teach them about the Holocaust and give their firsthand experience with the Holocaust. Bruce’s mother-in-law is a survivor from the Holocaust and was able to tell her story firsthand to the players. They met the players and then traveled to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Bruce is one of the founding members of the Holocaust Museum. He was also responsible for a number of students going on in school due to his help in the I Have a Dream foundation which helps to sponsor children get into higher education programs and colleges. He also helps in various other programs such as Bringing the Lessons Home which teaches children about the Holocaust.

Bruce loves to travel when he is not busy and has been to places such as Antarctica where he spent a number of nights sleeping in a tent. When he is not traveling he spends his time playing basketball himself, golfing and also skiing. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Karen and three sons. They also own a home in Potomac, Maryland.

Take The Time And Check Out Sergio Cortes, The Best MJ Impersonator

Those who watch Sergio Cortes’ videos when he performs are more than thrilled to see his amazing performances as well is the fact that he looks so similar to Michael Jackson. Even though many have fallen in love with Sergio because of his mannerisms and his dead-on impressions of Michael Jackson, many still wish that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was still here. Michael passed in 2009, and Michael’s death was so sudden and unexpected that it threw the entire world into a period of mourning that lasted for months if not years.

Although it helped many to play Michael’s music after he passed, it just wasn’t enough for those who were truly mourning him. For some, it’s a good idea to seek out someone who is very similar to a person who died, so the person can get comfort from their tears and anguish over the person who died. Many started looking to Sergio Cortes because not only is he a great impersonator but he’s so similar to Michael Jackson that it’s uncanny. Many could easily have mistaken Sergio for Michael Jackson when the Michael was alive because that’s how much he looked like the star.

Although many were saddened by the death of Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes was a great help in the healing of the hearts of many who were devastated by Michael’s death. Sergio performed a show that would make him famous worldwide because of his great impersonations of Michael Jackson. Sergio has a singing voice that is high enough to hit the notes that Michael himself seemed to claim as his own, especially when Michael was singing lead in the Jackson Five group. Sergio is really embodying everything that used to be Michael Jackson, and Sergio even brings tears to the eyes of many who miss Michael Jackson dearly.

Not every Michael Jackson impersonator is good enough to gain international fans, but Sergio has. Sergio lives in Brazil, but Sergio was born in Barcelona, Spain, and from coast-to-coast he’s well known as the absolute best impersonator of Michael Jackson. The fact that Sergio looks like Michael and can perform exactly like him as well, it makes him the absolute best at what he does. Sergio continues his practice of being a Michael Jackson impersonator, and he has many followers on social media websites as well as many loyal fans from all over the world.

Positive Impact On Youth Today Brings Urbana’s GoFundMe Page For Earth Force To The Front

Earth force is a unique charity working to challenge children to become brilliant future members in society through helping their communities build better environmental protection. Jon Urbana is the man who is backing these amazingly intelligent efforts. The future of the world is at the hand of the children of tomorrow and Earth Force is seeing to it this earth is around for at least thousand more years. This is a fantastic cause for Jon to be backing and in his other day job which is running lacrosse camps for youth, he is instilling a strong work ethic on and off the field.

This often allows the youth he works with at camp to do great things in the community. Imagine children that know about gardening programs, recycling programs and take these so that they can put them into action in their communities. At school these children Jon has worked tirelessly with on Twitter (jonurbana1) to strengthen their resolve for creating change in the world. Children in the classroom being competent in seeing to it that there are recycling programs where papers go into bins in each classroom instead of into the garbage. They are also learning via presentations through Slideshare and other channels of Urbana’s, like Facebook, Instagram, and Crunchbase about the different ways to use recycled goods.

The recycled goods are not just the typical paper but think about metal re-purposed into different holiday ornaments. Jeans made into the nicest softest blankets you can find. These kids have seen how even toilet paper is made of recycled materials. So much of these efforts already established but in teaching these children a love for the environment they will become members of a future society that comes up with a million ways to make things last just a little bit longer.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

If it has impassioned you to back this cause along with Jon please go out and do what you can to teach children in your community to better the world even if it is only one step at a time. Thankfully Jon is making a difference through his go fund me backing of Earth Force but everyone can work hard like him to see this mission into a positive future.