The Growth of a Reputation Management Firm

For individuals or for businesses that wish to expand or to gain more and more revenue, it has become a requirement for these businesses to digitize and to now have an online presence to assert themselves and their product within competitive industries. As a result of the requirement to digitize companies, it is now a requirement to also move forward by using the services of online reputation management firms. These reputation management firms are great ways to negate any negative content that brings a business down and to have a back up plan for any issue that arises within the business. For businesses that rely heavily on the customer reviews and the customer input, it is now important to create a positive online presence to not only provide relevant information, but to show the high quality product that is being sold to the customers. As a reputation management service becomes required, one of the best services to use comes from a company that is known as Status Labs.

Status Labs is a reputation management firm that was founded in 2012 by Darius Fisher, an expert in reputation management due to his extensive experience in the world of politics. Status Labs has demonstrated their excellent services and partnerships from the 1,000 businesses that have exponentially improved. Status Labs provides businesses with a second chance to be successful and provides customers with an up to date review as well as information for any product or service that they seek. Status Labs is the leader within the PR world with their expert use of SEO.

Status Labs is a company that has built itself up from the ground for not only offering excellent services, but for also being a loyal company that wants to give businesses and individuals a second chance as they are for the most part misunderstood. As a company, Darius Fisher has emphasized the importance of being involved in the local community to demonstrate how much this company cares about each individual. This company is a company that truly takes care of the employees and that helps businesses grow even more.

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Wealth Management Advice From The Midas Legacy

The accumulation of wealth is an important life goal. People today need to be able to save money and then leverage it to help create a nest egg. Those who can meet this goal will be those who can avoid poverty and have a safe and secure future. One company that is aiming to help provide people with the means to reach this goal is The Midas Legacy. Those at this company are fully aware of the need to provide help for their clients. They know that the with the proper advice, just about anyone can turn pennies into a huge fortune.

Individual Investors

Anyone who is looking for help with managing wealth can turn to those at The Midas Legacy. Their experts here can offer specific advice designed to focus on the needs of any personal individual. Such services can provide help for those who have earned money but are not entirely sure what to do with it. They can work with those at here in order to develop a specific plan that is based around their own goals and plans. With help, many clients have realized how easy it is to create a goal that they have in mind.

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Help For Entrepreneurs

Another service that The Midas Legacy offers is that of help for those who want to start a business of some kind. Starting a business can be complicated. Many people have an idea but are not sure where to begin to locate financing to get that idea from concept to a going concern. They can work with people here who know how to find such financing and show them how to find it. Their concern at every turn is the need of the person and their overall vision in life. They are in the business of helping people make their dreams come true.

Finding Inner Peace

Above all, those at The Midas Legacy are about helping their clients find a sense of inner peace. When people are at peace, they are happy with their lives and able to focus better on their own needs. They are also to consider various ways scenarios that can help them feel more relaxed. When people are relaxed, they are able to see their potential life and monetary choices clearly in front of them. With help from The Midas Legacy, anyone’s life choices can be the right ones for their needs.

Stephan Murray always maintained a Balance between Business and Philanthropy

Stephen Murray, a philanthropist and investor in private equity, was a man on a mission and that mission was to help others. He owed his success to hard work, determination and a little bit of luck. He made a decision early on in his life to help others achieve a small measure of success and make a better life for themselves and their families.

He supported several organizations whose goal was to make a difference in community and society. He supported the Make – A – Wish Foundation of Metro New York where he served on the chairman’s council and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. He supported programs at the Stamford Museum and was involved with both his alma maters Columbia Business School and Boston College. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

His post graduation service to Boston College was as vice chairman of the Board of Trustees. He led by example and colleagues and family members often followed that example into community service. His advocacy for helping others made an impact on the lives touched by his spirit of giving.

In addition to his philanthropic mission Murray was the co-founder of CCMP Capital, in 2006. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a spinoff of the Chase division of JP Morgan and eventually became the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in 2007.

His career began in 1984, after graduating from Boston College with a degree in economics. He was accepted to the training program in credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. In 1989, he earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Columbia Business School. That same year he joined MH Equity Corporation, which was the Manufacturers Hanover’s equity group along with their unit in leveraged finance.

