The Lung Institute Tackles Common Lung Diseases

The Lung Institute treats a very diverse group of patients suffering from respiratory problems. Chronic lung conditions may affect anybody from any socioeconomic background. Everybody deserves a chance to improve their quality of life so they can get back to living their lives.

Patients are treated with specialized care at the institute. The specialists will carefully examine the patients’ medical histories to the correct treatment path. With the latest technology and a well thought out plan, patients will no longer have to suffer.

Stem cell research is at the base of the Lung Institute. The stem cells are extracted from the patients’ bone marrow or blood. The cells are then reformulated and reintroduced into the body to increase the rate of recovery. It is currently the best method to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a primary culprit found in this area of medicine. The disease can be mild to severe, but it is always enough to hinder your life. Airflow is restricted to the lungs so it is hard to breathe. This sort of disease may also be treated with stem cells.

Sufferers of such diseases always have trouble walking due to the low amount of oxygen in the body. It will also make the body weak against other common illnesses. The heart may eventually become enlarged and an early death is inevitable. Smoking, pollution or other environmental factors may cause this disease. The Lung Institute is developing methods to make COPD a livable disease. See,

Jack Coleman from the institute had represented the company at a medical convention in

Padua, Italy last year. The company had gained notoriety amongst other stem cell researchers for their impressive treatment plans. He had also convinced many how the current system of science is hindering the growth of stem cell treatment adoption.

Stem cells are reforming the medical industry and may even eliminate the need for traditional treatments. The current medical industry favors expensive, slow and ineffective solutions for simple diseases. The point of giving the presentation was to help reform the current industry to help other research groups like the Lung Institute. Check out the Lung Institute’s Facebook page for more info.


Some Simple Suggestion As To How To Out Invest Warren Buffett

Timothy Armour, the Chairman of Capital Group, thinks that Warren Buffett is wrong. Wrong about active versus passive investments at any rate. Recently, Mr. Buffett wagered one million dollars (for charity) that a Standard and Poors 500 passive index fund would get better investment returns than hedge funds over a discrete period of time.

Mr. Armour maintains that with proper research investors can actually earn a greater return from an active fund. The key is finding a fund with an active manager who makes good long term investments, has high fund ownership but with very low fees passed on to the investor. He maintains that such funds can be found at Capital Group.

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Mr. Armour has been Chairman of Capital Group since July 2015. Capital Group is the parent company of American Funds amongst other investment entities. He joined the company immediately after he graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelors degree in economics and has been there ever since gaining vast industry experience along the way. Amongst the positions he has held are equity portfolio manager and equity investment analyst.

There are times when the market self corrects which is what Mr. Armour believes occurred in the market selloff in September 2015. More specifically, he believes it was triggered by a slowing growth in China but that it is healthy as it removes “pockets of excess.” Bottom line Mr. Armour recommends investor due diligence and, of course, believes that Capital Goup will stand up to such scrutiny.

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George Soros – An Inspirational and Successful Investor who believes in Philanthropic Works

Anyone who cares to browse the list of world’s top investors or Forbes’s list of richest people in the U.S. will know of George Soros. Today, he is the leader of a top-performing hedge fund and is especially acclaimed for his philanthropic donations to human rights and political causes. He created history with his bold investments and was even held responsible for ‘breaking’ the Bank of England. Let’s catch some glimpses of this charismatic man down the memory lane.


George was born in Hungary in 1930, but after a decade or so of witnessing misery under the Nazi rule, he moved to England in the 1940s to complete his education at the London School of Economics. Later, he found an opportunity on Wall Street and was able to migrate to the United States. His investment career started in the late 1950s in New York City with reflexivity becoming his investment technique. It was here that he learned the skills of investing and is successful today. Follow George Soros on Twitter.

Career Rise

In 1969, Soros first created his now legendary fund with twelve million dollars and his own private for in 1973. It went on to become the legendary Quantum Fund and the fund responsible for making Soros famous in the world of finance. Till the early 2000s, the fund continued to give an annual average return of about 20%. It dipped a little in 2011 following Soros’s decision to return the money of outside investors in Quantum.

