Newark Community Economic Development Corporation: About This Company

These days, more and more people are interested in learning about Newark’s CEDC and the role it plays in improving the quality of life for citizens in the local community. To learn more about how the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation facilitates this process, consider the information found in this short outline:

The Company’s CFO: Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial operations leader. He is known for his ability to accomplish business objectives and use strategic thinking principles to push companies into a new dimension of visibility and success. For more than 13 years, Seawright used his knowledge of the financial sector to improve communities located on the East Coast. As the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Seawright brings an important blend of team inclusion and business acumen to the table.

About The Company

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is Newark’s primary catalyst for economic development. The company offers the following services:

Business Attraction and Retention

The corporation works with companies that want to expand or relocate into Newark. The CEDC guides them through each step of this transitional process. The company introduces the businesses to the city and explains its market as well as its assets. Additionally, the corporation assists companies with selecting their location based on factors like economic indicators, demographics, available buildings, workforce information, etc.

Real Estate

The company assists both businesses and developers with the process of tapping into Newark’s development opportunities by offering several services, including gap financing and site selection.

Small Business Development

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation welcomes the opportunity to help small businesses grow. At this time, SlideShare implied that the company is reaching out to these small businesses so that they will be aware of the assistance they can provide.

Neighborhood Development

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation realizes that each of the city’s wards are good options for community development and economic growth. The corporation thus offers project management expertise and coordination to make sure that the development initiatives generate the greatest possible return on investment for both future and current residents.

Industry Focus

The company understands that ongoing growth necessitates the presence of a diverse economy. The company also understands that all of the industries in the city contribute to the overarching prosperity and visibility of the city. In recognizing these things, the corporation places primacy on the following industries:

• Arts & Entertainment
• Health and Health Services
• Higher Education and Research
• Information Technology
• Manufacturing
• Port & Port Related Services


As a company committed to facilitating city growth, the professionals of the Newark Community Economic Development work with dedication and diligence to ensure that Newark’s business sector continues to grow and expand.

Squaw-some CEO, Andy Wirth


CEO and President of Squaw Valley Ski, Andy Wirth, is quite a news worthy individual. Andy Wirth has had many experiences bringing him into the spotlight. A skydiving outing, in October 2013, nearly turned into a horror flick when Andy Wirth almost died. He suffered great injury to his right arm, which was later surgically reattached. Wirth accredited his survival to the lyrics of a Pearl Jam song. Steamboat Today ran an article about the accident and the bond Wirth created after writing a letter detailing the ordeal to Eddie Vedder. 

Adding further to his fame, Andy Wirth now finds himself holding a chair on the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Numerous honors have been awarded Andy Wirth. One of the latest was Citizen of the Year, by Disabled Sports USA in 2014. His award winning company is also worth paying attention to. 

Boredom is a distinction the Squaw Valley ski resort never needs concern itself with being given. The resort boasts 6000 acres, provides skiers 42 lifts, 270 trails, over 8 mountain peaks. If skiing isn’t your cup of tea, multiple varieties of tea can be enjoyed at the nearly 60 restaraunts, bars, art galleries and boutiques. 

Activities all year round attract guests to the 1960 home of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Gorgeous scenery while hiking numerous trails can be viewed, Bridal parties are offered an unforgettable wedding venues for their special day, Golfing, with the added bonus of a picturesque backdrop is one of the less strenuous physical activities found at Squaw Valley. Other attractions in the more relaxed category include night skiing, ski tubing, and snow shoing.

Squaw Valley ski resort, and its CEO, Andy Wirth are both bound to excite the masses in the months and years to come. Watch for the gondola connecting Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley USA, which was reported in April 2015 to be constructed in the future.

International Love Is Possible

It’s no secret that there is a lot of hate in our society. So many people are angry and intolerant towards others and their culture for no reason. It’s hard to figure out why this is but there is a pretty good guess out there. It’s the fact that people don’t really know much about other cultures. When people aren’t educated on how different other peoples lives are, they become defensive. This doesn’t have to be the case. People from all over the world should learn to connect and grow a positive and healthy relationship. If more people had the option to communicate across the world, there would be more tolerance and love in societies all over the world. One application has realized that and they are truly pushing the envelope of online dating.