In 1991, Chemical Bank secured the purchase of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation and MH Equity finalized a merger with Chemical Venture Partners. In 1996, Chemical Bank successfully merged with Manhattan Corporation and Chemical Venture Partners morphed into Chase Capital Partners. In 2005, Murray was appointed to head up the buyout division of JP Morgan Partners, which eventually led to the JP Morgan spin-off.

In addition to being a private equity investor, Mr. Murray also served on the boards of several major corporations including AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, Legacy Hospital Partners and Aramark. He also served on the boards of Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors and Crestcom International. He utilized his investing knowledge and expertise to enhance the financial standings of these companies.

Mr. Stephen Murray sadly passed away at the young age of 52 in March of 2015. His passing left a void in the world of private equity investing, as well as philanthropy

Agricultural Businessman Jose Manuel Gonzalez Is Newest Candidate for Governor

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a lifelong businessman, comfortable in areas of agriculture and business growth, but now he is also the newest candidate for governor in Guarico Venezuela. Frustrated with local and national politics,Jose Manuel Gonzalez thinks he can make a difference and help his state realize its potential. The years spent dealing and negotiating amid businesses around the state and globe have set Gonzalez up with the experience needed to perform the duties necessary of the next governor.

What Guarico needs is a representative that is aware and mindful of the issues faced by families and businesses living and working within the region. Gonzalez believes he is this person, mainly because he has been performing tasks relevant to the area for decades. As an agricultural leader, many of the decisions he makes have a direct impact on the region, and likewise, decisions that are made on a statewide level effect the success of his businesses. Knowing firsthand what people within the state need to flourish is vital in a publicly elected official.

Gonzalez is able to point towards several years worth of serving the public, at all levels and in all areas of service. His track record of assisting local residents and standing up for and with other businesses in years long. Furthermore, Gonzalez has always been active in local politics and a vocal critic of policies and politicians that were not acting in the best interest of the people they were representing. In doing so, Gonzalez has always provided ideas for improvement and growth that might be better strategies suited to the specific needs of Guarico. This understanding of his home state and what it needs to contribute to a better Venezuela are vital to an individual looking to lead at this level of government. As the newest candidate for governor, Gonzalez’s business background will definitely serve him well.

The Many Ways that the DeVos Family is Giving Back

In West Michigan where the Devos family lives, you gain recognition by how much you give, not by how fancy your clothes or cars are. The Devos family knows this well. Their philanthropic efforts have surpassed over $1 billion over their lifetime.

In 2013 alone, for example, the DeVos family gave $90 million, with about half of those funds going to educational causes, a fourth going to health services and community services, and about thirteen percent going to faith-based clubs, and another twelve percent going to the arts.

The DeVos better their community in Michigan and nationally with their giving. For example, their help was linked with developing leadership in teacher training, which cut down on the amount of students missing class (who are often low-income minorities) by about 30%. Dick DeVos believes making the schools a better place to learn is crucial for improving the community.

And as far as churches are concerned, they helped people get driver’s licenses, secure employment, and gain access to social programs, sometimes even just basic showers and meals through ministries and faith programs. One recipient of this aid, Mel Trotter, was able to turn their situation from homeless to living in an apartment in just 40 days.

DeVos and his spouse have co-chaired the Education Freedom Fund since 1993. It provides scholarships to those with little money in Michigan. With this help, they are able to attend the schools of their dreams. DeVos covered $7.5 million in donations to this cause and matched that of the Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Seeking to do more for education, DeVos also co-chaired “Kids First!”, a campaign that helped parents use their tax credits toward education. While ultimately the voters did not all side with this initiative, the efforts brought the importance of education into the spotlight again in Michigan, where it is badly needed.

Dick and Betsy DeVos also put their funds toward charities like Children First America, American Education Reform Council and Choices for Children. They understand that inspiring and nurturing young minds is more important now than ever. Dick is the president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. This foundation helps with the causes mentioned above and also much more. For example, they assist hospitals, economic organizations, and higher education.

Their scholarships have helped kids get their MA, MS, and MBA in business subjects. And they also award an entrepreneurship scholarship aimed at young adults who seek out success in free enterprise. The DeVos family also supports Grand Action. This project attempts to solve the city of Detroit’s problems by getting business leaders and government officials involved in collaborating with each other, a move which has led to a revitalized downtown.

