Haidar Barbouti Was Able To Bring Success To His Restaurant

Haidar Barbouti has had a lot of success in his career as a real estate developer, and now he has had success as a restaurant owner, as well. Haidar Barbouti was not happy with the way that all of the restaurants that were available to him to put into his shopping center were. He did not like how they were all so similar to each other, and he did not appreciate the kinds of foods that they served. He wanted to give people a different kind of dining experience, and so he started up his own restaurant. He created his own restaurant and made it be just how he wanted it to be. And he, and everyone who visits it, are very happy with what he has done.

Haidar Barbouti could have been afraid to set out and try something new, since he had never worked with restaurants in this way before, but he did not let that get him down. He pushed forward, anyway, and he made his restaurant into something great. He was able to take all that he did know about food and the atmosphere of restaurants, and he put them together to form the restaurant of his dreams.

Now when people visit the Highland Village they are not only able to get some good shopping in, but thanks to Haidar Barbouti and his creative ideas, they are also able to have a dining experience like they have never had before.

Haidar Barbouti did something different with his restaurant, and he made it into a place that many people have fallen in love with. So what that he had no experience running a restaurant? YouTube tells that he was more experienced as a real estate developer than at doing something like that? He was able to make the restaurant a success, anyway, and everyone should gather some inspiration from that fact.

Darius Fisher, Status Labs: Why Status Matters

Keeping up with public relations can often time be a daunting task that requires the help of a specialized group. Tack on the challenges of maintaining a strong internet presence, and sometimes the challenges can feel insurmountable to some people. That is why these firms exist to manage and take care of these relations. Status Labs is one of these organizations that rise to the challenge of maintaining the online reputations for various individuals and groups. With the company’s leader, Darius Fisher, Status Labs reaches new levels of success for themselves and their clients.
Impact15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Is a three day conference. There, Darius Fisher will speak and deliver a presentation on the importance of keeping a strong digital presence. Titled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression” Fish will share his insight, allowing others to gain valuable knowledge on the importance of digital reputation firms. At Impact15 Fisher will be surrounded by industry peers who strive to take the reins in an ever changing industry. Impact15 will be a platform for Status Labs to explain how internet searches and algorithms affect a business’ bottom line and overall profits.
Status Labs remains one of the premier groups in online reputation management. The company serves near 1500 clients in over thirty countries. Status Labs constantly pursues the very best efforts in order to help their clients maintain a strong digital presence. This company is always at the cutting edge of media presence technology.
At the forefront of Status Labs is Darius Fisher, co-founder and president of the company. A graduate from Vanderbilt, University Fisher has a talent for business and digital know how. With a strong vision Darius Fisher has worked with sports stars and celebrities along with fortune 500 companies. The leader of Status Labs has not only formed a strong company but also strong reputations for his clients.
Keeping up with a digital presence can be difficult even for the most affluent or successful businesses. That is why there are several companies that come together at Impact15 to discuss the importance of digital reputation. There Darius Fisher and Status Labs will lead the pack into an always shifting world in digital status management.

Electrical Engineering and Its Impacts on Human Life

Technological advancement has changed the way we live transforming humanity by making things work. Nonetheless, the strides made in technology would not have been possible is it was not for the development of electrical engineering. It is because of people like Shaygan Kheradpir on recode, an electrical engineer executive that we are enjoying an easy life experience. He has been in the field for years now and his contribution to the world of technology has made it easier for people to make payments through their mobile phones. Shaygan Kheradpir has been on forefront especially as the president of e-commerce division at Verizon to bring new innovative products in the industry.

Electrical engineering focuses on developing and utilizing the available sources of energies to make life better or easier. Electrical engineers are therefore very important professional our lives because they make most of the things that we depend on run. In fact, if it were not for electrical engineers, the current technological advancement that we enjoy currently would not have been achieved. Electrical engineers have changed and made our life experiences better in all aspects of our lives including communication, health sector, the education sector, the banking systems to mention but a few. The performance of the gadgets we used at home be it kitchen appliances or entertainment systems are all as a product of electrical engineering.

Technological shifts and turns are greatly depended on the strides made by electrical engineers. One of the ground breaking developments that this professionals have achieved is the innovations of electronic health machines such as the life support machines. If there is an area of human life that has greatly benefited from the development in electrical engineering is the health sector. Today the health sector has become more efficient and effective due to the innovations that electrical engineering has made possible.