AnastasiaDate was developed as a way for people to connect and find love internationally. This app puts love right in the palm of a users hand. They are able to browse thousands upon thousands of profiles to find what they are looking for. There really is no shortage of people to choose from! If a person finds someone attractive then they can begin to talk to them. If that attraction grows into something more than they can really get to know one another. They have the option to message each other and then even video chat! Video chat is a great tool for users to be able to talk face to face without meeting.

A great thing about this app is the thought of anticipation! When two people are talking internationally, there is a build up of anticipation about finally meeting. Not only is someone meeting a new person, they are meeting a new culture and a new way of life all together!

AnastasiaDate is great because it’s really creating beautiful relationships. It’s so different from any other dating app out there. This one is really focusing on connecting people who want to forge that lasting and deep connection. Sometimes people have types. If a man in the United States desires a Russian beauty, no longer does he have to struggle to find one! He can search the app and he will find lots of girls that fit what he’s looking for. Then, the fun begins of getting to know each other. With over 4,000,000 people signed up, love is possible no matter where you are in the world.

Finance Your Future

The golden years should mean enjoying some well-earned rest. Everyone wants to be like Igor Cornelsen out there relaxing on the golf course. Unfortunately, life is neither that predictable nor simple, countless obstacles arising to jeopardize one’s retirement. However, a good plan and sound investment into the future can help ensure one’s retirement is everything one dreamed about and then some.

Financial Planning
A secure future takes serious planning. In short, for people to enjoy their golden years they need to develop a sound financial plan. Begin with one’s desired retirement age, monetary retirement needs and determine the monthly or annual investment necessary to achieve those goals. If one believes he or she needs help, locate a good retirement planner online to do the math and come up with the desired results.

Plan for Emergencies
Nothing destroys great plans like an unexpected emergency. The only way to prevent risking one’s financial future is by setting aside some emergency money. Granted, one may find the emergency fund doesn’t quite cover the unforeseen expenses, especially considering life is too unpredictable to accurately estimate the amount one may need. However, good planning and a decent sized emergency fund will go a long way to offset the unexpected cost and save one’s retirement savings.

The best plan in the world includes a good amount of flexibility. Why? No one can predict what will happen tomorrow, but people can prepare for the future. Simply create an adjustable savings plan allowing one put money away even during financial strain. In addition, make sure there is a cushion to cover any unexpected expenses. No one can see what tomorrow holds, no, but a flexible financial plan will help ensure tomorrow’s little surprises don’t break the bank.

Pay Yourself First
Everyone has financial obligations they must take care of every month. In fact, the first thing many people do is pay their debts, then put money aside for retirement and, whatever is left, goes to frivolities and extras. As sound as that plan may seem, one should always pay oneself first. In other words, one should have a set amount of money automatically transferred into a savings account every month. This way one is less apt to dip into the 10 percent or so of his or her income designated for one’s retirement fund. Before too long, one will have an impressive nest egg to finance those golden years.

Handy Proves Convenience for Consumers

Imagine contacting a service that you can access by simply pressing an area on your cell phone! Handy services has made that possible. Located currently in several U.S. cities and Canada, this business provides needed services for home cleaning, plumbing and handyman, without hassles. Often this type of business can be frustrating to deal with, with worries about what the customer will actually be charged and if the service representative even shows up to do the job. Handy has simplified this.

The company was established by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua who met when they were college roommates. The two youngsters became inspired to create Handy as they increasingly became frustrated with their own messy dorm room. Their brand is increasing continuously, due to consumers feeling more at ease when it comes to accepting a service by using their mobile cell phone. A customer is provided a price quote after they simply type in their zip code, how many rooms they require cleaning for and what time they need the service (tipping and tax is included). If they agree to the service, then their credit card (which has been placed on file with the service) is charged. No more hassles for the customer.

Reaching over $1 million dollars in bookings for one week of services after its start, customers love the simplicity of it. No more negotiating prices and worries about being overcharged, they just receive convenience. Additionally customers also obtain a guarantee if they are not pleased with the job that was done, plus if any items are damaged during the service, Happy covers the damage or replacement costs. Equally satisfied are employees of Happy which are now beyond 50, plus freelancers ranging in the thousands. By joining this company, freelance employees ensure payment and can work the hours that work best for them, as long as they pass required reference and background investigations and interview process.

