Brazilian Lawyers: Attorney Tosto’s Mission

The mission of lawyers is to help clients through legal issues in an efficient manner. Getting the right attorney to handle a matter can significant reduce the stress of a client, and can even speed up certain processes. Luckily, there are qualified lawyers all over the world who can explain the ins and outs of business to client and even protect clients if they are sued. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of those lawyers.

Attorney Tosto is very prominent in his field, and is very well versed in Brazilian law. He began working in a small law practice, but grew professionally to become one of the most well-known corporate litigation attorneys in his area. After growing in popularity and proving that he was capable of handling challenging cases, Tosto opened his own law firm, which became one of the biggest in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has had a number of famous clients, and was involved in several cases that got national attention. He is known for giving expert legal advice to some of the largest and most important corporation in Brazil. Tosto’s expertise has also proven to be beneficial for multinationals and politicians with opposing views. He has worked with government organizations to help them arrive at sound legal conclusions as well.

For example, Tosto was one of the pioneers for adoption a number of new legal mechanisms in Brazil. These mechanisms are now tools that are commonly used by other lawyers in the country. Most of Tosto’s current partners are professionals that he once mentored, which indicates that he’s been great at what he does for quite some time. Tosto’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the most important or lengthy cases that his firm takes on. He also offers his legal team a number of effective and innovative ways to win cases.

At his firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados (the firm for which Tosto is both partner and co-founder), he takes on a significant amount of credit recovery cases. He also deals with banking contracts and bankruptcy. Tosto has the skills necessary to help businesses get themselves out of financial trouble, and provides assistance with reorganization and business restructuring.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why people need lawyers. Whether you’re going into business, thinking about selling your company, or simply want to change some of the ways you do business while protecting yourself and your employees, attorneys like Tosto can help.

Dating Apps and Topics for Conversations

The best dating apps have advice for different aspects of dating. If there is one topic that a good dating app would advise to talk about, it would be to talk about the person one is dating. One should ask questions about his date. Ask about her dreams, and other things. Also, he should listen to his date. When two people are listening to each other, it could make for a very deep and intimate relationship. When one is just competing for the conversation, then that could really limit the connection one could make with the other. Dating apps like Skout would have advice like that.

As a matter of fact, listening is very important for all types of relationships including friendships. People gravitate towards others that would listen to them. The same could be said for dating. When two people don’t just talk to each other, but listen to each other, then the relationship will go a lot better than people who just focus on themselves throughout the date. This is one skill that needs to be demonstrated even with the use of dating apps.

Fortunately, some dating apps have a lot of content about how to approach dating. One dating site like that is Skout. Skout being a social network is going to have gurus on the site that teach others about the best way to handle dating. It is available for free to download from the app store. With this social network, one could meet others and actually exchange information and photos. This is the type of social network that is good for really building relationships with people that last.

With Skout, it is easier to set up a date. For this reason, it is important to know where to go and what to say. However, for most people that do not know how to find a topic to talk about, the best way to recover from that is to focus on the other person. As one listens to the other, he can find something that she is saying that he could focus on. As a result, not only would the date go well and they both hold a conversation, but the other person will feel very good around him for the most part.

On the same token, dating apps like Skout would also advise that one have something interesting to bring to the table. One must have a passion in order to be considered worthy of furthering their relationship. If one does not have a passion, or any type of goals, the date could lose interest. It takes two to make a date and a relationship work, even with a dating app.

Reviewing Magic Mike XXL

Instagram users have been talking about how Magic Mike XXL is the sequel to the movie Magic Mike which stars Channing Tatum as a male stripper. Actress Crystal Hunt stars alongside him in this sequel as he reprises his role as Magic Mike.

Crystal is also known for her work on daytime television shows such as Guiding Light and One Life to Live. She is currently starring in a show called Queens of Drama.

Magic Mike XXL picks up where the first one ended with Mike having quit the stripping business in order to start his own furniture making business. While he has become successful at that, he finds himself missing his old life and friends. So he rejoins the crew and they set out on a road trip together. It is a road trip of self discovery as they work to start up their own stripping business after their leader Dallas (played by Matthew McConaughey in the first film) has left and took his show with him.

Mike is the best dancer they’ve got and in order to get their popularity to rise, he contacts some old friends who get them a spot in one of their shows.