Other than the health sector, another area of human life that has also been greatly enhanced by electrical engineering is communication. Electrical engineers have worked so hard to fill the gaps between the geographical distances between humans. This is a great milestone that has led to the development of the global villages. Through satellite and cable connections between continents, people are able to communicate to each other in real time. This has reduced the time taken in sending messages form any part of the world. It has also led to the development of great communications gadgets including the current trending smart phones, Tablets, Computers and high speed laptops to mention but a few.

Lastly, the transportation industry has also been a beneficiary of the current development in electrical engineering. Talk about the bullet speed electric trains and sophisticated state of the art vehicles that are being developed lately. Electrical engineering has made it possible for the motor world to integrate technology in the development of vehicles enhancing the user’s experience. Today’s vehicles have built in sensors that can stop the engine automatically when the vehicle is almost on a collision course. Such technology and other technological advancement are made possible by the development in electrical engineering.

Joseph Bismark Learned A Lot From The Monks


The QI Group was made to be a place where people are always respected and treated right, and it is no big surprise that the company has partnered up with the United Nations Global Compact Network in their efforts to make the world a better place. The founder of this company has long believed that everyone should be treated fairly in business, and he was happy to be able to team up with the United Nations in this. According to the article that was released through Yahoo Finance, the QI Group wanted to do this in order to show their commitment to doing good things.
The founding director of the QI Group is Joseph Bismark, and he is a man who has always striven to do good things in his life, no matter how hard it is to do them. He has made it a point to exercise daily, and to not just exercise his body, but to exercise his mind, as well. He has made sure to practice yoga and meditation often, and he has always made it a point to treat others well. He founded this company with the hope of making spirituality a part of it, and he has been able to do that well. Joseph Bismark seems to have been smart in every decision that he has made in his life, and he is someone that people can keep their eye on when they are striving to go good things.
Joseph Bismark didn’t get to be the way that he is on his own, though. He lived with monks for several years when he was young, and the monks helped him to see things that way that he does today. Joseph Bismark is grateful for the time that he spent with them, because now he can do things better than he ever would have been able to without what he learned from them.

Those Who Want To Be Safe Online Need To Listen To Darius Fisher

While most people may not feel too sorry for those who were on the Ashley Madison website and were hacked on it, Status Labs had offered them free advice. Status Labs doesn’t condone what they have done, but the company believes that they deserve a second chance. And, the company believes that it is only a matter of time before everyone is hacked in one way or another. Some big companies, and even the government, have been hacked before, and the president of Status Labs feels that he is doing the right thing in helping out those who were on the Ashley Madison site and were hacked.
Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs, and he has been doing good work for the company for awhile. He knows a lot about online reputation management, and he is always there and willing to help someone out when they need it. He knows a lot about protecting oneself online, and he knows a lot about stopping a crisis from happening when one does get hacked. He believes that the best way to have a good reputation online is to make sure that one never gets a bad reputation online to begin with. He believes that it is important for businesses and individuals alike to keep track of all that is said about them online, so that they can be prepared for anything to happen.
Darius Fisher has been able to help out a lot of people through the years, thanks to his smarts when it comes to online reputation management, and now he is helping out those who have been hacked, again. He cares about what happens to people online, and he wants to make sure that everyone is always doing their best to be safe and smart about what they are doing online. Those who want to make sure that their reputations are never ruined would do well to look up to all of the advice that Darius Fisher as handed out and to try to follow through on everything that he has said. He knows how to keep them safe, and they would be smart to listen to him.

Brilliant and Memorable Brazilian Authors

Many famous authors have come out of Brazil over the past few decades. Some of them include the famous, controversial poet Jose Oswald de Souza, Paulo Coelho who was the creator of The Alchemist novel, Jaime Garcia Dias who found his marvelous writing talent at a young age, and so many more.

Jose Oswald de Souza was a famous poet that was known for being the founder of Brazilian modernism. Much of his work would still to this day be considered controversial as some revolved around the taboo topic of cannibalism, but he still won the respect of many fans for his works.