Happy co-founder Umang Dua was educated at the prestigious Amherst College. Later he created a company which assisted high school students with needed college admission tasks. Ireland born Oisin Hanrahan’s choice of college was his native Trinity University and like his future business partner Dua, he also started various successful businesses. He soon enrolled at the London School of Economics to fulfill his desire to learn about the world of finance.

As for the future, Handy does hope to offer a variety of additional services but for the present time, their majority of revenue stems from housecleaning services. Obviously this business has benefitted its owners, but also consumers have benefitted due to it providing uncomplicated and reliable services to the sometimes vague business of housecleaning by the basic website and simple app!

Brazilian Lawyers Operate Under A Hybrid Legal System Influenced By Italian, French And German Law

Brazil is the only South American country that uses Portuguese as their country language. Portuguese dialects are as diverse as the Brazilian legal system in terms of origin. When Brazil declared their independence from Portugal in 1822, the country needed a legal system that could establish laws and train lawyers. Brazil established their first law schools in São Paulo and Olinda in 1827.

The Brazilian Civil Law system was influenced by French and German Law during the 19th and 20th century, but in 2002, the Brazilian Civil Code was changed and modeled after the Italian Civil Law Code. The goal was to unify the country’s private law system, so most legal analysts say Brazilian law is a hybrid of French, German and Italian Civil Codes.

The Federal Constitution is the basis for all Brazilian statutes, and it is considered the highest law of the country. The Constitution can only be modified through a Constitutional Amendment. The Federal Supreme Court renders interpretations of the Constitution, and those rulings are followed by all judges.

The Brazilian Bar Association was created in 1930. As lawyers like Ricardo Tosto know, in order to be admitted to Law school, students must take an examination administered by their university, or they can combine their university admission exam with a national exam. It takes five years of study to earn an undergraduate degree in law. A law degree has to be authorized by the National Commission of Legal Education, which is part of the Brazilian Bar Association.

The National Council of Education has compulsory subjects, and they are classified in three axes. The first axes is the Basic Education Axes, which includes political science, economics, ethics, anthropology, history, sociology, and philosophy. The second axes is the Professional Education Axes. Tosto knows that the courses in that axes include tax law, administrative law, criminal law, civil law, business law, procedural law, international law, labor law and constitutional law. The third axes is the Practical Education Axes, which integrates the first two axes with 300 hours of mandatory vocational training, and 250 hours of complimentary training. Once that training is completed, paid internships at law firms or other organizations are required. Upon successful completion, law students are awarded a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Brazil: A Country Filled With Investment Riches And Misses

Brazil has always been an alluring mystery. Rio is filled with incredible beauty, but the city has a dark side. Extreme poverty and crime seem to overshadow the white beaches and carnival atmosphere. Investors have tried to claim some Brazil’s riches in the past, and they have walked away empty handed. The political scene in Brazil has hurt the success of many foreign investors. It’s hard to realize big returns on investments when the government is having issues.

But Brazil is a great place to make money if you understand how the game is played. Brazil is a country rich in natural resources and a lot of manpower. The economy in Brazil has changed dramatically over the last twenty years, and the value of Brazilian money has changed along with it.

Petrobras is Brazil’s largest company, and the oil giant is making investing difficult. The oil company’s value has dropped more than 40 percent over the last 18 months. Corruption allegations have hurt the company’s credibility. Petrobras’s problems have hurt the leadership of Brazil, and that hurts investment potential.

There is speculation that Brazil is heading toward a recession this year. Some analysts say energy rationing could be a reality soon, and that will lower GDP growth. Brazil stocks are not the best vehicles to place trust or a lot of money this year, but analysts have been saying that for years. Investors continue to enjoy excellent returns year after year when they understand the Brazilian mentality.

If you want to follow Igor Cornelsen and have some Brazil investments in your portfolio, the best stocks to consider are companies that deal in meat, coffee, tea and spice as well as mineral fuels. Other good investments are companies that deal with oil seed, machinery and ores, slag and ash. Cereal companies are also on the rise, and so are companies that handle food industry waste and animal fodder.