InnovaCare Providing Quality Affordable Healthcare through Medicare Advantage Plan

Many people with Medicare still get their health coverage from the Original Medicare Plan. But some have gone a step further to reach the Medicare Advantage Plan option known by some as a Medicare Private Health Plan. Medicare gets into contracts with the federal government and gets paid a certain amount per person’s Medicare benefits.

The Medicare Advantage plan covers all services covered by Original Medicare apart from hospice care. It also covers emergencies and any urgently needed medical care. Some plans also offer extra coverage like hearing, vision, and dental and wellness programs. For the Medicare Advantage Plan, one has to pay a monthly premium in addition to the part B premium. In case you require a service that the plan classifies as not medically necessary, you have an obligation to ask for an advance coverage decision for such services.

There are three common types of Medicare Advantage Plans i.e. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Proffered Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS). For all the plans a limit on out-of-pocket expenses is set for both parts A and part B services. For example, for HMO plans in 2016, the maximum out of pocket is $6850.

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For services like dialysis and chemotherapy, the Advantage Plan should not cost more than the Original plan. All clients are always advised directly to check with a plan to find out how it works since same plans by different companies might have different rules. When you want medical care coverage and drug coverage, it is good to choose a plan that will offer drug coverage as a part of the benefits package or else join a standalone drug plan.

If your health coverage is from your Union or employer, you automatically get enrolled in their sponsored Medicare Advantage plan. It’s upon you to choose whether to stay with the plan, switch to original Medicare or get enrolled into a different Medicare Advantage plan after consulting your employer.

InnovaCare provides health care services in North America through two primary avenues i.e. Medicare Advantage Programs and Physician Practice services. InnovaCare Health is currently operating two Medicare Advantage Plans PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare is committed to giving its clients quality health care and providing cost effective methods of paying for the healthcare services.

The President and the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare is Dr. Rick Shinto, who has more than 20 years experience in clinical and operational healthcare. He has also authored several articles on clinical medicine and healthcare. He is a medical graduate of the State University of New York. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer after she rejoined the firm in 2015. She has over 20 years of experience in healthcare specializing in government programs like Medicare. The biological sciences graduate of Binghamton University has also worked with many healthcare firms at leadership positions.

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The Benefits of Shared Office Space


Millennials Are So Happy (Living And Working) Together
People who share areas have a similar mission. The arrangements aim at getting rid of isolation felt in the major cities, and that explains why people share spaces for group dinners and book clubs. Millennials do not rely on other people for company. However, they are coming up with relationships that will fill the needs. The needs they aim at fulfilling include family and marriage.

Millennials like the safety and structure that the offerings offer. Co-living and co-working surroundings are outstanding in many ways. The startups are important in making sure that a printer functions well and that the office space stays clean while employees concentrate on their objectives. If the idea does not work well, workers can hold up a job with another firm in the same building.

Gen Xers and Boomers had a thrill of startup life, and it was tied to risks of striking on their own. Millennials look forward to a safety net that will catch them in case things go wrong. Co-living is important since it reduces the burden of living alone. Apartments have an order of authority figures who act as residential advisors, and they intervene during conflicts.

Millennials find it okay to share office space instead of getting their office space. There is no point in owning a vehicle, and Uber is available all the time. In that vein, there is no sense of paying for a kitchen space, and you can share which is less expensive. Trust is vital if the setup has to work. Millennials will trust other people to look out for their interests. It is the complete opposite of instincts of Xers. They did not have someone to look out for their interests as they were growing up.

Millennials have a blended definition of balancing work-life. They go beyond the call of duty in a bid to prove themselves in the office. At times people need privacy even when co-working. It is for that reason that Alley provides private phone booths. Co-working requires strict rules.

About Workville

Workville NYC provides luxury New York shared office space. The working space is centrally located few steps from Times Square, Bryant Park, and other major transportation hubs. They provide an inspiring environment that creates flexible and friendly space. They have three outdoor terraces so workers can spread out to work, make calls, carry out meetings and lounge area.

They offer open desks, shared offices and ready spaces. Their main aim is to create a culture of success. Consider visiting Workville for the best luxury rooms. Visit their offices for more information on their luxury office spaces.

