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The college football season might have ended, but it is still going strong on in terms of coverage and getting people ready for next season. They don’t take a day off and they don’t take this sort of thing lightly. It is a way of life for them. It is their business and their name. That means something to them. When people think of, they want people to think of positive things. That is why I recommend

Can Your Shampoo Be Putting Your Health At Risk?

The hair care industry is worth an estimated $750 million annually, and a seemingly endless list of brands put new hair care products out on the market each year. These hair care products promise to deliver soft and luscious hair and they arrive in a wide variety of enticing fragrances.

The problem is that the fragrances found in most shampoos can actually be doing harm not just to your hair but to your body as well. Many hair care consumers assume that these intoxicating fragrances come from natural floral extracts, but in reality most shampoo brands use synthetic chemicals to create these fragrances, and these synthetic chemicals have been linked to an array of health problems.

About 95% of fragrances used in hair care products come from crude oil and are considered to be carcinogens. Carcinogens, when absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, have been linked to hormonal imbalance, central nervous disorders and birth defects. In some cases, the carcinogens found in common shampoo fragrances have contributed to cancer.

In addition to the serious health risks that can be caused by these ingredients, many people are unaware that they are allergic to certain fragrance chemicals commonly found in popular shampoos. These ingredients can cause allergic reactions that irritate the scalp and leave hair follicles damaged and therefore dry and dull in appearance.

Switching to a shampoo that is free of synthetic fragrances is the only way to avoid absorbing these dangerous chemicals. A product on the market that has been proven to be safe is WEN By Chaz’s 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. This product cleans and conditions hair using only natural ingredients and botanical extracts. In other words, this product smells great without the use of synthetic fragrances.

This cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean ( has been shown to restore dry and dull hair back to its natural glory, undoing years of the damage caused by dangerous chemical exposure after just a few weeks of use. As the ingredients are carcinogen-free, you can rest assured that you are not putting your health at risk by using this product long-term.

Visit or the brand’s Facebook page for more information.

Billy McFarland and Magnises

Billy McFarland has probably started and sold more successful business startups at a younger age than anyone else in recent history. He started at age 13, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Starting at age 13 with a neighborhood business that found customers for a local business, to his latest venture at age 23 in 3013, Magnises, McFarland is making big waves.

Magnises is a platform built for millennials so they can meet and socialize at a very attractive discount at many of their favorite restaurants, clubs, nightspots, meeting areas, bars. trips, events, concerts and other special occasions. Membership requires a $250 annual fee, and people gladly pay for access to what is deemed to be the place to be and the thing to do among the millennial crowd.

From people who are getting their first jobs, to seasoned young entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, and other upwardly mobile millennials between the ages of 21 and 35, Magnises offers a totally naturally way for meetings, socializing, sharing ideas and getting business contacts. Presently located in New York City and Washington D.C. there were already over 10,000 members in both locations.

The gem of the operation is the Magnises Care, also known as the “Black Card.” With this card, the information on the credit debit card of the member is copied onto the magnetic strip of the Black Card. The Black Card is used to pay the bill at the appropriate member business and to apply the discount as well at that time.

Membership is not necessarily automatic, as there is an online application form that must be completed by the management team. Billy McFarland is looking for young up and comers in the 21 through 35 age group, and they are looking for him. In addition to discounts, there are always exciting perks for which the millennials are looking.

Recently, members enjoyed a “Booze Cruise” on the Hudson, where the chartered boat offered samples of different alcoholic beverages along with finger food. Another event featured a trip to a local racetrack where Telsa offered a test-drive in some of its newer models.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland is seriously looking at expansion too, as he wants to populate the United States and other cities abroad. It looks like he’ll do it too, based on his past record and the popularity of Magnises.

How Billionaire Eric Lefkofsky Is Making The World A Better Place

He’s Founded Company That Might Cure Cancer

Tempus is the latest startup by the entrepreneur that gave the world the likes of Groupon and Lightbank. Through the use of personalized cancer treatment Tempus is changing the way we treat cancer. Everyone has a unique DNA sequence and the genes encoded won’t always respond to medicine the exact same way in each person. Using the DNA unique to each specific cancer patient, Tempus offers every patient a treatment plan meant just for them. Big data has worked wonders in so things, like marketing and research, it isn’t too extreme to think Tempus will cure cancer.