Be prepared for a hot and steamy experience as they put on some sexy performances and have some great laughs along the way. This film is exciting and fun to watch and will leave you feeling hot and bothered. It is great for a girl’s night out. See Magic Mike XXL today, you will be glad that you did.

Investment Banks and the Quest For Profitability

The skillset involved in investment banking is varied and wide reaching. Handling and managing transactions that are worth billions of dollars takes a certain amount of know-how, and years of experience. Many of the largest companies and businesses in the world are owned by banks, and investment banking allows these businesses to continue operating.

In many instances, businesses find themselves at a point of insolvency. Many times, instead of liquidation, business seek to secure additional funding. In some cases the funding is sought after to reorganize and retool. In other cases, businesses realize that a complete liquidation or selloff is necessary, and the business wishes to extract itself from future debts and holdings. In these circumstances, an investment bank may be sought out.

Investment banks deal with aspects of business finance and speculation that are much riskier than typical brick and mortar banks. The potential of these ventures for higher profit is the allure for banks to get into investment banking. A skilled and knowledgeable portfolio manager understands all aspects of a potential addition to a portfolio, thoroughly examines the entity for potential pitfalls and upsides, and acts accordingly to his portfolio’s ability.

Some of the largest investment banks in the world have amassed a team of people that are seasoned in all parts of acquisitions and investments. They handle everything from valuations, to stock and bond issuances in the case of leveraged buyouts, to the various legal entanglements that occur during the sale. At the forefront of all this, is a portfolio manager who understands all the parts of the deal, and makes sure it all goes smoothly.

Individuals and firms like Highland Capital Management’s Jim Dondero fully understand the various aspects of capital acquisitions and buyouts. His firm oversees over $20 billion in assets, and has been in operation since 1993, with Dendero acting as the president and CFO. His past experience includes managing assets for large financial entities like American Express, where he oversaw a $1 billion investment portfolio.

An experienced portfolio manager with a wealth of knowledge at his or her disposal, as well as the data and foresight gained, cam correctly and skillfully navigate through all the information on an entity, and correctly surmise the chance whether the company has the potential for profit, or if the company is less than desirable at first glance, salvage and reorganize the company to profitability in a specific timeframe. The ability to do this on a consistent basis is highly sought after in the banking world, and those like Dendero that can and have reconstituted and restructured businesses are highly regarded and rewarded individuals.

It takes a certain individual to successfully navigate the waters of investment banking. But the rewards of having the ability to do so is realized not only by the individual, but the companies the individual works with, if done successfully.

John Textor’s Ascend to the Top in the Film and Business World

In the movie industry, John Textor is not a new name to mention. Textor has made a fortune out of the industry considering his notable work. He has had several great projects under his belt including big movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Transformers, and the greatest of the all the Pirates of the Caribbean. With such projects, Textor has created an impressive career in the film industry and over the years he has played different roles in the industry. He is also known for the contributions he has made in other areas of the media industry apart from the film industry.

Yahoo Finance tells us that Textor is also a renowned academician judging by his focus and value for education. He is a role model to the younger generation. He has a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Economics which he achieved in 1987. He went to Wesleyan University where he learned many skills that are out of his academic scope. He also doubles up as an entrepreneur and he has put in a lot of his resources in the filming industry where he is more proficient. His entrepreneurial skills led him to invest on diversified areas in the media industry including telecommunications, internet among other forms of entertainment. He particularly created and co-founded the Wyndcrest Holdings one of his great and well performing companies.

Over the years, he has held many positions in different companies for instance being a managing partner of Wyndcrest Holdings. He also became the director of Parent Company and BabyUniverse which he headed and helped to become one of the leading online retail site for children products. He moved up the leadership ladder and he later became the chairman of the company in 2002and later he was named the new Chief Executive Officer three years later. He has been a CEO in different companies including Sims Snowboards.

Among his achievements that have earned him the global recognition that he experiences today includes his active role in the tactical planning and financing of the Michael Swerdlow Companies. He has diversified his investment to the banking industry and under his entrepreneurship the Lydian Trust Company was created. This is an online banking company of which he is the founding director. He is an authority in the film industry considering it was under his leadership that the Digital Domain Media Group did visual effects for more than 20 big films. The company has several films that where produced under his leadership.