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Breaking the Bank episode

In 1992, Soros’ Quantum Fund placed a $10 billion bet against the unstable British pound which the Bank of England was trying desperately to stabilize but failed. This earned a profit of $1 billion for Soros and also his reputation. History was repeated with the faltering Yen, and Japanese economy in 2013 and Soros again made the $1 billion profit.

Philanthropy and Politics

In 1979, George Soros founded the OSF (Open Society Foundations) and became a philanthropist. Working towards democracy and human rights, the foundation today funds various programs like independent journalism, government spending, public health and even early childhood education. He also opened it in Hungary in 1984 to help establish a vibrant, tolerant and answerable democracy in Hungary. Today the Foundation works in over 70 countries and helps in the betterment of the society. The bulk of its funds is distributed to non-profit groups and social causes in the U.S. and abroad.

The persona of Soros is such that it elicits strong opinions both from the finance as well as political niche. Still, you cannot help but be inspired by the man and his immense contribution to the betterment of the society. For those looking to learn more about George Soros can do so by going to this link –

Fabletics Stakes Its Claim as Number One

As any fashion designer can confirm, succeeding in the fashion industry is nearly impossible. There’s so much that has to be taken into consideration before even launch. And as if launching a success brand was hard enough, Amazon currently controls about 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market.

Despite the many disadvantages, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is challenging Amazon for the top spot. In just three years, Fabletics has grown into a $250 million business. Fabletics uses a subscription based method to sell ‘activewear’ clothing to its customers.

When the founders of the company approached Kate Hudson, they had a simple premise. They wanted her to create brands that inspired and challenged individuals to step outside their comfort zone. That combined with convenience and membership would hopefully be a powerful combination, which it has been. Fabletics is now one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Before the markets were flooded with e-commerce trading, high-value brands were being identified by price and quality. As the economic standard has shifted, having a fair-priced and high-quality product or service is no longer a guaranteed success. It’s barely enough to even be considered a competitor among the top brands.

Nowadays, consumers look for more personal touches from their favorite brands. It’s all about the company culture and the way it makes customers feel when they shop and buy certain brands. Consumers want things like last-mile services, personal customer experience, brand recognition and exclusive offers, and gamification elements.

Just like other big name brands, such as Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics is also exploring physical stores. Not only is the online membership successful, but the in-store membership is also showing promise. Currently, the brand has sixteen stores in highly populated states like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California. The new stores promise to open in places like New York and Texas.

Opening physical stores is an e-commerce world is quite difficult. The one downfall that many stores have failed to counteract is “showrooming.” Showrooming is when people shop around in stores and go home and buy the desired item online for cheaper.

In order to address this hazard, Fabletics introduced “reverse showrooming.” The Fabletics stores host events and open-store sales to embrace and learn about the local markets. Most of the stores’ visitors are already members, and about 25 percent become members after looking around and interacting with other customers.

All in all, Fabletics is actually a great activewear provider. The prices and quality are high-value products. Becoming a member is a simple process. Most people join as a VIP Member because their first outfit is only $25, and they get discounted prices on lots of other items.

One of the most alluring amenities of Fabletics is the ability to skip monthly payments. While other membership companies charge every month, Fabletics allows members to skip payments when they don’t see anything they like. If there’s nothing good that month, don’t worry about paying.

Lung Institute Leads Charge in Restorative Medicine

Cancer has remained the plight in which despite the amount of progress made in treatments continues to devastate millions of lives. Those fortunate enough to detect the cancer early enough while still being able to afford sufficient medical treatment still face a very steep upward climb towards reclaiming their health and lives. Many more instead spend their fight equally ravaged by the treatments used to destroy the cancer and the disease itself.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment leave patients facing new debilitating symptoms caused leaving many facing no other decision but in which way they choose to suffer.

In a report by, though breakthroughs in restorative and regenerative medicine may hold the key to beating cancer while not destroying the body simultaneously. Stem cell therapies could prove to be a vital tool in the arsenal for eliminating cancer while doctors research a cure.