His Foundation Is Giving To Children In Need

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is the center of the charitable work of Eric Lefkofsky. Running it with his wife Liz Lefkofsky, he helps contributes to the betterment of children in need around the world. Typically this will occur in the form of contributions to organizations focusing on the academic futures of underserved children. As a graduate of the University Of Michigan he understands the importance of receiving the best education you can.

He Joined The Giving Pledge

As a man of enormous wealth Lefkofsky does his part to support philanthropic causes financially. Like many others of with fortunes of his size he has joined the Giving Pledge. Founded in 2010 by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the campaign revolves around encourages the wealthy and powerful to use their position for the betterment of the world. In the 6 years the organization has existed it has already generated more than $700 billion dollars in revenue. Although Lefkofsky didn’t create this campaign, he has done all he can to promote this organization through his efforts in his own organization.

He’s Giving Back To His Community

Eric Lefkofsky currently resides in the city of Chicago. While he has plenty of efforts to help those far from him, he has not forgotten his neighbors in the process. Lefkofsky is an important figure in Chicago and participates in projects aimed at promoting the arts and culture in the city. He is on the board of directors of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Technology. In 2008 alone Lefkofsky led the push to have the Summer Olympics hosted in Chicago. Although his efforts were not successful, this campaign stands as an example of his contributions to his city.

The Role of Jason Halpern in Giving Old Historic Sites New Life.

Jason Halpern is the founder and the Managing Director of JMH Development, a leading Real Estate development company in the US. Since its inception in 2010, JMH has transformed the Real Estate industry with innovative methods of creating distinct properties in the luxury category. This firm has been developing unique and well-positioned properties like Williamsburg in Brooklyn.


JMH Company has been a pioneer in the renovation of significant historical places. The company rehabilitated the 184 Kent Avenue property that resulted in 340 luxury rental apartments in Brooklyn. This building was constructed in 1913. It once housed Austin Nichols Company, the largest grocery in the United States. After its renovation, this property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and received the 2011 Brooklyn Building Award in the adaptive reuse class.


Jason Halpern Company, JMH Development, partnered with Madden Real Estate Ventures in the construction of South Beach Hotel on Collins Avenue, Miami. This project involved the renovation of Motel Ankara, a historic hotel, and the building of a new eight-story building. This project was designed by ADD Inc. while Plaza Contractors implemented it. In 2015, Aloft Beach hotel won the Americas Lodging Investment Summit Award in the Limited Service Provider due to its unique design, larger rooms than other hotels, among other facilities.


JMH Development Company undertook a major renovation of historic townhouses of Cobble Hills in Brooklyn, New York. The project involved the rehabilitation of four houses and construction of five more to cater for the rising demand of ready homes in the town of Cobble. These homes are the best residential houses in Cobble Hill.


Recently, JMH Development Company began the construction of The Three Hundred-Miami Beach. The project is being implemented on Collins Avenue, one of the most suitable residential areas in South Beach.


JMH is dedicated to building unique and durable properties in Brooklyn and other parts of the United States. Jason is also passionate about rehabilitating of historic sites, therefore, giving them more value.


Feast your (sapphire) eyes on this…

For many years diamonds were the diamond standard when it came to proposing with a ring, but as many fashions so often go, diamond love is soon to give way to sapphire flare and with no end in sight.

The sapphire second only to the diamond, on the Mohs scale, is both a hardy and beautiful eye-catching gem. Not only does it come in a variety of colors from clear (like a diamond) to bold primaries and even pastels, each color even represents a month of the year. If you choose to give the gift of jewelry, no gem comes close to a sapphire. They can offer originality and expression as well as brilliance and quality far beyond that of any diamond piece. Sapphire’s in fact can only be scratched by a diamond with a very sharp edge and even then with incredible force behind it. Hence your sapphires will remain beautiful for a life-time and because of their colorful nature they will be loved for a life-time. They are not only durable, but also shine with more brilliance than any other natural gem and thus have always made a beautiful addition to any fashion ensemble.

