Haidar Barbouti: A Real Estate Investor With A Passion For Food

Haidar Barbouti is a real estate developer who has over 20 years of professional business experience in the field of commercial property. Under his guidance, many real estate investments have operated successfully. Barbouti has been active in numerous real estate investments throughout the world, but particularly in the United States. Out of the other members of the Barbouti family, Haidar has consistently been the most active in real estate investments since 1986. Haidar’s real estate developments in the United States include: condominiums, development lands, shopping centers, office buildings, and others.

Haidar Barbouti is obviously passionate about real estate, but food is among his other passions. Barbouti owns the Highland Village shopping center, one of the most desirable retail spaces in all of Houston, Texas. After returning from a trip to Europe, he felt inspired to add a third story on to the shopping center where he would build a restaurant. He wanted the restaurant to be an open air gathering with a large patio, similar to something he saw in Europe. However, Barbouti was unsure of the type of tenant he wanted. He found himself frustrated with many restaurants, because they barely serve full portions of food, and even when they do, the food is almost always nothing exceptional. So, he made the decision to open his own restaurant.

Barbouti’s mission includes two things: make money, and make good food. For a little over a year, Up Restaurant has been open. At Up Restaurant, guests can expect to dine on classic American fare like Caesar salads, filet mignon, and redfish. There are even a few Asian dishes to choose from. The portions are definitely hearty, so guests should definitely expect to leave the restaurant full. Barbouti truly has a passion to serve diners good, wholesome food made from fresh, American ingredients. He was quoted as saying, “You’re not going to be good at something unless you’re passionate about it.” His dedication and work at Up Restaurant clearly align with this statement.

In addition to food, Haidar Barbouti also shares a passion for children and animals. In fact, he is known throughout Houston for many of his charitable acts. Barbouti has even donated some of his retail space at Highland Village as an adoption center for animals. Throughout the years, he has continued to give time and money to the causes he is most passionate about. Haidar Barbouti is truly a businessman who not only profits, but also passion.

Son Of Fallen Officer Honored At His Baseball Game

FreedomPop review reported that recently an 11 year old boy lost his father in line of duty, as the man was a police officer in Houston that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It has been extremely devastating and hard on little Tyler Martin, but finally he was able to muster up the courage to hit the mound again and pitch for his little league baseball team. Even though things have been hard, the Houston Police Department has been determined to remain supportive of the officer’s family.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Single Family Globe, the Houston Police Department filled the stands at the baseball game yesterday and have been showing up to watch the boy pitch. In addition to that, they made sure to give him the utmost honor by having a helicopter land on the field and all of the officers who attended were wearing their uniforms. This really is a heart warming story and it is really nice of the police to be so considerate of the boy who just lost his father. It probably took him all the courage in the world to go back to his baseball team and pitch again, as it can be very difficult to move forward after such tragedies happen. This just proves the officers are not just enforcers, but supporters of the citizens as well and very thoughtful like that.

Veto Override Battle Ensues as Nebraska Governor Vetoes Repeal of Capital Punishment

In the 40 years since the United States Supreme Court ruled the death penalty is constitutional, no conservative state has repealed capital punishment. This is largely due to the GOP’s traditional “tough on crime” stance. However, opponents of capital punishment have been judiciously testing the resolve of death penalty states by making it difficult to obtain the mixture of narcotics and barbiturates used in administering lethal injection. Sam Tabar has read that most of the pharmaceuticals involved in lethal injection were imported from Europe. However, in recent years companies self-imposed embargoes of the substances to the United States to prevent its use in executing prisoners. The result has been to greatly increase the cost of executions. Coupled with that, public sentiment has been shifting away from capital punishment.

The Nebraska legislature then presented a bipartisan bill ending capital punishment in the state. That said, Governor Pete Ricketts still believes in the practice and issued a surprise veto this week. As a result, the legislature will now have to attempt an override of the governor’s veto. For his part, Gov. Ricketts is urging lawmakers to reconsider the merits of his argument. He points out that the death penalty is used quite sparingly in the state with only 10 inmates on death row. No one been executed in the state for the past 17 years. It is not clear at this time if legislators have the necessary votes needed to override the veto. The governor is also asking Nebraskans to prod their representatives to support him.