Paulo Coelho is known as one of the best selling Brazilian writers ever and has sold over 30 novels. He began his career as a song writer and it was not until later in his life did he decide to begin creating novels. He wrote such great works as The Alchemist, which sold over 83 million copies, and By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.
Jaime Garcia Dias is another famous Brazilian writer with over 20 different publications under his belt. Dias began his writing career at the young age of 15 and has now won many prestigious awards due to his fascinating imagination and ability to put the words to paper to create his outstanding works of fiction.

João Paulo Cuenca, who was voted as one of the top 20 best young Brazilian writers in 2012, has wrote many different genre’s and has even worked as a reporter. Some of Cuenca’s better known novels include Corpo Presente, O dia Mastroianni, and O único Final Feliz Para Uma História de Amor é um Acidente.

João Ubaldo Ribeiro is a true man with many talents when it comes to the writing world. He wrote novels, was a journalist, a screenwriter, and he even worked as a professor. Sargento Getúlio was the name of his first novel that went to print in 1971 and from there his fame as a writer only grew. One of the most notable awards that Ribeiro achieved was the Prémio Camões in the year 2008. He won many awards before the Prémio Camões which included the Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Brazilian International Press Awards, the Anna Seghers Prize from Mainz, Germany, and many more.

Skout Releases A Study To Put College Freshman At Ease

Skout is known for being an app that connects users to one another. It’s handy. It gives users an option to chat, form friendships, and possibly more with those people who are around them. Skout can monitor data from it’s users and it also is able to survey them. Today they released some findings on the PR Newswire

Based upon data from Users, Skout has come up with a list of the top ten friendliest cities in town. There were a few surprises on the list. One big one is the fact that Madison, Wisconsin came in first place. Typically when people think of Madison, they think of parties. They don’t associate the city with friendliness. Next on the list were two big cities. Los Angeles followed by New York City rounded out the top three. It’s nice that two big cities can still find time to be friendly. Typically, big cities are associated with crime so the findings of this study give new college freshman hope. Another big city that made it into the list is Chicago, Illinois at number five.

Skout Reveals the Top 20 Friendliest College Towns in America, they also conducted some surveys. This was the perfect time to do so. School just started back up and that meant that many students would be starting college for the first time! Starting college is a wonderful and huge step in life. It’s also one of the most terrifying ones. Skout users in Boulder, Colorado and Madison, Wisconsin can consider themselves lucky! Boulder has the friendliest college-age men and Madison has the friendliest college-age women! Therefore, users in those areas shouldn’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with the opposite sex.

Aside from the pressure from teachers and the large amounts of homework, new freshman have another fear. Sometimes, they’re afraid to make new friends! Many move far away from home and are left feeling scared in alone. Luckily, Skout found some answers that will put those students at ease. Through their survey they found that 57% of college students found it easier to make friends in college than in their high school. Skout also found that the majority of freshman surveyed were nervous about making friends that new year! This just goes to show that freshman are not alone and they don’t need to be afraid. One more reason for college students to breathe a sigh of relief is that a whopping 72% of college students met good friends in their very first week of school! This is thanks in part to college welcome week activities and the fact that everyone else is ready to mingle as well.

When it comes to making new friends, a whopping majority said they met new people who became friends in their classmates. This is a great strategy! People can form study groups, talk about homework, and have a good time while doing so because they’ve forged that relationship. Not everyone is comfortable talking to classmates, especially not in giant lecture halls. No worries. Skout found that 42% of students met friends at parties which are always great ways to socialize. Other places that topped the list include during orientation, online, in the dorm, cafeteria, and much more. There really isn’t a set place where a person needs to meet someone new! They should just do whatever makes them feel comfortable.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, One of the United States’ Best Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of Texas’ best performing plastic surgeons, and has received many awards from important institutions, magazines, and other enterprises. Dr. Jennifer Walden went to The University of Texas at Austin in 1990, and completed her bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1994. Dr. Walden then wanted to go to medical school, and stayed within The University of Texas school system. Dr. Jennifer began attending The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston in 1994, and graduated four years later. Dr. Walden graduated with the highest honors available to graduate with, and was named the salutatorian of her class. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s resume sounds impressive so far, but contains much more than the above details. Dr. Walden’s actual resume is over fifteen pages long of twelve point writing of work history, philanthropic endeavors, and awards and accreditations she has received.