A Great Brand For Animals

Purina is a very well-known name in any American household and especially if that household has pets. Everywhere I look there’s always Purina news about all the things they produce such as pet food, pet treats, and other pet supplements. Some of the most popular brand of pet food are Friskies, Beneful, and Purina One. Thousands of dog and cat owners all around the world use Purina pet care products to feed and nourish their pets.

By the by around 2009. Purina pet care became one of Nestlé’s fastest-growing companies. The reason is because many more people around the world are willing to spend more money on pets, and they want to do all that they can to assure themselves that their pets are getting high-quality pet food. Later in 2008 Purina formed a company called Purina care. This company sold pet insurance and later it was acquired by pet health. Apart from just the United States, Purina pet care has different factories and offices in China, Russia, and Thailand. In addition in 2013 Purina brand care adopted Petfinder. Petfinder is a very popular website, because it allows individuals to adopt different pets. Many thousands of individuals each year go onto in order to get information and and statistics about pets that they may be interested in adopting.

Purina pet care went on to acquire many different pet companies, and because of that some of their most outstanding brands are ALPO, Beneful, Chef Michael’s, Fancy Feast, Purina One, Purina Pro Plan, Tidy Cats, and Whisker Likin’s. These are all very well known pet brands, but many people may not know that they are all owned by Purina. Purina also has many programs to help pets lose weight and they formed a merger with Jenny Craig in 2012 to help owners and pet owners and their pets to lose weight together. Purina pet brand is truly a unique brand of pet food. They strive to give animals only the best, and because of that Purina employees stand by the brand and the only feed that brand to their pets as well.

Citadel LLC: Giving you Top Dollar for your Investments

Privately owned Investment Company, Citadel LLC, is a name to reckon with in the world of hedge funds. With great investment portfolio of public equity, fixed income, and other global investment options, the clients can get true worth for their hard earned money. The firm deals in stock of companies that operate in variety of sectors including currency, derivatives, commodities etc.

Foundation Stone of Citadel

The company as we know to be a global financial institution was started in 1990 by Kenneth C. Griffin on wallstreetjournal with $4.6 Million. By 1998, Citadel was already 100 people strong with $1 Billion in investment capital. As of today, Citadel employs over 1000 employees in its international offices all over the world with its flagship operation in Citadel Centre. This $355 Million office tower is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. They also have offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Greenwich, Hong Kong, Dallas, Boston and Toronto. Definitely, a global player in the world of finances.

The Rising Star

$25 Billion in investment capital makes Citadel one of the most competent and largest alternative investment firms to operate at a global level. Its group of hedge funds has also been considered as one of the best in the world.
Citadel has always been recognized as one of the best places to work for and is acknowledged through various ceremonies and awards for its significant contribution to the financial markets. They were felicitated with 2015 People’s Pick award for being one of the top 20 places to work for, especially in the Financial services. Built on healthy community ethos, it is not only caring for its employees but also the society. They have been an active participant of philanthropy by helping small children with medical needs and offering educational opportunities to children. Citadel believes in giving back to the society in its own fruitful ways. They help worthy students from low income communities and offer a healthy work culture to its employees. Citadel takes development of a new holistic level!

The Man behind the Success Story

Kenneth C. Griffin, founder and CEO of Citadel LLC is also an American hedge fund manager. What he started in 1986 in his freshman year at Harvard University laid the stepping stones to the multi-billion dollar company that competes with top head honchos of financial services in the world today. Graduating from Harvard in Economics, Griffin was already well underway to set successful foundation to Citadel by managing over $1 Million between funds.

Griffin found his investor in Frank C Meyer, founder and investor Glenwood Capital LLC who gave him $1 Million to invest. Soon Griffin showed his true mettle by earning Meyer a 70% return on his investment!

Since then, Griffin has not looked back and today has a net worth of $6.6 Billion as of May, 2015. He is known to make hearty donations to the causes he believes in and has donated close to $500 Million to various organizations, including Harvard University, his Alma Mater.