Gyrocopter Pilot Faces Serious Felony Charges

Doug Hughes is the 61 year old man who was allegedly responsible for flying a gyrocopter onto the lawn of the Capitol a couple of months ago. Hughes flew his aircraft onto the federal grounds in order to get his point across by delivering a large amount of letter from people who agree that the super PACs politicians use should be against the law.

However, a federal grand jury has now also got their point across by indicting Hughes on six counts, which could led to nearly a decade behind bars if he is convicted. The area in which he flew his gyrocopter was a strictly prohibited no-fly zone. Also, Hughes did not have the proper certification to fly his aircraft. Both of the charges listed above are felony charges.

Hughes is also facing a number of misdemeanor charges such as “Violation of national defense airspace” and “operating a vehicle falsely labeled as a postal carrier”. Upon landing the aircraft on the Capitol’s west lawn, Hughes was immediately arrested but was then released at his first court appearance. Apparently, Bruce Levenson said he was aware of the risk he was taking, “I simply hope by putting my freedom on the line, others might realize how precious their freedom is and join those of us engaged in this fight to preserve and protect our government of, by and for the people,” Hughes wrote in a Washington Post op-ed.

Beyoncé Dances To The Cha-Cha

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj released their new video recently, even though the song has been out for a while, so many are grooving to the new video. Beyoncé will post videos of herself online from time to time, and the new video she posted is driving people crazy. Her Dancing Moves Are Amazing. Beyoncé is standing in front of the camera, and she is dressed in a plaid skirt and it’s so long that you can’t see the end of it. Beyoncé also has a Lone Star state T-shirt on and the outfit doesn’t really match.

It’s obvious that Beyoncé was having some downtime because she wasn’t dressed for the occasion, and her hair wasn’t elegantly placed. Beyoncé let the world know that she likes the song “Cha-Cha,” and she even did some dancing to the song in the video. The song is by an artist named D.R.A.M., and those who don’t know the artists, they will soon learn who he is. Beyoncé followers tend to pick up on anything she likes, and they will make it their favorite or so thinks STX Entertainment.

Rihanna is similar. Rihanna liked a Jamaican artist’s song and after that, the song propelled to fame. Busy Signal created the song called “Missing You,” and even though the song was a couple years old, Rihanna made it popular. It’s well known that any famous artists that endorses a product, it will more than likely make the products become popular, especially with artists like Beyoncé.

Sam Smith Is Now Another Year Older

May 19, 2015 is Sam Smith’s birthday, and everyone wants to wish him a happy birthday. Sam blew up and propelled into fame by releasing the song “Stay With Me,” and it was one of the biggest hits of the year. Sam Smith. Sam has received many awards for his great music, and even Iggy Azalea praised his music. Sam has been on many shows this past year, and he even let the world know that he is gay.

The fact that Sam became so famous that he finally was comfortable enough to let others know his sexuality, it made many people proud of him. In the video Stay With Me, you can clearly see a woman in the background, and the video is not true to Sam Smith’s character. New York Times suggested that besides Sam coming out to the world, he has also put out great music, and he’s made the world fall in love with him. Sam had to miss the Billboard Music Awards recently because he had surgery on his throat.

Sam cannot sing at this time, so he was not able to give a speech. The Billboard Music Awards allowed Sam to put up cue cards and talk to the audience, without him having to ever say a word. The cue cards had very funny statements on them, and Sam shows why he is such a lovable person. Happy birthday Sam Smith!

Qnet: The Start of Your Success Story

QNet is a Malaysia-based multi-level marketing company that manufacturers consumer goods and electronics. The company manufactures watches, and also produces the energy drink, Nutriplus.

QNET is one of the leading direct selling companies in Asia, offering valuable products in diverse markets. They provide opportunities through their eCommerce platform to people in many countries all over the world. QNET’s sound business model allows ordinary people to start their own profitable business with minimal cost. With hard work, perseverance and dedication, QNet distributors have the opportunity to achieve financial independence, improving the standard of life for their communities and families.

The company advocates the concept of service above self, encouraging the employees to serve others with humility. QNET recognizes that people are their greatest assets, and they are dedicated to providing their distributors with the tools and training they need to market their products successfully and reach their financial goal. You can see for yourself on their youtube.

