Nepal Army Rescue a Baby Trapped Under Rubble 22 Hours Later After Massive Earthquake

A four-month-old baby was rescued 22 hours after a devastating earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday. The photos of the baby being rescued have become a defining image of the terrible disaster that led to more than 5000 people losing their lives and more than 10000 injured. The baby boy whose name is Sonit Awal was buried under a collapsed building, leaving his father Shyam Awal desperately searching for him. Shyam later called the Nepalese Army to come and help but after hours of searching until midnight eventually lost hope and left. Shyam also lost hope of finding his son Sonit alive, not until he heard faint cries amid the rubble. Sam Tabar said that the soldiers returned on Sunday morning, and Sonit was pulled from the debris at 10 am. His face was covered with dust from the debris of the collapsed building. The IndependentYour text to link… reports that the parents of the child waited anxiously as the army worked to free their baby. After being taken to Bhaktapure Hospital, the baby was found to have no injuries at all. Such kind of miraculous rescues gives much hope to the people of Nepal who are going through a difficult time and so much loss.

Special Teen Voted Prom Queen

There are some in this world who are overlooked time and time again. There are teens going to school who do not receive the attention and love that they deserve. There are some kids that are constantly ignored by the other students. And then, there are some students who reach out and draw those fellow students in.

When a teen with down syndrome was invited to her school prom by one of the football stars from that school this teen was excited for what was to come. What this girl didn’t know at the time was just how special the night would turn out to be. Not only did this teen get the chance to get noticed and to fit in by attending prom with the rest of her class, but she was also voted in as prom queen. FindTheBest reported that this girl had an amazing night, the kind of night that she deserved. The students at this school took the time to notice someone who is often overlooked and by doing that they changed her life.

Drones Being Put to Noble Cause

Unmanned drones have a bad reputation. Whenever most of us think of drones, death from above is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, will depend on whether you are the drones target or the one using it. There is also a ton of political controversy about their use in this way among people in the United States, as we are the only country, except for Britain and Israel, that have used such technology in this manner. Fortunately, people are already developing more friendly uses for this technology. There are businesses that wish to use drones for faster delivery of consumer products to the customer. As with most new technologies, it is still going through all the red tape in Washington, but it should eventually come to widespread use in the marketplace to the benefit of both the person operating the drone and the target. This is a prospect that both intrigues and excites professionals like Jaime Garcia Dias.

There is however, one other good use of drones that is being developed. Billions of trees are being cut or burned down every year, and only about half the number lost are being replanted. A former NASA man plans to speed up the rate of reforestation dramatically by using drones. The drones will be used to fire germinated seeds into the ground. He hopes to plant a billion trees a year with this technology, which will give everyone something to smile about when they think of drones.

Left Hopes Chief Justice Roberts will Rule in Favor of Marriage Equality to Make History

Some pundits on both the political left and right believe that Chief Justice John Roberts actually changed his vote against Obamacare only weeks before the ruling was going to be made public. His switch was done in order to avoid having his legacy tied to thwarting the president’s historic accomplishment of passing a national health care plan.Supporters of marriage equality are now hoping that Roberts will see the allure in making history establishing gay marriage as a civil right. Not coincidentally, news coverage about the historic nature of the case is focused on whether Roberts will appreciate the need to issue a landmark ruling.

Roberts being targeted is likely well placed. The High Court’s four liberal justices will absolutely come in favor of marriage equality. The emotional aspect of people’s desires to wed being dashed will trump constitutional issues with the liberal bloc. As for the conservative bloc, Associate Justices Scalia, Alito, and Thomas will likely vote in favor of upholding the same sex marriage bans. Mark Ahn ( knows that Attention will be focused on whether Justices Kennedy and Roberts side with the conservative bloc or defect.

Other proponents of marriage equality do not believe Chief Justice Roberts will vote in their favor. Still, there is reason to believe that marriage equality will prevail. Justice Kennedy defected from the conservative block to strike down key aspects of the Defense of Marriage Act back in 2013. Many believe he did so out of broader support of marriage equality.