Did you ever wonder why it’s not more common to propose with a ring, adorned with a colorful gem that could make a statement, about the relationship between two people? For example, when I hear about Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s ring, I can easily imagine that rich sapphire marked by the bold depth of its color, to mean just how committed they are to each other and their royal duties. It screams of maturity, obligation, depth, and devotion. Something both the prince and duchess clearly carry so well on their shoulders. I suspect this is also the reason many people were drawn to this style of ring, even if they weren’t aware of it themselves at the time.

Personally however, it is a great way to show a loved one that you appreciate them. Presenting them with a color that holds deep meaning to you. It is, in turn, a chance for your loved one to accept who you are and display it proudly. No other gem can offer that same level of intimacy between two people and I believe this is the main draw and sudden increase in popularity among gem lover’s today.

Sapphire rings also offer a variety of options in flash from every-day and low-key to extremely regal and eye-catching. Perhaps part of the reason that natural gems are still important today over synthetically manipulated sapphires, is that they will be unlike any other sapphire on the market, giving them their unique signature and quality among it’s peers. This is also an important feature and trait when giving someone the gift of brilliance and can also make for a wonderful conversation piece among friends.


Kenneth Goodgame: Helping Businesses Achieve Financial Success

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the most influential leaders when it comes to marketing. He received his Bachelors of Science in Marketing at the University of Tennessee. His knowledge is invaluable and his many years of contributions has helped numerous individuals achieve success.

Goodgame’s area of expertise is Operation Management, where he specializes in creating million and billion dollar OEM excellence. He does this by incorporating innovative marketing and merchandising, financial oversight, and smart business strategy. One of the things that makes Goodgame so successful is his focus on delivering a balance of corporate alignment, key performance indicators, employee engagement, and quality assurance systems. All of these things create improved performance and profitability within the workplace. Goodgame has a very specific approach that has helped him be more efficient at what he does. His approach is to promote analysis, productivity enhancements, and composed negotiations.

Kenneth Goodgame’s extensive experience has allowed him to navigate through the marketing industry. He has worked as the Senior Global Product Merchant at Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia and he was the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Newell Rubbermaid in Huntersville, South Carolina. Goodgame has held many other prestigious positions, however his most recent position was working at True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago, IL from 2013-2015. In just two short years, he managed full P&L for over $2.2B in global purchasing, along with $320M in active inventory. This covered 85,000 SKUs. In addition, he turned around low-performance and replaced the lowest performing 40% of buyers. This created a high-energy team environment with broad product experience. Other things Kenneth Goodgame did in this position include hiring a full category management team, launching 250 SKU EDL Program, and initiating an annual “pay for play” vendor supported advertising program.

Kenneth Goodgame is a one of a kind leader who has endlessly made contributions to businesses through marketing. His skill for marketing and sales has benefited businesses greatly as he has improved business process, increased revenue, and overall helped to make businesses run more efficiently and successfully. Certainly, Goodgame is very innovative when it comes to marketing and he continues to be a game changer in the marketing and business world.

John Goullet’s Career Journey and Achievements

John Goullet started his career journey as an IT consultant. In 1994, he switched to an IT staffing professional after founding Info Technologies. Having worked as an IT staffing officer and consultant, he has a broad perspective on the IT staffing industry. At Info Technologies, John Goullet would apply his understanding of market trends to act before the market fluctuates. Through Info Technologies, John Goullet would provide IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Goullet’s leadership skills proved effective as the firm’s value stood at $30 million within five years. In fact, it featured twice on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing enterprises in the United States.

John Goullet at DIVERSANT LLC

As a visionary leader, John Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. to advance the IT staffing industry. The merger resulted in the formation of DIVERSANT LLC. Upon the merger, Mr. Goullet assumed the mantle of DIVERSANT’s Principal. At DIVERSANT, Goullet takes part in formulating strategies that help the firm conquer complex challenges in the ever-evolving IT sector. Under his guidance, DIVERSANT LLC has taken over as an innovative leader in the IT staffing industry.

Throughout his career, Mr. Goullet has demonstrated professionalism in steering the company. While other firms decline, DIVERSANT LLC experiences drastic growth even during economic hardship. As an enthusiastic IT professional, Goullet encourages creativity and adherence to ethical behavior. John Goullet attributes his career success to teamwork and commitment. Through his exemplary efforts, DIVERSANT LLC is the largest African-American held IT staffing firm in the United States. Most recently, DIVERSANT received certification as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise.