Bonn Óir Vodka gets distribution in the Texas area

A recent article on Street Insider reveals that a Bonn Óir Medal Vodka has just partnered with an established wholesaler. 

Bonn Óir Vodka is premium vodka, currently backed by Timber Creek Capital and Marc Sparks, that is in a league of its own. Bonn Óir is different from others because it is made with a distillation and filtration process that allows the ultra-smooth vodka to be gluten free. The quality that is provided by Bonn Óir Vodka is sure to raise the bar when it comes to vodka due to its clean finish. Goody Goody new deal with Bonn Óir Vodka shows that the vodka has what it takes to compete against the vodka brands that are currently on the market. 

Goody Goody has seen the potential of Bonn Óir Vodka and has decided to partner with the spirits company in order to provide distribution in the Fort Worth and Houston, Texas areas. With this distribution deal the founder and C.O.O of Bonn Óir Vodka, Dan O’Shevlin, hopes that the distribution success of Goody Goody over the past 49 years will be mimicked with Bonn Óir. Goody Goody currently has 16 locations in the state of Texas with no plans of slowing down. 

With the help of Goody Goody, many people will be able to experience the premium experience of Bonn Óir Vodka. Currently customers are able to purchase the vodka in 750ml, 50ml, and liter bottle sizes. The suggested retail price of the 750ml is $29.99.

Every Dog Owner I Know Loves Beneful Brand Foods

Anyone who has anything negative to say about Beneful, it’s probably because they are a competitor. I have never known anyone who buys Beneful brand foods to complain about it at all. I know at least 10 different people who use Beneful to feed to their dogs every single day, and I’ve never heard one complaint. I even have a friend who recently got a puppy, and she swears by Beneful because there is a formulated one that’s just for puppy dogs. Beneful has some of the tastiest food, and although I’m not one to eat dog food, I know when my dogs love what they are eating.

I made a steak one time, and I had a little bit left over. I shared my steak with my dogs, and they loved it so much that they licked their lips for a long time afterwards. The same reaction I got fro my dogs after feeding them part of my T-bone steak, it’s the same reaction they have after eating Beneful brand foods. Even if I feed them snacks from Beneful, they still love it, and they will lick their lips as well. From what I understand, the foods are tender and soft, and it’s similar to them eating meat.

The foods have just the right ingredients in them, and they are mixed to where they are soft enough for the dogs to eat, and they are full of flavor as well. Since my dogs love Beneful so much, I bought bag after bag, and I stored it in a room in my house, just so I can make sure I don’t run out. If there was even a storm that trapped us in the house for a month, I would have more than enough Beneful food available to feed to my pets.

I’m a proud pet owner, and I proudly serve my pets Beneful foods every day. I have a new neighbor that just moved in a couple weeks ago, and I noticed that she has a dog similar to one of my dogs. I saw her feeding the dog some store brand of food, and I noticed that the dog was shying away from the food. I told her I didn’t want to intrude, but I brought over a bowl of Beneful, and the dog ate it all up. She asked me what brand of food I bought because she wanted to buy it herself. I proudly told her that the food was Beneful.

Sanders predicts White House victory

Bold predictions rarely take place in the world of politics where candidates for major offices like to protect themselves from making rash prediction. However, the growing support shown for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as he fights Hilary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential nomination has seen him take to the TV and declare he will be the next President of the United States. PoliticusUSA reports Sanders appeared on ABC’s This Week and stated his campaign was now confident of winning the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire before securing the nomination and later the White House.

Sanders has recently seen his public appearances attended by huge numbers of people from across the country and his speeches and town hall meetings switched to larger venues to handle the growing number of attendees. Ricardo Tosto knows a few people who have attended. The Senator is using his growing popularity to discuss bringing in policies like universal healthcare and ending tax breaks for big business. Sanders is also refusing to take donations from major Wall Street backers who are throwing their financial weight behind former Secretary of State Clinton in a bid to show his campaign is based in the people of America and not the major corporations of the country. Sanders facing a struggle to convince those outside the Democratic party that he is the right choice for the Presidency, but his populist policies have struck a chord with many who see problems in the growing gap between the top earners in the country and the middle class.