YouTube Turns 10 Years Old

In the ten years since it’s launch, YouTube has become synonymous with online videos, becoming the world’s go-to spot to see everything from piano playing cats to concerts to DIY videos for projects around the house. It is also Ivan Ong’s favorite place on the web. Saying “YouTube it” is almost as common as saying “Google it” when referring to any kind of online search. Ironic since the search engine has owned YouTube since 2006.

It’s reported that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube very minute. And hundreds of millions of people visit the site daily, resulting in billions of views. It’s no surprise it now sits as the third most popular site on the internet, behind only Facebook and of course Google. But having such massive size and traffic does not necessarily mean it has been a cash cow for it’s owner. Some analysts say quite the opposite. Speculating the video streaming site is not profitable. Google has never confirmed whether the site itself makes a profit.

Despite the success of artists like Psi who’s “Gangnam Style” video has more than 2.3 billion views, the majority of YouTube content is user generated. Meaning videos of recitals, little league games and your cousin’s wedding. These videos are not going to drive advertising revenue, yet still require storage and bandwidth, and limits the video site’s profit potential.

Google is planning a birthday celebration for May 10th, the date the site went public.

Longest Serving Death Row Inmate Exonerated after 30 Years But Denied Compensation

Glenn Ford has been on Louisiana’s death row since 1984, earning him the title of the longest serving person on death row in the United States. Last March however, 65-year old Ford saw the outside of prison for the first time in 30 years when new evidence about his case was presented, and he was exonerated of the crimes he was previously found guilty of. Armed with only $20 and two boxes containing everything he owned in life, Ford was sent on his way.

Ford was accused of robbing and murdering local watch dealer Isadore Rozeman in 1983. With no murder weapon or eyewitnesses, Fords association with Rozeman was that he performed lawn work for the man. In any case, reports that the all-white jury, which the prosecutor made sure that it would be, found Ford guilty and handed down a death sentence.

Marty Stroud, the prosecutor responsible for Ford’s unjust trail in 1984, now apologizes to Ford via a letter to the Shreveport Times editor. Acknowledging his shortcomings and lack of fairness to Ford in the original trial, Stroud said, “I was not as interested in justice as I was in winning. I apologize to Glenn Ford for all the misery I have caused him and his family.” Stroud may now feel remorse for his then less than honorable actions, but this is no consolation for Ford after he has lost 30-years of his life.

For his wrongful incarceration, Ford is entitled to $330,000 from the state of Louisiana. However, the judge assigned to Ford’s petition for the money has denied payment. Ford is a wrongfully convicted man who was thrown away for 30-years. Now that he has been proven innocent, the state of Louisiana refuses to acknowledge their error and pay him the less than adequate amount that he has a right to.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” to Have Ripple Effect With Other Films

While 2014’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” holds the record of the best-selling entry in the “X-Men” film franchise, the film also retroactively altered the previously established continuity of the franchise. With the impending arrival of “X-Men: Apocalypse”, fans have speculated about its plot and what effects the film will have upon the franchise.

Simon Kinberg, the writer and producer of the film recently held an interview session, mentioning that “X-Men: Apocalypse” would connect to the next two mutant films, “Deadpool” and “Gambit.” Something far more unknown is where within the continuity, and timeline of the franchise, that these two films will fall within. Although all of Fox’s future mutants films share continuity, it’s a mystery as to what events these films will be able to comment upon or reference. Given the Marvel’s overwhelming success with the various phases of its cinematic universe, its easy to foresee Fox planning a potential cinematic crossover between its mutants and the superhero team known as the Fantastic Four.

Fox’s comic book movie schedule breaks down as follows: “Fantastic Four” debuts August 7th, “Deadpool” releases February 12th, “X-Men: Apocalypse” releases May 27th of next year, “Gambit” releases October 7th of next year, the third “Wolverine” film releases on March 3rd of 2017, the second “Fantastic Four” film releases on June 9th of 2017, and yet another “X-Men” film project is set for a July 13th release in 2018. With so much to look forward to, Kevin Seawright and others can’t wait.

Bobby Brown Claims Daughter is Awake After Months in Medically-induced Coma

Three months after Bobbi Kristina Brown was rushed to an Atlanta-area hospital after being found unresponsive in a bathtub, her father reports that she has awaken. Bobbi Kristina is the daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston.