Progress Moves Much Too Slow

Despite the possibility to save untold lives and forever change the way doctors treat one of the most dangerous afflictions facing our species funding is very limited and comes only from a few sources. As the treatment still faces a bit of resistance from many religious hardliners according to PR Web and the representatives that enact regulations in their name stem cell research suffers from a lack of government funding and subsidies.

Speaking to a pack auditorium in Italy during the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research, the Lung Institute doctor and proponent for the benefits of stem cell therapies, Jack Coleman, Jr., M.D., raised the exact point that hindering the amount of good that can be accomplished with further advancements in the science is simply a lack of usable funds.

Dr. Coleman reminded the crowd gathered at the event that as doctors they must always be mindful of their duty to those that they treat. He further expressed, “Our responsibility is to give the best, safest treatment to patients to relieve pain and suffering and prolong quality of life”

The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is leading the charge in cellular regenerative therapies aimed at treat those that suffer from pulmonary obstructions and other degenerative lung diseases. For more info, check out Also, check out their Facebook page.


Up and Coming Racquetball Player Sawyer Howitt.

Sawyer Howitt takes racquetball to a new level. Sawyer is the son of the founder of the Meriwhether group and is strongly affiliated with the Racquetball Club of Portland, Oregon. Sawyer has mainly played in the Oregon High School circuit. He has great poise, strength and character and we can expect to see him playing in national leagues or the US Racquetball Men’s team in the near future. Sawyer Howitt is definitely an up and coming player in men’s racquetball.

Tips for Hiring New Employees with Rona Borre

Rona Borre has over 15 years of experience

Rona Borre has spent some considerable part of his life hiring people for other companies. She has achieved this through Instant Alliance that is based in Chicago, Illinois. Rona realized that businesses were making bad decisions in hiring new employees and this was affecting their day to day operation. Rona says that more than 68 percent of businesses have suffered from bad decisions when it comes to hiring. For this reason, Rona Borre designed several tips that can be used to prevent a company from making wrong hiring decisions. These tips cover short-term positions and even long term positions.  Check her on


Rona believes that the first step before hiring an employee is understanding the core values of the company. This way, the recruiters will be able to recruit those employees with values and trait close to those of the company. To achieve this, the easiest way is making the candidate meet as many employees of the company as possible.

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The next step requires you to assess the needs as to why you are hiring. Ask yourself as the employer whether you want extra help or are you hiring to fill a vacant position. At the same time, you should make a list of the traits that you require from the new employee. This is then followed by specifying the role and responsibilities of this new employee. Rona Borre has over 15 years of experience in hiring. She is a product of the finest University in Arizona having attended the University of Arizona for a business degree.

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Comparative Constitutional Law in Democratic Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of comparative constitutional law and former Dean of Berkeley Law. He holds law degrees from Harvard, Toronto, Oxford, and was a Rhodes Scholar. His research on comparative constitutional development addresses fundamental methodology questions. The questions are about constitutional design and comparative constitutional law as a tool in transition management from violent conflicts to peaceful democratic politics. The research covers ethnically divided societies, secession, federalism, constitutional courts, and constitutional design based on transitions from authoritarian rule to democratic.


The professor has published at least 90 articles, reports, working papers and book chapters. Some of the edited collections include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, the Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law and Constitution Making. Sujit is a member of the international society of public law executive committee.  See and read related articles here


Professor Sujit Choudhry founded the center of constitution transitions, which mobilizes and generates knowledge for structure building. He worked as an expert in constitutional transitions in Jordan, Egypt, Nepal, Tunisia, Libya, Canada, and Sri Lanka.

He is a leading expert in thematic research projects offering practitioners’ evidence-based policy options. The research collaborates with think tanks, universities, multilateral organizations, and NGOs. Currently, he is co-leading three global collaborative research projects in partnership with the international institute for democracy and electoral assistance.


The research deals with security sector reforms, security sector oversight, and territorial cleavages in constitutional transitions. Sujit Choudhry is a consultant to the World Bank and a member of the United Nations Mediation Roaster. He is a member of Toronto advisory panel, which proposes major reforms to municipal government structures. He has been counsel on the record before the Canadian Supreme Court.