Dr. Walden Loves Life In Austin

Austin, Texas is a community of close knit people united for a common goal. One native of the region left and has now returned to make the region her home again. Dr. Walden grew up in this area in a loving family that helped nourish her adoration of science. As she grew up here, she realized that she wanted to make the world of medicine her own. To that end, she began to study very hard. In doing so, she was able to master many areas of science, allowing her to apply to college and major in biology. After her graduation from college as a biology major, she decided to apply to medical school. While initially wait listed, she was eventually admitted and did extremely well here, graduating second in her entire class.

Completing Her Education

As a resident of the region, she attended medical school in the state. While at medical school, she realized that surgery was to be her calling in life. She decided to become a plastic surgeon in order to help people look their best. Plastic surgery is a demanding field that requires a great deal of concentration and preparation. In order to successfully do well in the field, as she tells Austin MD Magazine, she needed to get specific training. This led her to seek out training at a prestigious fellowship in New York City. While attending the school she was able to be involved in the publication of many important papers in the field.

Coming Right back Home

Despite her success in New York, in her heart she always knew that a return to Texas was in the cards for her. This is why she decided to return home and start a practice in the Austin area. After giving birth to her twin boys, she realized it would be ideal for she and her boys to return home to her loving family. She has since started a very successful practice here that allows her to provide for her boys and continue to part of a profession that she knows is just right for her.


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The Talk Fusion Difference

Most people just talk about taking action to change people’s lives, but some people actually do something. One of those people is Bob Reina, Founder & CEO of Talk Fusion, a financial company dedicated to the mission of making improvements in people’s lives on a global basis.

The idea behind Talk Fusion is all about making a difference by acting on your beliefs. This is a company that is truly dedicated to helping people who want to realize their dreams and create a brighter future for themselves and others. According to Reina, the real idea is to have a vision and see it through until it becomes a reality.

Reina says “With great success comes greater responsibility,” and that’s an idea he believes in in a big way. This concept is the foundation of Talk Fusion’s mission and it’s the idea the company is founded on.

Reina knows it’s not enough to just talk about accomplishing goals, there has to be action to back up the talk. With his major contributions to charitable foundations, including $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and his large donations to an orphanage in Indonesia, he’s proven that he means what he says.

Making a Commitment to Non-Profit Organizations

Bob Reina is truly dedicated to making a mark through his company and through a new program that’s been launched at Talk Fusion. This new program lets every Associate at the company donate a free account with Talk Fusion to any charity they choose. This free account comes with the Talk Fusion Custom Monthly Plan. It has several special features, like branding, account customization and special access to all of the company’s video marketing products.

Having a vision and then seeing it through. That’s Bob Reina’s way of making a difference, and that’s how he’s making things happen through Talk Fusion.


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Securus Technologies

On June 7th, 2016 Securus Technologies – an A+ accredited company by the BBB and leading service provider for criminal and civil justice solutions officially announced that their release of facts, findings and report will help to reveal the integrity breaches that were perpetrated by Global Tel Link (GTL). The press release that were published on PR Newswire was the first of a set of articles that they plan to publish which will highlight the wrongdoings as well as the integrity breaches that were done by GTL.
The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies – Richard A. Smith, proclaimed that he loved his company’s industry which entails serving corrections, inmates, law enforcement and all of society. As such, he proclaimed that it offended him personally as well as the entire industry that a communications provider would fall below the level of integrity that is typical with most carriers. He also proclaimed that the business sector as a whole has a mission that surpasses the whole concept of just making money. He proclaimed that it’s also to ensure that they serve their customer and that they keep their best interest at heart. As such, his company plans to release multiple issues of wrongdoings through a series of press releases. The first of which was a 17 page order which was procured when the Louisiana PSC investigated GTL. During their report, they found certain wrong doings such as the fact that, Global Tel Link:

  • Programmed their telephone’s internalized locks to add 15 or 36 seconds to the total duration of each call.
  • Programmed their phones to rates which were higher than those allowed under it’s rate caps.
  • Billed single calls more than once.
  • Artificially increased charges upon it’s customers.

They also found that as a result of their malpractice, Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged an excess of $1,243,000 by the company.

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