According to sources, Brown made the announcement at a show he was preforming at in Dallas. However, his lawyer refused to corroborate the story or comment on Bobbi Kristina’s condition. She has been in a medically induced coma since January 31st, and Ricardo Tosto is more than a little worried.

Bobbi Kristina, 22, was rushed to a local Georgia hospital after a 911 call was placed by her boyfriend on the morning of January 31st. According to boyfriend, Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina was taking a bath, but a friend found her slumped over in the bathtub, unresponsive. CPR was administered until emergency service workers arrived.

She was transferred from a smaller hospital to Emory Hospital where she remained in a medical induced coma until being transferred to an undisclosed location. Some sources believe she had been transferred to a long-term care facility, but no official statement has been made.

Bobbi Kristina was found, eerily, in a similar position as her mother, who passed away the night before she was to preform at an awards show in California. She was found in the tub of a California hotel. Drug use and heart disease were listed as the cause of death for Whitney Houston. No official statement has been released to explain how Bobbi Kristina ended up unresponsive in her bathtub.

Instagram Clears Up (Kind of) its Banning Clause

Some images are banned from Instagram for being too sexual. This is a problem many people have run into, despite not necessarily posting a sexual image. Igor Cornelsen ( knows that, for a time, women found their accounts censored and even blocked for a time due to breastfeeding images they posted. However, Instagram just released new information as to what is alright, and what may lead to banns and other problems.

For starters, Instagram is basically going to ban any sort of picture with a female nipple in it unless it is showing breastfeeding or post-mastectomy scarring. It also allows nudity found in art, such as sculptures and paintings. However, anything that is in reference to intercourse or is a close up of genitals, breasts and buttocks are completely banned and may result not only in the image being taken down, but the account being blocked all together.

Instagram (owned by Facebook) also has a ban on pictures of children in a bathtub. Instagram has stated that for privacy and safety reasons for the children, it removes images that show nude to partially-nude children. While Instagram/Facebook says this is to protect the children, it most likely is also to protect the website and social media service from possible legal problems, including the images being used by third parties and the content being classified as child pornography by the federal government (although that most likely would be a rather extreme case).

BRL Trust Investmentos: Its Mission, Values And Partners


BRL Trust Investmentos was established in 2005 and serves as the largest investment funds administrator in Brazil. In its initial year of operation, more than 100 loans were executed, in which the Trust acted as an Intervening Trust. Its tenacious activity and customer commitment fostered an expansion into Administration and Management of Investment Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Markets while maintaining sector segregation.


The mission of BRL Trust Investmentos is to fulfill its client’s needs in a secure, transparent, and dynamic process by means of a proficient and collaborative effort, with unique and diverse differential processes and controls, developed from within utilizing a methodology acquired from its sector performance.


The organization is ethically obliged to all, in every sense, extending respect to the judicial system and its clients interests. Its determination and focus serve as the framework for its technical expertise in establishing the greatest opportunities available through transparency, confidence, and honesty.


The Trustee Services of BRL TRUST provides contemporary and specialized services that provide safety and reliability for investors. With Securities Commission authorization, the organization is an administrator to 109 funds with a net asset value of approximately R$ 19.99 billion. BRL TRUST also provides custodial and controlling services for its clients. As asset managers, BRL TRUST manages assets, as a means of creating investment strategies, and solutions geared to client goals. Asset writing provides individuals, and organizations the required framework for raising funds, in accordance with structured fund allocations.


Mauricio Ribeiro is the founder and director of BRL TRUST Investmentos, in charge of the Custody Fund and the International sector. Rodrigo Boccanera, acts as the director and founding partner of BRL TRUST Investmentos, in charge of the Fiduciary Services, project finance, and management of SPE’s and Rodrigo Caval Cante serving as the partner director of BRL TRUST Investment.

Policies and Manuals

BRL TRUST Investmentos takes a strong and hardline position that responsibilities and obligations are fully compliant with all legal mandates, with regard to money laundering and with all sector standards. It has a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that is proficient and specific. It has published its own compliance manual and fund management pricing manual as well, as a guide for honest and transparent transactions.