In an interview, John Goullet said that it was a great honor to recognize DIVERSANT for its financial success. The award demonstrates that DIVERSANT can meet its customers’ expectations. He also added that DIVERSANT considers commitment as a core value. As such, commitment has been instrumental in the success of building an excellent reputation.


John Goullet attended Ursinus College to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Upon graduating from college in 1983, he ventured into the IT staffing industry working as an IT consultant before becoming an IT staffing professional. Mr. Goullet utilized his diversity in IT staffing to start his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies.

Julie Zuckerberg, A Professional Executive

Graduating from both New York Law School and the City University of New York Brooklyn College, Julie Zuckerberg began her professional career early. Zuckerberg began in the workforce very successful, and has only progressed since then.


From November 2002 to October 2007 Zuckerberg worked as a Director of Candidate Placement for the company Hudson. During this time she was in charge of hiring permanent and temporary staff for law firms, corporations, and financial institutions. Zuckerberg worked closely with both clients and employees at this time. She held a few titles after that including Vice President, Executive Recruiter, NA Professional & Executive Recruitment at Citi from October 2007 until November 2013, Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, Corporate Vice President at New York Life Insurance Company from November 2013 to February 2014, and then Vice President, Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bank from April 2014 until November 2015.


Some of Zuckerberg’s duties through the years include providing full life-cycle recruiting for Director and Managing Director roles, advising senior business leaders on recruiting strategies, competitive markets, talent, and compensation trends,counseling hiring managers on position specifications, and managed retained search firms including firm selection, fee negotiation, and candidate vetting.


Since then Zuckerberg has climbed her way up to Executive Talent Acquisition Lead: Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management and GTO at Deutsche Bank, starting November 2015. She now leads development and negotiation of material risk takers and key function stakeholders and counsels leadership and executive committees to increase proficiency and engagement for attracting top talent and diverse pipelines.


All these years of experience have given Julie Zuckerberg some interesting skills. Some that she lists on LinkedIn are talent management and acquistition, executive search, team leadership, behavioral interviewing, corporate recruiting, technical recruiting, executing staffing, sourcing, human resources, conflict resolution, recruiting, employee training, coaching, management, change management, applicant tracking, interviewing skills, leadership, strategy, and succession planning.


Zuckerberg is passionate about things such as animal welfare, arts and culture, civil rights and social action, economic empowerment, human rights, and science and technology.


Julie Zuckerberg is a well rounded individual that anyone would be lucky to know, let alone work with.

Brad Reifler Makes Outstanding Investment Decisions

Investment firms play a vital role in the financial industry. Investment firms are a key player in how the financial industry operates on a day-to-day basis. Investment firms provide investment opportunities to the general public regarding a wide variety of investments. Investors use investment firms as a resource to find investments, manage investments, oversee investments, provide advice concerning investments, and a variety of other assistance.

In addition, investment firms develop investments that investors can invest in to build a portfolio. For investors, the use of investment firms to either manage or assist with their investments is important for various reasons. One of the primary reasons is that investors are usually not investment professionals. The investors do not have the knowledge or training to be in a position to make the best choices related to investments on a daily basis.

As a result, many investors prefer to place this responsibility in the hands of an investment firm that has many people who are very experienced and well trained in handling investments. Also, investment firms can watch investments on an ongoing basis around the clock because this is the role of investment firms.

Investors who use investment firms, especially the investment firms that are exclusive firms that operate in high profile financial districts usually are considered what is called accredited investors. This is a defined group by the financial industry that is composed of people who earn over $200,000 a year, and the people have a net worth over one million dollars. The investment firms in high profile financial districts tend to primarily serve accredited investors for a variety of reasons.

An investment professional who is known as a professional who makes great investment decisions is Brad Reifler. Currently the CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler has made a name for himself in the investment sector of the financial industry. He is a well respected investment professional who has provided excellent leadership for Forefront Capital.

The ability of Brad Reifler to make outstanding investment decisions has been a major reason why Forefront Capital is consistently at or near the top of the ranks in its investment categories. Brad Reifler is a shining star in the financial industry, and he continues to provide outstanding leadership for Forefront Capital.