At QNET, they promote cultural diversity, and their employees and leadership team are drawn from many different countries and they have customers in more than 100 different countries. The company uses word of mouth advertising and ecommerce to market and distribute it’s products.

QNET products range includes Vacation and Holiday packages; Luxury and Collectible items like rare coins, watches, jewelry; Health and Wellness products like personal care products, pendant, the bio disc; Tele-communication packages and many more items.

To join QNET, the person needs to purchase a product from the company. Once this step is completed, the person qualifies to be a distributor, also referred to as an independent representative. On becoming a distributor, a virtual office is made available to the IR, or independent representative, and the representative is now free to market products and run their business.

QNET has an established history of taking care of their distributors and customers. The company is recognized all over the world as a legal network marketing firm with great products and a proven business model. Many people world wide use their products and praise them.

QNET provides physical training as well as business tools for virtual office. They have fantastic products, and you can achieve success with QNET if you have big dreams and plan to make a difference not only in your life but also in the lives of others

Ten Members Of Congress Accepted A Free Trip Outside The Country From A Foreign Government

The Azerbaijan Oil Company Paid For The Lawmakers And Some Spouses To Attend A Conference In Baku In 2013

It happens more than we realize. Members of Congress are secretly wined and dined by foreign governments in the name of fact searching or Congressional business. Most of these trips are called working trips. But not much work is done. The Congressmen usually get an assortment of expensive gifts and the opportunity to act important. Once these lawmakers are exposed, they usually claim they didn’t know there was a conflict of interest. They say they didn’t know they crossed the line of ethical behavior.

The fact that they went on the trip in the first place and didn’t report who paid for the trip tells the public all they need to know. America has a House filled with representatives that are willing to put their own agenda in front of the interest of their constituents. They lie to stay in office. The only way to stop this behavior is to stop electing people with questionable integrity.

Interested folks at STX Entertainment have learned that almost all of the Congressmen that went on this particular trip did not disclose the gifts they received to the ethics committee. Only one out of ten lawmakers did report gifts, and only five out of the ten lawmakers spoke to investigators about the questionable trip.

Republicans Stop Amtrak Funding

During the morning of Wednesday, May 13, Republican Congressional committee members refused to approve a Amtrak funding increase. The vote was 30 against and 21 in favor. Democrats and some Republicans pointed out that tragedies like Tuesday’s late night Amtrak train derailment can only be prevented with an increase of funds to upgrade aging areas of infrastructure and install new technologies on trains designed to slow them down automatically whenever they approach curves at high speeds.

NJbiz says that according to The New York Times, experts believe the only way to potentially fix the Amtrak problem, since many Republicans are not willing to set aside their biases to save lives, is through privatization. They feel that Amtrak’s railway system might only survive at this point through private third-party companies since so much of the infrastructure is extremely old and falling apart.

Yet, many people fear corporate America’s involvement in the Amtrak. They believe that accidents will increase if the government allows private companies to take over the lines because corporations might not manage the system with much care. They also fear that the price of travel will increase because private companies will likely have to make huge investments to upgrade the tracks and trains.

As of Thursday, May 14, seven people are dead and around 200 people are injured. The investigation is ongoing, but investigators have learned that the train was moving at twice the permitted speed.

Getting Gadgets at Better Prices

Nowadays, it is very difficult for you to find a brand new gadget hot off the presses at a reasonable price. The reason for this is because new gadgets tend to be released at incredibly high fees. You might spend hundreds on a new phone and not even realize that you could have gotten it for cheaper if you would’ve just waited a few months to get it. The general rule when it comes to gadgets is that they are released at their highest price and the price will go down on them normally within just a few months. This is why it sometimes pays for you to simply wait on a brand new gadget for yourself or a friend.

Another thing to consider if you are looking into gadgets is that you can get a much better price if you simply compare stores. Some stores charge more for their items, so these are definitely going to be the ones you will want to avoid yourself. There are other stores, especially on the Internet, that will not charge as much because of the fact that they can cut out the middle man. You will find that by comparing a wide range of stores and gadgets, you get the absolute best price out there for exactly what you need. You will be left with a gadget you love and you will not have the debt to show for it.

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