FreedomPop Is Going To Keep Gaining Popularity

When a company decides that it is going to do something different than what has ever been done before, there is a good chance that things will not work out for them. There is a place for different things, and when a company starts off trying to imitate others that is not good for them, either, but most often when a company tries to do something completely different it fails. But that was not the case with FreedomPop.
Instead of failing by trying to do something different, FreedomPop has been able to succeed. They are a mobile company that offers free mobile services, and while that may sound crazy to some, it has really paid off for them. They have been able to gain many customers over the past few years, and they are expected to have 1 million customers by the end of the year.
Not only has FreedomPop gained popularity among the people who use their services, but they have also gotten a ton of money from investors. People believe in them and the different way that they work. They think that they are doing things right, and they have proven their belief in them by giving them $30 million to keep their company going.
Thanks to the investors who have shown their belief in this company, FreedomPop is able to keep going at it. They can do all of the things that they have been doing all along, and so much more. The money will allow them to keep expanding. It will allow them to do more than what they are doing right now.
FreedomPop started off doing something different and it has paid off for them. The company didn’t die off right away, but instead it gained a lot of popularity. And, if this year is any indication of things to come, they will keep gaining customers and investors.

Truths About Being an Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur is actually a respectable pursuit. Many people have this dream of financial independence from being a business owner or an independent worker. However, there is a process that one has to go through. This article found on Entrepreneur describes some dark facts that entrepreneurs go through on their way to financial independence.

One of the most important facts that one needs to understand is that they will most likely not make money right away. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, many entrepreneurs will be trying their hardest to get their business up and running. Often times, they wind up spending more than they generate. For one thing, it will take a while before they have any money of their own.

Other issues that an entrepreneur will have to deal with include a struggling personal life, exhaustion due to juggling everything, emotional problems, unpredictable circumstances, haunting decisions, and failure. All of these things are the dark areas of being an entrepreneur. Once an entrepreneur makes it through all of these stages, then he will get to see rewards for his efforts. One thing that will help him in his efforts is learning from people that have went before him. One person who makes a good mentor is Marc Sparks.

Marc Sparks has owned plenty of businesses and he knows the frustrations and the trial and error that one must go through before he actually begins to see results for his efforts. He is also involved in philanthropic efforts. He helps out homeless shelters, and does other things for his community. As of right now, he is writing a book which teaches people to achieve their dreams as a successful entrepreneur. He is someone that a lot of entrepreneurs could look to as an example in business and in general.

Success is an Art with Ken Griffin, CEO of Citadel, LLC

The global investment market has seen winners and losers over the last 25 years. One of the winners is Citadel LLC, founded in 1990 by CEO Kenneth Griffin, has grown into one of the largest investment management firms in the world. It has $26 Billion in investment capital in 2015. Under Griffin’s leadership, the company has grown to 1400 international employees and was selected as a Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services ranking by the Great Places to Work Institute. Employees of Citadel use the most up-to-date technology in the investment industry to keep them on top. They even have their own affiliated technology company created in 2009, with programs developed within Citadel.

Ken Griffin began his successful investing career while he was still in college. His first hedge fund was initiated by borrowing money from friends and family in his sophomore year at Harvard. He recognized the importance of technology to investing even then. He convinced Harvard to allow a satellite link to his dorm to allow real-time stock quotes. It paid off for Harvard when Griffin donated $150,000 Million to them in 2014. That was the largest single gift Harvard ever received.

Ken Griffin is an active art collector, but he is also a patron of the Arts. He donated a $19 Million addition to the Art Institute of Chicago, where he is a member of the Board of Trustees. He is a benefactor to many other Chicago-based charities and public education. In a way, building his company’s success is an Art. Finding the right people and the best technology is a creative process. Diversification also plays an important part in Citadel’s business. While some investment companies have a position in dozens of stocks, Citadel has a position in 7,000 stocks. Citadel has developed secret trading codes advising when to buy and sell.

This Fall, Citadel will also diversify further by launching a stand alone stock-picking division in San Francisco. This unit will have up to ten trading teams overseeing about $1 Billion, plus leveraged money, for Citadel. Another of its stand-alone enterprises, Global Equities Fund, LLC was up 8.7% through May of 2015, after a 23.4% rise in 2014. That is well ahead of other stock hedge funds for those periods.

His success has not blinded Griffin to the problems inherent in the securities market. In May of 2008, he said the financial industry needed to overhaul its thinking and criticized Wall Street’s risk management practices. He has testified before a number of Congressional hearings regarding financial market regulations. He says that the Depression-era “Glass-Steagall Act” had it right. Unlike most of his peers, he feels that the banking business and securities trading businesses should be separated. He has expressed his belief that industry regulations must catch up to market structure to keep the equity markets fair and healthy.

It is not surprising that Institutional Investor/Alpha Magazine ranked Citadel #3 among hedge funds worldwide and gave it an A grade.