Dr. Jennifer Walden used to operate her practice out of the state of New York, but moved her practice to Austin, Texas, so her twin sons could spend more time with their family while they were children. Dr. Walden has one main branch located in her resident city of Austin, Texas, which is known as one of the best spots to get plastic surgery in the state of Texas.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is in no means a “one trick pony,” so to speak, and performs more than forty different plastic surgery operations. A full list can be found on her website, but includes great augmentations and reductions, tummy tucks, and face lifts, to name a few. Dr. Jennifer Walden is very much skilled in all of the plastic surgery services she offers, and guarantees to make the client happy and fulfill their expectations.

For anyone who is interested in Dr. Jennifer Walden’s world-renowned plastic surgeries, more information can be found online on her website, or by Googling “Jennifer Walden.” Hundreds of before and after pictures can be found on her website, as well, in case anybody wants to view them to contemplate what wonders Dr. Jennifer Walden can work on your body.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is active outside of the medical community, and regularly performs volunteer and philanthropic work for those in need. She has worked at the Food in Tummies Program as a Donor, and the Principal Sponsor of the Austin Junior League, as well as a Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Children’s Tutor in the state of New York. Dr. Walden did not start performing volunteer work and services after becoming one of the United States’ top plastic surgeons – she did volunteer work when she was in college, a time where most people are at their poorest and do not have much time or money to spare. Dr. Jennifer Walden truly is an amazing individual. Follow her on Twitter for updates!

GMO Corn Causes Billions In Losses

A massive lawsuit is underway against Swiss-based seed company, Syngenta, for knowingly selling a genetically modified strain of corn in 2010, and a second strain in 2012, that were not on the approved list of imports for China, one of Americas top corn buyers. While selling the seeds the company claimed that the two strains of seeds, Agrisure Viptera and Agrisure Duracade, respectively, BusinessWire said that they were within days of being accepted by China as an approved import–which proved to be disturbingly erroneous information, with one strain still not approved and the other just approved recently. This had devastating effects on the U.S. corn market, and experts estimate that due to the seeds contaminating the U.S. corn supply and simultaneous rejection of imports from China due to unapproved strains, reduced U.S. corn exports by 85% or roughly a loss of billions of dollars.

Syngenta addressed this issue, claiming that only 3% of the corn purchased and grown in the U.S. was of the unapproved strains, and feels they are not responsible for any repercussions resulting from the strains being grown because they followed guidelines. In contrast to the U.S. corn exports loss, Syngenta reported an $875 million increase in revenues marketing the genetically-modified corn. Many farmers are outraged they made a substantial profit out of blatantly lying about their product. Since the beginning of this debacle in 2010 well over 7,000 lawsuits against Syngenta have been filed relating losses due to corn prices. With a prominent agricultural attorney, Mikal Watts, leading an expert team, the outlook is favorable for the U.S. farmers and companies impacted by these losses.


Some of you might be wondering this very question. There are lots of single women out on the dating scene right now. Why would guys gravitate to the internet to secure their lifelong happiness?

There are a few reasons for this actually. Number one, who has the time anymore. There are lots of single men out there; and yet, very few have the time to devote to going out and “meeting someone.” The internet provides an outlet for this. Some guy can go online at night, chat with a single girl. Each time hoping that there is something there.

This is another genius about online dating. A guy doesn’t need to put himself in debt over finding “the one.” A guy can chat with a few girls at a time on Anastasia Dating, not looking for anything serious. Not expecting anything to come of it. Then, when something does happen, he will at least have some idea who the girl is.

There are some that say that girls online lie. Yes, this is true. You will also find this when you are physically out in the dating world. On the open market, girls can be anything you want them to be. Girls feel they have to put up a pretense for you.

With online dating, this is not the case. Girls will often times show their true colors right away online. This way, you guys can weed out the good from the bad much more easily and effectively.


Romance is not what it used to be. A good majority of American girls are more concerned with being “independent.” There is nothing wrong with this; however, some guys are more old-fashioned. They like to take care of their girls. The Ukraine and Russian girls are more into having their man “take care of them.” I don’t say this in a bad way. This is in a good way. They believe in family and settling down into something long-term. Those who are looking for this type of girl, will have better luck on this site. Lots of American girls are turned off by this.


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