Comparative law

This is the study of relationships between legal systems. It considers the differences and similarities between the system rules. Also, it compares legal systems to understand different legal cultures. The comparative law helps in understanding foreign legal systems.

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In the globalization age, it plays a great role in international unification and harmonization of laws leading to better international cooperation. The Foreign law helps in the drafting of new legislation. Professor Sujit Choudhry focuses more on methodology, which provides the legal materials for peace building.

Meet Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, one of Brazil’s most successful Entrepreneurs

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer comes from a prominent member of a great family in Brazil. His grandfather is the founder of the Grupo RBS Company based in Brazil. Or this reason, he was made to become the chair and president of the company. He also comes from a long line of investors and entrepreneurs. These are people who determine a market gap and fill it with their entrepreneurship skills in this position. For this reason, no one achieves much from the company that acts as a better agent in this position. In the business world, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has become one of the most important figures.

Grupo RBS is considered as one of the largest companies in Brazil. Because it held privately, it has generated numerous working capabilities in the country. For this reason, no one becomes better in management that anyone who has developed strategic needs in this entity. Grupo RBS is also voted as the only company that determines its achievement through the scale of duty. Or this reason, it has worked to fulfill people’s career in advancement and achievement. While it has more than 6,000 employees, it is also recognized as the largest employer in the country. For this reason, everyone must work to get better results through attainment and strategy.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer started his career when he was in the United States. He went for further studies at the University of Harvard. When he graduated with the highest honors in MBA, he was given a job at a local company to work with a professional advisor in areas concerning finance and strategy. Because he had extensive education and knowhow in this field, his position maintained as a developer in this strategy. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also one of the most proficient entities in this business. For this reason, everyone knows his abilities in the company.

Betsy Devos Continues To Play An Active Role In Improving The Society’s Welfare

Elisabeth “Betsy” Prince was in born in 1958. She is an American politician, businesswoman, and a philanthropist. She is an alumnus of Holland Christina High School. Later, she attended Calvin College where she obtained a degree in Political Science and Business Administration. While in college, she was actively involved in campus politics. DeVos grew up being a member of the North America Reformed Christian Church. Richard Mouw, a former president of Fuller Seminary, has described DeVos as having been influenced by Abraham Kuyper, who was the founder of political ideology in Christian Democracy.

Involvement in politics

Betsy DeVos has actively participated in Michigan Republican Party since 1982, and has served as a precinct delegate. Between 1992 and 1997, she represented Michigan as a Republican National Committee person, while also assuming the position of a Chairperson of the party from 1996 to 2000. Bill Ballenger, a former senator, has described her as an honest believer in fundamental Republican issues, and that no one can doubt her stand. In 2000, she resigned from her position and claimed that she had indeed fought for the grassroots and never at any time had she accepted to be used as a rubber stamp. She ran again for the party’s chairman position in 2003, and was elected without opposition.

DeVos’ family has been active in politics for decades, particularly in donating to political committees and candidates. She declared that her family’s involvement in political funding is not because of personal gains, but the expectation for results; a government that is good and honest, and able to serve the American people diligently.

Career in business and philanthropic work

DeVos and her husband, founded the Windquest Group in 1989. The firm, which DeVos Chairs, invests in manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. She is also a chief investor and a member of the board of Neurocore, a collection of centers dealing in brain performance offering biofeedback therapies for disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorder, depression, and anxiety. Her husband was also a former chairman of Amway and President of Orlando Magic NBA. Betsy pursues reforms in various nonprofit positions. She is the chairman of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, and her interests in charity are far reaching. She takes active membership in various local and national boards, including Kids Hope USA, DeVos Institute for Arts Management, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and Mars Hill Bible Church.

In the education realm, one of DeVos early experiences in philanthropy was at the Potter’s House Christian School. During an interview with Philanthropy Table, she claimed that she understood the sacrifice the parents were going through in trying to pay the tuition fee for their kids. DeVos claims that she started giving support to individual students in the school, and before long it had grown into a larger commitment.